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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sew and Go sneak peek !

Here is a sneak peek at this Tuesday's Sew and Go at Scrapbooks ! It's a cute table mat for the holidays, would be perfect with a candle in the middle or a plate of cookies ! We have 3 color ways, some have snowmen to applique, some have snowflakes and some have trees. A bit of pieceing, some applique, curved edges with a bias binding, it's really cute ! All the appliques are precut with a die cutter, what a great kit and it couldn't get any easier !

Happy Halloween !

Happy Halloween to everyone ! We've had a fun week in preparation ! I attended my friend Sarah's cocktail party during the week and we gals had a great time ! Then Ken and I both went to Garretts preschool Halloween parade on Thursday morning. Such cute little kids ! This would have been so good but it was blurry ! That's Amy the witch with Garrett the bumblebee transformer and Ethan. Here is Garrett in the yellow costume next to the pretty girl ! They paraded around the driveway and then sang 3 songs for us ! What a great job they did !
I'll try and load some movies, one is sideways but it's still cute ! just tip your head !
We had a halloween b-fast on saturday and here coming to our door with Garrett in his transformer costume was this MONKEY....
And this ghost !
Here is the monkey checking out what was in his halloween sack...
Next at our door is this cute little pumpkin ! He was a skeleton the other night and so what a surprise today to see this pumpkin ! We had fun little munchies out on the patio, my folks came early so they could see them come to the door too, it was fun to hear that knock as we knew who was coming !
So watch out if any of these come to your door ! Boo !

Friday, October 29, 2010

Table Runner Class

5 Happy Ladies left Scrapbooks Etc. with their table runners from class on Wed., some had them almost all the way done ! Here is Nancy with hers. She used scraps at home and we all talked about doing that since this pattern takes such a smidgeon !Here is Sarah's. She has 12 children, I wonder who is getting this one !
Pat made hers for her daugher. She was quilting hers at the end of class !
Here is Penny's, the green is her backing.
and here is Stephanie, this was her first project with a rotary cutter, she's on her way ! She even got her binding on ! Makes me want to make another one ! I'm trying to pick one out of the book for next quarter to teach. It's the Atkinson "Lets do Lunch" table runner book and there are such great ones in there it's going to be hard to decide !

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary to my Parents !

Last Sunday Ken and I and my sister Marcy and hubby Vince spent a relaxing afternoon taking my parents on the Light Rail into Downtown Phoenix to the Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch. It was the first time my parents have gotten to ride the train.None of us had been to the Old Spaghetti factory and it was great ! They sat us in this cute little cubicle so we had this private little dining space. Food was great and it was so nice to enjoy that with them. Mom and Dad's 59th wedding anniversary is today, wow isn't that an amazing number of years !
What a fun eclectic place to eat ! Inside we found a train car, a sleigh, an old gas pump with fish in the tank, it just went on and on ! And who else was there eating at a table but my niece Alissa's inlaws ! How funny to run into them. The weather couldn't have been more perfect , what a fun time we had together !

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Christopher !

Here's my oldest Son and my youngest Grandson ! Today is Chris's 34th birthday ! Wow ! MB had a nice gathering last night for him at their home with pizza salad and lemon cake and frosted sugar cookies. Yep I still make him frosted sugar cookies every year ! Bode was all dressed up for his halloween debut ! Isn't that the cutest skeleton you've ever seen !It was a beautiful evening out on their patio.
Chris and I met for breakfast this morning at Liberty Market ( trying to do the trifecta here- 3 restaurants that give you free food on your birthday!) Everyone will be off to work and then tonight we are meeting up at Joe's Farm Grill for dinner, who knows if he'll complete it with lunch at Joes BBQ ! So Happy Birthday kiddo, hope the day and year are fantastic ones for you ! You deserve the best that can be !

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sew Sampler Class

We had a crazy Saturday class this weekend at Scrapbooks called Sew Sampler. It was such a deal ! We had a morning class of 30 and then an afternoon class of 30. For $15 they each came and made 3 projects. I taught them all to make a french seamed pillow case where all the seams on the inside are finished. Then Barb taught them how to make a cute little makeup size bag called a snap bag. Louise taught them all to make a little appliqued sunglass case. Here is Mindy with her finished pillowcase. The class was 3 hours long so we each had an hour to get everyone thru our project, it helped having 2 other teachers there to walk around and help.
Everyone hard at work ! We barely got the morning group out and the afternoon group was on their way in. We had all kinds of cookies, muffins and doughnuts to munch on for everyone with a fall theme on the side table, and everyone got to pick out their kits with lots of fabrics to choose from.
Here is Sue with her finished one too ! Fun was had by all and we 3 teachers went home happy and POOPED !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bode's Baptism

Our little Bode was Baptised this weekend on a beautiful Saturday morning !There were 15 children all being baptised at the service with another following. Each child's name was on the pew for the family to sit in.
Here are Chris and MaryBeth with Bode at 3 1/2 months.
I took these during the service.
Bode never uttered a peep during the whole service with all the annointings and all.

They had a lovely brunch at the house after for everyone to celebrate Bode at. Bode's Great Grandparents were there, my folks....
And Ken's parents got to come.
Bode you were so sweet all dressed in your white outfit! What a day to remember.

Friday, October 22, 2010

October Calendar Quilt

Judy and I finished our October Calendar quilts and I finally got mine quilted up and bound. It's out by the front door and gosh it's still October !

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sew and Go a Success!

We had our second October Sew and Go this week. Out of the 72 kits made, only 4 are left.....I think they liked it ! Everyone completed their bag and just loved them ! I caught Theresa with all her daughters making theirs, she's one of my work buddies !and here is Susan with her finished bag, Susan is another great gal that works at Scrapbooks, she's the one that gets things out on facebook and the store blog for us. It was so fun to have so many employees want to take the class.
And here is Julia, she loved her bag too, she usually works the night shift so she comes on and we all go off the clock. That is Lisa who works with us all too sitting right by Julia, she made 3 bags today so all her girls will have one when she goes home, she's so productive, she did that with another bag we did ! It was a great Sew and Go and so much fun to see all the bags leave finished, I have a feeling there are going to be alot of these little bags at Christmas time being given as gifts ! Our next Sew and Go is November 2nd .

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A visit to the Farm

We took a little visit to the farm this week. It was still Aiden's fall break so we enjoyed getting to go while he was off school. There were baby chicks, Ethan is just at that magical age to love them and could have watched them for a long time.
Here is the cow, she let out a big MOO for Garrett , We went on a hay ride, there was a couple jumping houses to jump in, a little house to play in, goats and ...Baby pigs born the day before, they were so cute, 9 of them ! They were up running around and the Mommy Pig was just sort of ignoring them. We even heard them squealing.
They had a fun maze out of hay bails, and the picnic benches in the background are where we ate our picnic lunch.
Here is Aiden, and Garrett is off to the left hunting for the perfect pumpkin to take home.
We had a fun time at the farm !

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ken's Birthday !

We celebrated Ken's birthday on Sunday with lunch at our home and family here to help us celebrate! Here is Papa with his little boys ! We had fun playing and hanging out for a short while before everyone had to scurry on to the next thing of the day !We of course had cake and they enjoyed helping him blow out the candles ! The little guys sure make it a party don't they !

Monday, October 18, 2010

Aiden's School Run

On Saturday I got to go with Aiden and Amy and Ethan to his school run. It was the Frank Kush 5K and they had signed up to run the 1K, so Ethan and I were going to hang out and then we decided why not walk it why they run ! Aiden had fun, he got a shirt too that he'll get to wear to school now.It was quite the family event so there were lots of strollers and dogs and of course some were "dressed". So then I had to take a picture of this Beagle. He didn't seem to embarressed by wearing a santa suit ! There was even a St. Bernard, boy was he big, Ethan and I had to go look at him since he was bigger than Ethan !
The run took place at Tempe Town lake so you can see the Mill Ave. bridge in the background. At the finish line then they all got medals. Even Ethan got one, he didn't think it was so bad, he munched on his oranges the whole way ! Way to go Aiden, I hope you enter another one !

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sew and Go sneak peek !

Kits are made and ready to go for next week's Sew and Go at Scrapbooks Etc. ! 70+ kits all pretty as can be, so here is your sneak peek...
Cute Cute Cute ! There are only 10 seats left so if you haven't signed up it's now or never ! See how this one matched my market bag sample from that class...hmmm how did that happen ! We are going to have a blast, it's always so fun when the classroom is filled to the brim and everyone is so excited to make their project ! I added a great iron on vinyl to the inside of this one so now it's got a great wipe off finish inside. It's at 11:00-3:00 on Tuesday and for $18.00 you get your kit fully cut out and you get Barb and I too ! what a deal !