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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pretty Quilt

Isn't this a pretty quilt, it's just striking with the black and white and red. Well my friend Cindy called me and said my daughter is getting married, I need this quilted fast for her shower, help! So I quilted it this weekend for her so it's ready to get bound and off to the bridal shower! She did a great job on it and I thought it came out so pretty! It's full size and I'm sure her daughter will love it. The best part for me was how busy the prints are and the back is the border fabric so my quilting didn't show so much,whew! It's always fun to see pretty quilts and what other people do.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sew and Go Again in August

I thought I posted these pictures but I think maybe I didn't. Here is our project for Sew and Go again on this next wed. night at Scrapbooks Etc. Here is your little "leak"!!!! Everyone is making this fun notions tote, a great take along thing, I love mine , I keep all my essentials in here and throw it in my bag and go!Yours will all have a front pocket with a cute little cutting mat that slips right down into it, I left that out on this one. I have a couple of these and they are handy as can be. Come on down and join us for some fun on Wed. night at 6:00 PM.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

block challenge

I finished the last 2 blocks for this months block challenge. This one is Mariners compass...This one was called Cucumber but we all think they look like pinecones. So my August blocks are done, we are on our way to tackling these small difficult blocks for a quilt!I'll be choosing the numbers for the next 4 on sept. 1st so we'll see what fun ones we get to do next month. Once I get a few more done I'll post a photo of what they all look like together.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Buggy Barn Stockings

Here is another sample I finished and hung this week at Scrapbooks. It's for our Buggy Barn class next month, (sorry for the blurry shot...it's what I have these days)Students will get to pick either this stocking quilt or a cute turkey/pumpkin one. I had fun adding the names of my grandboys and initials for the parents and Ken and I. The pattern calls for words going around it yet but I havn't decided if I"m adding those to mine yet. And you make actually 4 more stockings with the pattern so it's another row wider, but it was getting to wide for where I like to hang things in my family room so I have 4 stockings left to make into something else but everyone can decide how big they want theirs to be. Buggy barn technique classes are always fun! A quick easy way build a quilt!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mystery Quilt Class at Scrapbooks Etc.

We finished up with the "mystery" at Scrapbooks on friday. Such pretty quilt blocks went home! Sabrina had hers going along....Here is DeAnne with hers...
Tash's was just striking with the christmas batiks.
Linda had her blocks finished before we all left so we layed it out, so pretty! It's so much fun to see the result. They left 3 weeks ago with lots of homework to do and block parts to sew, not knowing what it would look like, and everyone was smiles today to see how georgous they were coming out.
Here is mine, it's going up to hang at Scrapbooks today so stop in and see what the solved mystery looks like. Sure was alot of fun to do. We are doing a smaller "mystery" this fall involving something for Christmas! It'll be just a one day class and not a quilt but something wonderful for your home or a gift!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sew Sampler at Scrapbooks Etc.

Louise and Barb and I got together at work last week and got things going for Sew Sampler coming up in Oct. at Scrapbooks. It's on Oct. 22, 2 sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, we plan 3 small projects so everyone can experience some of the fun things we do at Scrapbooks! This time we've coordinated a Christmas gift, everyone will make a christmas gift bag, along with a gift card holder ( or these would make wonderful gifts for people for all those cards we carry in our purse cuz it's nice and flat) and a cute little ornament that can hang from the bag even! So join us, we limit the class to 30 each session so sign up early.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

exciting day!

Well it will be an exciting day at work today. Scrapbooks is part of sponsoring Creative Escape and there are loads of people here from all over the world this weekend to enjoy the event. Months and months of planning by alot of people and the excitment has been growing at work. There are turquoise and red things ( this years colors) floating around everywhere. So it's all been cleared out, boxes hauled away for the event store set up at a local hotel where the event happens. And today, 3 bus loads full of happy shoppers come our way. It's actually my design day to cut kits and sew but Barb and I will be dashing out as each bus comes to help on the floor and cut fabric, bag the newly bought treasures and such. We all have these fun t-shirts to wear today so it's out the door early to get ready. I worked the floor yesterday and there were lots of people coming in already from the event all excited for the getaway. We were busy getting things restocked and ready. I'm going to go clear a nice place on the couch for when I get home tonight! :-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ethans Party!

Here are some random photo's from our Saturday morning celebrating this darling little guy, ETHAN! 3 years old now! He's sitting at the table with his cousins and 2 other little 3 year old friends enjoying ice cream cones!Here's a shot of Aiden showing me his new cub scout uniform things, he was so excited and we looked thru his new cub scout book, what a fun new adventure for him!
Here's my sister Marcy with Cailyn.
Here's Landon with his Daddy Mike. ( blurry blurry!)
Here is Bode with Daddy Chris
The kiddos all got a balloon to take home with a sucker!
They had such fun in this water adventure in the back yard! That is Ethan just down the slide and running back to get in line!
there is Garrett and Ethan, so much fun was had by all!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Block Challenge

I completed another block for our "block challenge" group. Here is the flying geese block. These blocks finish up at 6 inches so these geese are itty bitty. One more done, one of the gals set up a yahoo group so we can all post photos so it's fun seeing how everyone is doing on theirs and how different they all are.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Ethan!

I had fun looking back thru some photo's to find a fun photo of Ethan to post to celebrate his birthday! How do you pick when you have such a darling little guy !!!! Ethan turns 3 today can you believe it! Such a darling little boy! Your Mommy says you are filled with Spirit and we love every bit of that spirit!

So happy birthday to our 3rd little grandson Ethan! We love you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Witch class

Well I'm all behind on posting class photos. My White Chocolate class ended and oops no photos, forgot at Sew and Go, we had around 40 come and all had a blast ...... didn't try photo's as this blurry camera business is driving me nuts. I am going to have to break down and start researching what camera to be shopping for as I hate not having one to depend on! Now and then the phone is what has to take the picture!
But here is the end of the witch class. Vicki wasn't able to come but here are the others.....
They all are coming out so cute.
What fun little witches will be flying thru homes this October!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mom's Birthday

Wanted to post the photo's we took the other day ( blurry again) on my Mom's birthday. I got to spend the day with her and brought the pretty roses along. We went to lunch with my Dad and then her and I got to go do some fabric shopping for a fun little project we have planned. Ken and I ended up meeting them for dinner too, what fun to get to celebrate....80 years! I'm so lucky to have such a special Mom to celebrate!

Sewing class

Well we are making progress with the table runners at my sisters house. They all came so prepared with their homework done so we got right into layering up their table runners and pinning them to quilt.Aren't they all going to be so pretty, I can't wait to see them finished!
Everyone is busy quilting now and have the week to finish it up as next week we are BINDING! Hmm what to move on to next...... I'm hearing requests for pincushions and skirts and Corissa missed the pillow cases and everyone chimed in that they want to make more so we'll be doing that again! You 3 have just jumped in and taken off yea for new sewers lovin it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Puppy Dogs

I hung a new sample down at Scrapbooks Etc. this week. It's for the Beyond Basics class I'm teaching this fall. These cute little puppy dogs were alot of fun to do and students will not only learn how to do them easily and applique them on but I've added a square in a square block to learn. Of course changing the whole pattern which seems to be standard for me!
And of course you see this one has Noah's name on it so you can guess that it'll end up in Mississippi. but it could have lots of puppy dogs across the top or say something like sweet dreams.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My trip to Venezuala.....

Well my friends took me to experience Venezuelan cuisine this week. We went to My Arepa which is in Mesa and written up as the best Venezuelan food in the valley. I had to google the country to see exactly where in South America it was. It was very good and fun to get to try another country on our quest of worldly foods! Denise and Sarah and I ordered several things so we could try them all, they cook alot of corn, so that the bread looking things were actually ground corn based . The one on the left was folded over with cheese inside, the other 2 are like a sandwich, again the corn based part that was the "bread" and then one had chicken and slices of avocado and the other was beef with plantains and black beans. This is the 3rd way I've had plantains, and much better than the ones I truely experienced in Belize. I guess these sandwich things are arepa's and they sell them on the street like you might get a street taco in mexico or a hot dog here!
this dish was very interesting, the outside part holding it together was actually a huge plantain and then inside was a shredded pork with a coleslaw like topping, it was very good. So now that I"ve experienced Venezuala I can say I enjoyed it! Thanks Denise and Sarah for trooping me along.....I'm hearing Korea is next....yikes what do they eat?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Block Challenge

Well a group of us have started a new Block Challenge to see if we can tackle a big project one block at a time. The blocks finish up at 6 inches and some have lots of detail. I will choose 4 blocks out of the book by random numbers and email them out to the members. We even set up a yahoo group to post photo's on so I'll also post mine here for my own journaling. This is the first block done, yeah! I'm using all civil war style fabrics with a variety on the lights too. It'll be fun to see how this evolves. This block is called Aunt Sukey's choice and it was fun to take time to tackle it and finish it up. Sometimes when you look at more difficult quilts you'd like to do it's a bit overwhelming so we thought this might be a way to get to it and some day we'll have them done. Everyone is doing theirs in different fabric styles so how different they all will be!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sewing class with "the girls"

We had another little sewing class at my Sisters house this week. Corissa was gone so we abandoned our table runners ( they all are still getting their homework done anyway...teacher is cracking the whip) and made pillow cases. Marcy and Alissa had fun learning the french seam way of having them totally finished on the inside. Both were working on their 2nd matching one when I left and will have two pretty pillow cases for their homes! These blurry photo's are getting to me....grrrrrrr.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Witches are flying!

I had to post a photo of my finished witches quilt. We are right in the middle of this Buggy Barn class at Scrapbooks and I brought my top home to finish it up before the next class. It was alot of fun to quilt and I did the spider web and little spider to top it off. I'm glad to have it done to hang at my house for Oct.....only started it 2 years ago! For now it's going back to Scrapbooks to hang there.

Dinner with family

We enjoyed a very nice and relaxing lunch this weekend to celebrate my Mom, she's turning 80 in a few days so we snagged the time to enjoy lunch at The Landmark restaurant and celebrate her! What wonderful food and even a fun dessert with a candle for the birthday gal! I have a feeling there will be more time celebrating coming but it was a very nice start to a very big milestone birthday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A quilt for Becket

Here's another "blurry" photo of a finished baby quilt. Ken asked me to make a quilt for one of his clients a new baby, so here it is. This one is for Baby Becket. I found some leftover block parts from a quilt I'd done for Bode, added a few things, cut out 2 circles and a big B at work with the die cut machine and ironed them on to applique and it's done. It was great to use up a few more scraps and now little Becket will have a quilt. I havn't meet him or his family but it's ready for delivery. I guess Becket was born around the same time our little Noah came so he should be ready for some tummy time on his quilt too.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Buggy barn witch class

I taught our Buggy Barn Witch class at Scrapbooks last friday. 4 ladies all came and all were anxious to make their witches. We got everyone fabrics stacked for next class and ready to slash and shuffle ( buggy barn terms) and then we started on all the cute legs.
Everyone had such fun picking out leg and shoe fabrics, lots of sharing and shopping for embelishments!

Here's Vicki with this fun witch leg!Here's Susan with hers, it'll be so fun this week to see how they all turn out. They have homework to get everything pressed, noses ready, legs finished, and we'll have fun seeing how they all turn out! What fun halloween quilts these will be! Mine is going on the machine today to get quilted!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bode spends the night

Bode got to come over for the day this weekend and then even ended up spending the night here with his Daddy! Mommy was off with friends doing wedding things so we got to enjoy Bode and his new little toddling steps! It's the main mode of transportation now like Chris said! Here he's trying to decide if the golf club and the ball popper can be carried around together!Pretending with the phone! Sorry for the fuzzy photos, my flash on my camera has died so nothing is focusing very well, ho hum, I think I'll be shopping for a new camera, does anyone have any suggestions on brand and style?
We had ice cream too! hmmmm is that why he kept his daddy up all night?
Bode you kept us in stitches and we loved watching you just walking around doing nothing but discovering !