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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sew and Go at ETC

So here is the great sneak peek for all of you watching out there!  Sew and go will be so much fun!  We are making this wonderful quilted scissor case for all your sewing scissors.  And then part 2 we'll learn to do this great embellishment!  It was so much fun!  One of our favorites we've done yet! Barb sent me a photo of hers the other day on my phone and guess what...bling...of course!  so cute, wait till you see! So there you have it, when I checked last week there were a few spots left so if you havn't signed up get on with it since we've been selling out.  You can access it on line too thru the ETC link over there to the right on here and get signed up.

 And we had fun with some left over little parts....we made pins!  You will love how easy these are to do!So cute, I"ll be wearing mine!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jelly Roll Race Quilt at ETC

So here is a photo of our jelly roll race quilt.  Fun and fast and easy!  Each time we've had a new pattern of using up a jelly roll and make it fast and easy to sew up in one day!  Pattern is ready for sale if you can't make it.  The race is this week at ETC. Everyone can choose between 2 different jelly rolls, one in cute bright cottons, the other in batiks.  You'll get to pick a color for your alternate little accent strip, we'll do some prep and the race begins!  Everyone can bring a snack to share and we'll fuel up before the race begins!  

Friday, March 22, 2013

question on TV shows????

We don't have alot of shows on TV that we really watch regularly but I have to admit that we've gotten hooked on Downton Abbey. Rather late to the party as we just got started in the last couple months so thanks to netflix we have watched Season 1, we currently have the last disk to watch of Season 2.  We've been DVR'ing the season that is on now but isn't it Season 4??? So anyone know where I can find Season 3 or do I just have to wait for it to come out on Netflix. So you regular watchers I'm just clarifying that the current season I have recorded is Season 4? Ken's been a good sport to watch it with me, sometimes I hear a bit of snoring, but he continues to want to see the next show. I love the costuming and everything about the "period" of history that it portrays. Love noticing the long strand of necklace they wear and it's come around again!  Once we watch this last disk of Season 2 I might go into withdrawal and be tempted to watch the season on the DVR but then I'll miss something important!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

old friends!

Here's a funny photo of some old friends the other morning as we met for breakfast.  We all worked together for years and it's so fun to reconnect a couple times a year. We were missing a couple of people, but it was fun to see what all is going on. We decided to take this for Ellen who now lives on the east coast and we miss her! We've all moved on from the job we all connected at as we teased Ken for being the last rat to jump off the ship!  Or did he get kicked off!?!? We patted oursleves on the back tho reminiscing about how much talent was available all in one spot those years we all worked together.    So there is Denise, Ken, myself and Betty, we had some great laughs and hope to do it again before summer with a few more coming.  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sew and Go Sneak Peek

Alot of you have had this little sneak peek in class already but here is our Sew and Go project at ETC. for this coming week.  We sold out in just a couple days, everyone is so excited to learn the fast and easy way to make this table mat.  It's got so many lay outs too by spinning all the blocks into different positions. We've got one group of gals flying in to take the class with their sister, lots of fun, and easy to do. Everyone remember to bring your own 6 1/2" or larger square ruler and your own small mat!  Pattern is in the works so if you can't make it you can still get the pattern for it.  Get signed up for Sew and Go early so you don't miss out! It's always a busy day when we have classes these days, nice to see them sold out!  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Batik BOM

Just had to show you a couple more of the blocks for our Batik Block of the month at ETC.  These both are coming up and Barb got them done this last week, both came out so pretty. This is going to be such a pretty quilt.  Each month you get fabric to make 3 of one of these blocks.  There still is space in  the group, they'll make such a pretty New York Beauty style quilt.  All with different batiks.  So pretty!  Paper pieced and once they are all squared to size it'll be so fun to lay out.  Everyone gets to pick their own border for their project too.  So many fun things to do, so little time!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lots of S's.....

Lots of S's going on around here. First we love our spring in Arizona!  Everything is blooming, our tree in the front yard has burst into pretty purple blossoms that smell just like Grape , you can Smell it clear across the yard!  Altho with it being in the 90's today is Summer close at hand???? ( and what was that cat hair ball billowing across the wood floor too.....summer is at hand as the cats must be shedding already....ho hum, back to sweeping the floor every day!)

Ken's been busy, took out 2 little small palms in the back yard that had gotten Ugly looking and we were afraid the way they were leaning they could fall on a little person.  So out they came, to the street for the bulk pick up next week!  And we planted a new itty bitty Sissoo tree. Same kind we planted last fall that grew already by leaps and bounds. Best part is I had this great coupon for 20% off, so we went and picked one out this week and ended up paying only $40.  Love having a coupon for a shade tree. Can't wait for it to grow now. Hopefully where it's planted we'll get shade on the patio at sunrise in the summer.  The one we planted by the laundry room went from a 1 inch trunk to about 3 inches in just a few months, and it came thru the harsh frost we had this year so it'll be fun to watch this one grow.
And the last S is Scorpion!  Ken had his first hunt tonight after one blantantly sat on the patio in the open looking at us!  28, yep the first hunt of the year was successful!  Chris heard the results and had to hunt...only 1, Barb had to go looking - only 2 and one back yard on fire....one of the hazards of scorpion hunting....ours is usually a palm tree! oops!

Friday, March 8, 2013

More Mississippi Photos

Here's a few more photo's from our trip to Mississippi.  Here is Noah playing, glad I got his cute toy box Jeremy made in the background with his name on it and a T-6  etched into it.  
 Loved all the little Tot-lots on the base for families to play at. So convenient right out their back door!
 this is looking from the tot lot back at their house.  Nice screened in porch.  That's Riley waiting by the door!

 Of course all the little sit on spring toys are in the shape of air force jets.  Very appropriate as the trainer jets fly overhead in the pattern.
 This is the front of their house. Kind of like a duplex with the other half for another family.

A quick snap early one morning as we were off to the airport, Jamie off to work in her scrubs and Noah off to his day care.
  Sure do miss this little guy!!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Swap

We've gotten started on a new swap for my quilt group. It's always fun to see what everyone else is doing. We seem to have a theme going lately with this group - USE IT UP!  So we've all spent so many years collecting it's been fun to have swaps focused on USE IT UP!  So this one for a few months is using some of our 30's reproduction stash.  We swap 9 patches and then larger squares that will make star points.  It's  a pretty quilt and then we can each use a background of our choice. Quick to sew up and cut so it'll be fun to stash then a "quilt kit" ready to sew up of these parts.  Nice to do some fun things with what we have. We just have finished up swapping 2 1/2" squares in sets so here is our new one!  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All Cut Up - Wednesday at ETC

So here is a little sneak peek of our All Cut Up project!  It's out of a charm pack ( 5 inch squares) or you could do scraps, I love it!  It's a great little tote....
 for whatever you are working on, easy to make,  the left side is a pocket that holds things as big as a book or notebook, the right side has a vinyl pouch with a zipper so things stay secure.  When it closes where it bends then it is sturdy enough to stand.....great little take along!  Tomorrow at ETC.  All Cut Up Demo - it's $5 and you get the pattern and we'll show you the tips and tricks, we'll even have some finishing kits which include the vinyl, zipper and 2 magnet snaps!  Don't miss out so you can get the pattern!  11:00, get signed up on the web site!

Home again

Made it home again safe and sound late yesterday.  Hard to leave those two little brown Noah eyes!  Can't wait for him to move to Arizona!  I'll take anything closer than Mississippi, can't wait until those official orders come in!!!!  Sure had a fun week with him, he's really such an easy child, easy to read and easy to predict so you can stay one step ahead of him so you are prepared when he's hungry, lunch is ready, when he's tired etc.  Such a smart little guy with so much jabbering going on.  I see him imitating so many things his parents do, clapping his hands when the dogs are misbehaving, it's so cute!  He's going to love his new house with the carpeted stairs he's already figured out so well!  Little tot play yards everywhere.  Daddy close by to come home for lunch when he's not in the air and things like that. They have a very nice comfortable house to live in for the next 2 months.  So at the airport 4 little blue eyes were there to see us!  Bode and Brock came along with Chris to pick us up!  So happy to see them!!! MB was teaching so they had time to stay and play, Brock hungry...poking food in him...Bode doing his favorite rolling the pool table balls in. When they left we started unpacking until we found Bode's favorite lightening mcqueen mini car ( he goes no where without it) Sooooo in the car we go to deliver all the forgotten things by their door.  So more unpacking today. Jamie sent us home with tons of her couponing freebies....love it!  Extra shampoo, razors, all kinds of goodies.  No food in the house....laundry going....up early on Mississippi time...off to teach a fun class of gals today at ETC.  I'll post some more Mississippi photos' from the last couple days of cleaning out and settling in. It was a great trip to help them with all the work that unfolds with a move.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Moving Days!

Two big days of moving here in Mississippi and I think it's almost done! The photo's loaded a bit strange but you'll get the idea of the last couple days anyway!  Here is the first load yesterday, they backed the trailer right up to the door! And it was freezing out and snowing most the day!  They couldn't get the house until after lunch so the trailers had been loaded and ready....Noah and I stayed home for him to nap while the first load left.  He was supposed to have gone to day care but there was so much illness there they decided it'd be better for him to stay again with me.  

So here is Noah and Goofy holding down the rolled up rug ready to load! One huge load with both the preloaded trailers, then back for one more quick pack up as much as we could kind of load. Noah's crib and everything else I had packed up during Nap time.  Noah was tired and ready for bed, so we threw in what we could and off we went to the new house.  Moving day one was a big success!
 So today was a new day of moving, Here is Noah and his two dogs looking out thru the storm door at the front in the new house.  It is FREEZING out and I don't mean a little bit cold, this is like ice!  And it's been snowing all day again! Nothing sticks, and it is kinda pretty to see it falling, but way to cold!  I think the high was in the low 30's and that itty bitty bit of breeze!  brrrrrr! I now have had winter, even tho I think it's supposed to be spring!
 Jamie and Noah stayed home so he could nap, and Jamie whipped the whole house into shape today, you'd never know they just moved in!  Ken, Jeremy and I went back for another load and cleaning.  Here's the trip to the storage shed, so much had been moved and stacked and stored the last couple weeks ready for the big move to Az in a couple months.  Jeremy has it so organized...no surprise there!
 Here is looking out their new back door, they have a nice screened in porch again, no fence yet for the dogs but I hear that is a soon to be done project!  You can see right behind their house is a great little tot lot with more playgrounds between all the houses.  Rio and Riley are tied up and wishing they could follow Jamie and Noah out there!
 And you can see how freezing it is out by Noah's pink nose and those white flecks in Jamie's hair....SNOW!
 Here is just a glimpse of the gray Mississippi skies today as we followed Jeremy's truck back to the Air Force Base.
 Noah sitting in a box!
 Jeremy's truck pulling the one big load with the open trailer that had been in the garage.

 Here's our little squirt in the trailer!  Big day #2 is done, all is well, One more time back to the house tomorrow for a few chores and the walk thru with the new buyers.

Sew and Go

Tuesday is Sew and Go at ETC.  We are making this fun little notions keeper. It fits over a very roomy cup and has pockets to put all your notions and things in. I kinda need one by my chair at night where I do handwork, that's always where I wish I'd grabbed the seam ripper or that 1 inch ruler or my scissors to snip something.  One more way to get organized!  $20 includes your entire kit and a few hours of fun making it with us and all our great students!