Terry and her Crazy Life

Friday, April 30, 2010

Lookin at fish ...

Ethan wasn't in tip top shape this morning when I picked him up having run a fever the day before, so we went off to do some quiet things. Lookin at the fish was one of them. He really liked them and we ended up looking at them 2 times, once on our way out to find some new summer flowers for the yard at Walmart and then we had to go and visit again on our way back in !We did stop at another McDonalds I found that had a toddler zone so it was fun for him to play just a bit on the toys there. He had a bit of a nap on our way home so I hope you are feeling better today Ethan.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeremy !!!!

So today is Jeremy's birthday ! Here he is at 6 already flying airplanes ! Little did we know ! Love the socks huh !
Jeremy,Can you believe you actually get to be home on your birthday !!!! It's been quite a few years, seems like April is your month to be training somewhere or stuck in the desert in the middle east ! So yea for spending this one at your very own home !!!!
And here he is at 4 years old ! Ready to meet the day !
Happy Birthday Jeremy !!!! Hope you have a fantastic one!

Friday, April 23, 2010

What a frivolous day !

After such a crazy week at work this was such a fun day ! I met up with Amy and we had the morning to run and shop and have pedicures ( still a birthday present we hadn't gotten to from March ! yikes ) With no kids along we flew thru Kohls and Target and had a McDonalds Frappes and then got a fast lunch at Mongolian Grill. Amy's first time there and so that was fun. Later afternoon I picked Garrett up ( Ethan was napping) and he and I went and picked Aiden up from Kindergarten and off we went on a Grammy Adventure.... They chose to go to Sonic so that was fun to push the button and talk to the box, then they all climbed in the front seat with me and we had slushy's and popcorn chicken ! Car food can be so much fun ! Then they wanted to go to Uncle Chris's park....
So we had lots of fun there and did lots of climbing and swinging...
I think Garrett was just having the greatest day, he had hopped and skipped and wiggled all the way walking to Aiden's school and giggled all the way to Sonic....
Aiden had so much to tell me and catch up on... the letter J and how you walk in a first grade line....he was already asking when I had another day off work so we could plan another adventure !
So life doesn't get any better does it ! So the clouds were magnificent on my drive home so I came home and grabbed Ken and we headed over to the little lake south of us to walk it 3 times and grab subway for our dinner and lunch tomorrow ! Ken is now reporting in that he's killed 218 tanks. So I feel revitalized and ready to hit work again tomorrow......life is good !!!!

Best day of the week !

What a busy week, worked every day but had Thursday morning off to spend with Ethan. My boss is gone so we've been extra busy with things and cleaning out for a big sale while she's gone, so Ethan, thanks for the welcome break for a few hours to play with you before heading back to work !!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary Chris and MB !

We had such a nice leisurely breakfast outdoors with Chris and MB on Sunday at Joes' farm Grill coffee shop. It's just beautiful there now with everything so green and the flowers were amazing. Loved this little arbor, does anyone know what that is growing over the top?
Here is a close up of the bloom.
Pretty snapdragons...

And a rose garden...
It was great to get to spend some time with the newly weds of 2 years now ! Happy Anniversary Chris and MB !!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My splurge !

With my 2nd job ending this month ( yep no more pillowcases to sew since the 4,000 count contract was fulfilled) I decided I might splurge on one little item for me. I've been wanting a day pack for the last few years and trips. Something easy to carry things in on the plane and out and about. So Ken and I went to Sport Chalet on our way home from Garrett's game and looked at their choices. I had looked on line and saw a few of this brand and saw they had them there. It's a pretty neat one with lots of pockets. I didn't want it very big and would love to hear if any of you have any hints on good and bad about day packs. This one is only home on trial but I want to make sure it's the right one before bonding with it totally. It has a laptop pocket ( if I had a laptop that didn't have a dead battery !) that is nice, then a nice area of pockets for phones and small things, also an extra pocket just for sunglasses. Is there a different design I might wish I had? I want small and I"m hoping this one is not to big. It is 17x12x6 inches. So if anyone has ideas on day packs let me know ! I want to be ready for some "out and about" !!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What fun to watch Garrett !

What fun it was to get invited to Garrett's T-ball game this morning ! How fun is it to watch 3 year olds play ball ! I love how they all get to play and bat and run the bases.....3 times. I'm thinking tho 2 times is enough as by the 3rd time outfield alot of them are done and watching the airplanes and grass grow ! Here is our ballplayer !
Papa got to help him "warm up !" he was thrilled ! Thanks Garrett for the fun time watching you play ball !
Doesn't get any cuter does it !

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Crime !

Well good heavens, more crime excitement in the neighborhood ! I was happily playing in my sewing room this afternoon when Ken called and wanted to know what's going on, I can't get home ( AGAIN !) there are police cars everywhere. So I look out and at the end of the street yellow tape, lights flashing. So again ( you remember we had the murder across the street last year so this is getting to be routine) he couldn't get home...along with the rest of the neighborhood coming home at 5:00 ! So we decided I'd walk out and come thru the barricade and we'd go find some dinner somewhere until the excitement cleared since he couldn't get in. I of course became the excitement coming out and the swat teams asked where I was going and such. Things looked pretty calm as I didn't see any guns and just alot of chit chat between a dozen of them, cars, fire commander cars. We heard it was an arrest warrant being served, probably along with a search, swat team and such. At least it really wasn't on our street, but on the street to the west of us. So who knows what was up, guess the warrant came from Phoenix which meant it was the Sheriff or Federal , but now it's all clear, we got home, only a few cars and police standing around talking. Our quiet sleepy neighborhood just keeps having excitement ! At least this time there were no news vans, helicopters or the forensic truck !
So no pictures of all that, just this cute little one of Ethan today, he helped me go to Discount Tire to get my tire fixed ( nail ) and he was so cute with his snack and book and truck to play with, he sure did like all the big tires in there ! so here's hoping for a quiet night in Gilbert !

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Denise's birthday lunch

We had a fun day here today, we celebrated Denise's birthday, she wanted a sewing day so we brought our projects and had a great time. I didn't get good pictures of people so you will just be looking at food and projects ! Darn ! How did that happen. We started out with a cranberry scone I sliced up and we put apricot jam on it, yum !We got into our projects and I'll have to show you what 3 of us were working on another time. We have had a group of blocks in the works for a few years and today was the final one, when I get the last couple seams done on mine I will post it then, but yes the machines were all humming around the kitchen table ! We took a break around lunch and Linda brought over this marvelous main dish with puff pastry and mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, oh my gosh it was yummy. Judy made a fancy spinach salad and fruit salad and the best part were the "lemon drop martini's" She was quite the cook and we had a great lunch and cake for dessert.
Linda showed us some things she finished up. This cute little baby quilt...
This pretty 4 patch posie one. She'd done this top years ago when we worked together and now it's done !
Denise got this cute birthday table runner done.
And this quilt was so cute. There are buttons in each of those pinwheels.
So what a fun day, Ken and I took the boys out for pizza night, came home and had a nice visit with Jamie on the phone and I hear it's time to go out and look for scorpions....-5 last night ! Gosh what a crazy life I have baking scones, to killing scorpions( I just hold the light) and everything in between !

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thornberry quilt group in April

We had our Thornberries today, I was hosting so was fun to have everyone over. We had alot of great show and tell. Barb made this cute baby quilt for a friend.She also got this redwork top done that she has worked on for along time. It's using 1 strand of floss so very very fine. It's beautiful !
Lorene was working on a jacket and I didn't get a picture of it, sorry Lorene.
Judy finished knitting this neat scarf, it's got a neat windowpane design and she used sock yarn so the pattern was so neat.
She also did these 2 cute skirts for 2 of her granddaughters, aren't they cute...Tulip Skirts.
She finished this darling baby quilt....Judy you were so productive this month !
And this cute baby quilt too !
Also this one, it's the Contessa pattern and used fun fruity colored fabrics.
This picture came out horible, but she was working on the binding on this one, These fabric are dark and deep and rich and the big green squares are out of chenille. I wish the picture came out better as it's beautiful. She didn't quilt the chenille so it puffs up really neat. She bought this kit the year we went to Houston together.
Sue and Bobbi were working on 9 patches and Louise was working on a cute pincushion and then some Contessa quilt blocks like that one Judy had in black and whites with turquoise. Here is Mindy, she came after work and she got started on her sock.
I was busy doing the handwork on our christmas blocks we are exchanging. We had a marvelous lunch and made big plans for our May meeting....a cutting extravaganza of scraps for everyone to share so big plans were made for irons and mats and cutting and patterns and baggies and a salad lunch. We always have a great time together and we solved all the worlds problems today too !!!!! :-)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ethan and a finished UFO !

Ethan and I had a good time today, he had been sick the day before but he was feeling pretty good when I went and picked him up. We stopped to see Uncle Chris and then we had fun going to Uncle Chris's park, it's just the right size for Ethan, the toys aren't so big, he can do all the slides etc. Then he fell asleep on the way to the grocery store so we parked in the shade at the store and he had a 1/2 hour nap. He was happy when he woke up and we got my groceries and he had his snack and Capri sun. I could tell tho his energy wasn't tip top as he usually doesn't fall asleep, but isn't he precious !!!! So I finished another UFO. Yep this is the wallhanging that has been hanging in the family room now for a couple years unfinished ! But YEAH , it's done now !

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I snapped this picture the other night. I'd finished stuffing these dog beds with fabric/batting scraps so had 2 beds ready to go to the shelter sitting by the door....Emma is making sure they are just right !

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finished UFO !

Yea another thing out of the sewing room ! This top has to be probably 7 or 8 years old, Esther gave me the cut squares for the 4 patches that were left from her quilt, I added pinwheels to go with and the border and then it's been hanging on the quilt rack homeless in the sewing room since. I needed something to warm up with on the alphabet pantagraph I tried and so it was my warm up piece. It's bound now and ready to go, I'm donating it to House of Refuge, a great organization that helps families get back on their feet.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone !

Hope you all had a nice Easter Day. We enjoyed a big family celebration over at my sisters house, they have a lovely backyard and hosted a fun picnic for about 30 people. I brought 2 cakes, this one was chocolate with cherry filling...
This one was lemon cake with lemon filling.
Ken did the fantastic decorating with the jelly bellies !
Chris and MB came over late morning before we went to Marcy's. They brought Ken a new Baseball glove, Chris brought one for Baby Schuld too so they are all set for baseball games and tee ball practicing. Papa, Daddy and Baby Boy ! Hurry up baby boy everyone is ready to play !
We did get one shot of all the little ones at my sisters house, whew, they aren't smiling but they are all on the blanket !
Jen and Joe were there, they are leaving in another week to move to Florida.

Chris and MB
Two brothers on a bench.
Here is little Cailyn, with her Aunt Alissa.
We went out to see Ken's folks late this afternoon and enjoyed visiting with both of them, time for some relaxing yet before another busy week begins.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where's George?

Have any of you gotten one of these tracking bills? Ken and I got this one at Arby's so I had to come home and look up the web site and see what it's about. It's a currency tracking system, all for fun and you enter the bill you got with the serial number and it gets tracked where it's traveled. Ours hadn't gone to far, just from Queen Creek 11 miles away, but you write a little blurb about where you got it etc. Kind of fun. www.wheresgeorge.com
Looks like this was the first entry from the person that started it in Queen Creek 2 weeks ago. Wonder where it will go from here !?!?!?!?

Friday, April 2, 2010


Ethan and I had fun yesterday ! We went to the park and had a great time out in the sunshine !He is just so good at slides, he seems to know which ones he can go down frontways but most he turns around atomatically to go down on his belly !
Ethan you are so cute !