Terry and her Crazy Life

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Another chilly day here in Mississippi....50's with a breeze, burr!  Not as cold as yesterday so Noah and I did venture out for about an hour this afternoon to play but we had to bundle up.  We spent the morning inside playing.  He occupies himself so good, spent about an hour moving his favorite toys into the dog bed, in and out and in and out. He only got frustrated when he couldn't get everything in there plus himself!
1 dog bed = mickey, goofy, ball popper, pop-up toy, mickey book, bob the builder CD box, his favorite blankie and finally will Noah fit! In and out and in and out. 
He's making all kinds of animal sounds and totally gets absorbed chattering to himself.  Today he was playing in his tent independantly and I hear this Roar sound and then his elephant sound as he's playing with his Noah's ark puzzle.  I peek in at him and he's got two of the animals held up in the air and he's moving them all around.  He sure enjoys music and songs.  He and papa were watching the last of his Mickey Mouse club this morning and he  insisted I come over to do the hot dog dance with him, and Papa had to get up too.
I enjoyed the afternoon cooking again, last day of marathon cooking. I think I have it all prepped!  Enchilada's for dinner on the moving weekend plus 3 pans of them in the freezer.  Chicken white chile, ready for the crockpot....Italian sausage soup ready for reheating....Green chile burro meat ready for reheating with hopes that some will go into the freezer.  So for dinner we had grilled chicken with roasted potatoes and veggies and Noah helped mix up a mix of cheesy bisquits.  With any luck all leftovers will make it to the freezer packaged for 3!
 So this is a dumb picture but I'm just showing you what it looks like looking out into the garage from the inside.  Jeremy and Ken got the trailer backed right up to the door so they are loading all kinds of things onto it so it'll be ready to go. Ken's super duper trailer back up skills and Jeremy's plan of heavy things over the axel so his truck can pull it, guess on friday it'll make the first of a couple trips! Tomorrow is pack up the rest of the house day.  Last couple loads into the washer before it gets unhooked, tear the kitchen apart, and more playtime with Noah!  Ken puttered away on Jeremy's list he left him, I'm sure they'll be another one tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

busy days

A fun busy day in Mississippi! Big storm came thru last evening, No tornado's, just lots of rain and under tornado watch.    Noah and I played inside all day today since it was so cold out, windy and 45....that's cold for this desert rat!  We had a great time.  Noah's got such a cute personality coming out and loves to cuddle.  Has such an agenda some times and babbles constantly while doing it. He's at such a cute age yet of just wandering and walking around talking Noah talk and checking things out.  He had a great time snatching up Papa's apple  and carried it around munching on it for an hour.

 I had a big day of cooking during Noah's nap. Made pulled pork for our dinner tonight with beans.  Lasagna is prepped for another night during the move plus 3 more for the freezer.  A batch of meatballs done with some for another moving night dinner along with 2 packs for the freezer.  Tomorrow will be the last big cooking day to prep everything as on Thursday it's pack kitchen day.  It's been so fun to actually have a week off and  time for cooking again.  The freezer has some fun things in it now!

 Here's a shot of the covered trailer out front.  Ken's got the yard all cleaned up so nice....all 2 acres.  Things keep getting carted out so it'll be ready to go on friday. I'll have to get a photo of the open trailer that they manuevered into the garage. It's backed up to the back door so they can just load things onto it.  Every day there is a new list to do!
 Tonight Robby and Anna and Ellis came for dinner, the little ones had a great time playing
 It's been fun over the years they've lived here to see them every trip.  Ellis will have his 1st birthday in another week and just started walking.  Noah really thought it was fun having a friend here.  That's it for another busy day!

Monday, February 25, 2013

A little bit of today

Here's our Mississippi fun for today.  Noah got to stay home from his Day Care school to play with me today!  We spent alot of time outside and he was pretty much to tired then to eat lunch!  Poor baby but he did have a good time!  He's just chattering away, tries to say lots of words, some of it is just Noah speak tho so it's just cute to hear all the babbling.  And when you count he always says "two".  Love the Wheels on the bus song.  Knows all the motions and starts doing them the minute he hears you sing it.  
 We helped Papa who was busy with all kinds of chores, it's really cloudy and I thought it would rain but hasn't yet.  Nice to be outside tho.  Amy's mexican shredded chicken is in the crockpot cookin away so that's dinner tonight!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Got here late last night.  Late out of Phx. late out of Vegas, finally got into Birmingham at 11:00 so we got to their house around 1 AM. Lots going on here in Mississippi.  Lots of boxes, a couple trailers and this little guy!
 Noah and I had lots of time to play outside, it was beautiful out and Jamie crawled back in bed for a well deserved sleep in! I can't believe how much they've gotten packed and moved to the storage unit. I"m hearing that it's FULL!
Ken got the whole yard mowed...
 Ken and Jeremy were busy all morning , moving things to the storage unit.
 Chili ended up in the crockpot with cornbread and salad, a little for lunch tomorrow and 1 baggie in the freezer!  Big day after a short night so we are all vegging on the couch thinking bed isn't far off!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Getting ready

Spent an evening getting ready to go to Mississippi!  Finding recipes for cooking "good" food that we can eat and freeze.  Getting recipes printed, spices and dry ingredients all bagged up measured so they are ready and I'll "have the right thing".  Been to the store to get some produce and things that might not be a "mississippi" thing here since it'd be easier than finding it there! Produce is awful there and so expensive!  And best of all 3 doz. tortillas that I stopped at Sereno's to get to take along! Sent a grocery list on ahead so we'll see what happens!  I guess I should go pack some clothes too!

Noah we are on our way!!!!

Yep I"m all packed and ready to get on our way to see Noah in Mississippi~ by we I mean Goofy and I!  Goofy is anxious to get there and do the Hot Dog dance with Noah and I ( for you that don't know the hot dog dance, just watch Mickey Mouse Club!) Ken has been there for 5 days ahead of me prepping for the big move.  I'm coming ASAP between all classes for a whole week thanks to my friend who sent the ticket!  I"m planning to play with Noah, cook some food to eat and freeze, play with Noah, pack and unpack some baskets and boxes, play with Noah, get in some great help time with our kids, play with Noah, enjoy the southern hospitality of all things Mississippi....I think that means butter on everything! and then of course Play with Noah!  So I"m geared up for some big days of work but that's what our trips of helping our Air Force kiddos are about.  They are headed to a house on base while still waiting for the next assignment to come thru, hopefully one that keeps our Pilot in the air!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little boy time

Last week we got to have some time with Bode and Brock.  Shooing MB and Chris out the door on a date for early Valentines! Lots of play!
 And little Brock has a tooth!  He's very busy these days buzzing his lips and clicking his tongue!
 On the weekend we got to have Ethan and Garrett over to play, we went for a picnic and then to play on the toys and have ice cream...
 Aiden was off to the Blue and Gold Banquet with Mommy and Daddy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sew n Go sneak peek

Here's your Sew N Go sneak peek for this next Tuesday's class.  It's a bit early for a sneak peek but the class is filling fast and I want to make sure my "favorites" get in on it as it'll close when the number hits the number of kits we have.  We sold out last Sew N Go so get signed up while you can.  Here's our project, this cute little wallet!!!! All new design about 5 inches wide, with a magnetic snap.
 Look at the cool inside. There is a card pocket on either side of the open area and then the zipper pocket that floats in the middle with the side gusset.  Now don't freak out that you think it'll be hard, a great easy design and the pattern is just about ready for printing too!  Hope you can make it, if not, pattern is available but try and come so you can learn all the tricks!  Sew N Go at ETC, it's $20 and that includes your kit and even the thread! See you Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

sneak peek for All Cut Up

Here is the official sneak peek for you all that I know are watching!!!!  Here is our All Cut Up project for ETC, it's happening tomorrow (wed.) at 11:00.  We have 33 signed up already so don't miss out on our demo.  It's $5.00, you get the pattern just by showing up, we show you all the tricks of what to do and then if you like you can stay and use the lab all day!  This was a fun project to make using a layer cake ( that's  a pack of 10 inch squares for you that don't know all these quilty terms)  I'm thinking what a great idea to use up scraps and make into a quilt....see what the mind does, it just keeps getting inspired.....thus why we have All Cut Up!  Don't miss it! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Little B's

We had a couple hours with our little Bode and Brock.  We snagged them after day care and gave Chris and MB a chance to actually go out to eat and chew their food!  The time went way to fast but we sure had a big time, here's Bode playing his favorite, rolling the pool balls!
 And Brock was so cute, he got to eat some cereal and some pureed zucchini! yum!  What a doll.  Yea for a short little " grandbaby fix"!

Basket ball at it's finest!

Ken and I enjoyed 2 basketball games last weekend!  We saw Garrett play....loves to get the ball and throw and make baskets!
 Then we watched Aiden's team play. Both boys did great, so cute to see the kinder/1st grade play, the coaches ref and are out on the court keeping the game going at this age, no calls for traveling and such.  Then see the difference into Aiden's level.  They had a great female ref who did lots of coaching as she ref'd the game, encouraging the boys at what they should do.  Amy found this great league that is a christian based group that really promotes all good things for the boys.  Those little bands on their shirts help them learn who they are supposed to be guarding on the other team, with color match to theirs.  It was a great morning of basketball at it's finest!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bali Bag

Haven't posted any actual class photo's for a while but today's class was such fun that I had to show you the great results! The bali bag was a huge success and these gals all had such fun finishing the 2 part class.  Here is Phyllis.  She's one of our winter visitors that comes back each year with a smile on her face, we apparently haven't scared her off yet!
 I didn't get a photo of everyone's and we had at least one missing the finishing class, but they all came out beautiful!

So yea for lots of pretty bags ready for just the handwork!  And the pattern is done!  It's for sale now so if you missed class you can always do one on your own. Amazing what you can do with a few strips of fabric !I have a feeling this will be the first of many these gals will make! A fun class to teach and with great results!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Amazing person!

  • I have a friend....she amazes me...she called saying she had a ticket that she wanted me to use to go see my Grandbaby....no one does that...but she did....amazing....She knows what a hard year it's been....She's been thru things in the last few years even worse....and she's offering me a free ticket... no one does that....but she did....amazing...so with much conniving, Jeremy on 2 lap tops figuring it all out.... dates flying around, schedules needing changed, more dates being blacked out, we did it!  We have reservations to go see Noah and help them get moved to their "temporary" location until the new assignment comes thru!  Jobs to reschedule but it's all worth it! Our schedule wasn't exactly the Air Forces Schedule but we did it!   We ran out to Kohls late tonight to get schedule changes into the book before it was to late.  Changes to be made at ETC tomorrow, no teaching classes will be missed that weren't planned on.  It's all going to fall into place.  And I get to go see this little angel, all because one amazing friend made it possible!!!!! Thankyou E. for being amazing you!  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sneak Peek for Sew and Go

Here's just a little sneak peek for our
Sew and Go at ETC on Tuesday!  Gonna be cute!!!! Only a couple spots left so sign up fast if you are coming!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Aidens Birthday Party

Can you believe this guy is 9 already!  I forgot I didn't get the photo's posted from Aiden's birthday party so here are a few!

 Both Great Grandpa's and Brock. It was a beautiful day out!

 Cailyn and Landon and Amy
  Amy with Brock and Kristin and Keaton. We had a wonderful mexican feast!
 Brock loving my Mom's necklace
 Alissa and Marcy and Brock
 Kristin with my parents
 Aiden lighting his candles on his birthday pie....little brothers looking on!
 Bode, MB and Brock
 What a delight you are Aiden in our lives!  After everyone left we stayed for the big cleanup and then Aiden gave us a magic show!  What a fun day!