Terry and her Crazy Life

Friday, August 31, 2012

Little Boys

These 2 little boys are growing!  This was from a couple weeks ago, Brock was a month old already and has gained almost 3 lbs.  Ken and I got to babysit while Chris and MB snuck out for a movie.  

 We had a blast!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall Leaves

I hung up my next Beyond Basics class sample today at ETC.  these fall leaves. I've been wanting to make these maple leaf blocks and found they were such fun, I thought I'd teach a table runner, then I kept making them finding other fun fabrics to try them in...then I thought well, it'll be place-mats with the table runner, then pretty soon I layed them out and decided nope gotta have them in a quilt.  So this evolved..... Some of them are all out of the same fabrics and others are very scrappy, those are my favorites, they kind of twinkle. The background is a barely light turquoise blue, I wanted it to remind me of the sky.
 Classes are in Sept. or Oct.  Morning or evening, runs for 3 Thursdays so we'll have some fun creating more maple fall leaves.  And everyone can make whatever they want with theirs.  We'll learn the block parts and even how to set them on point like mine or whichever way you like, Fun border touches too! Whatever people want to do then we'll figure it out....some design work!  Always something new, if you are ready for more than sewing squares together we'll have a good time!

Ethan's Halloween Quilt

I finished Ethan's Halloween quilt...finally.  It's been a couple years in the making and I finally got it done so he got it for his birthday this month.  He'll be all ready for Oct. to roll around.  His 2 brothers already have theirs that they put on their beds so I think he'll realize it this year how fun it will be to have a special quilt for the month.  
 My friend Ellen gave me all these fabrics when she moved.  This is quilt number 3 to come out of that bag of fabric!  Amazing when you add all kinds of oranges and blacks how far all the fun novelty Halloween prints can go!
 Yes that is Emma....this is what I go thru when I lay a quilt down to take a picture, within seconds there is a cat...
 And then you roll around....
 And then Katie shows up... so there is some playing and biting...
 more rolling.....they can be sound asleep in another room and they must sense there is a quilt to lay on!   I never did get a picture of the quilt without a cat on it!  In fact half the photo's of my quilts seem to have a cat on them! Oh well, I guess after they've approved all the fabrics in the making they consider it theirs!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For Brock with love!

Here is Brocks Quilt. I love how it came out and I hope he does too! It was fun to be able to di cut all the letters and numbers out at ETC.  The red ones are actually minkie scraps so they are soft and fuzzy.  
 The back is a really pretty green minkie, so soft and cuddly!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of Summer Sew and Go

Here is the big bag that we've had all our students in Sew and Go making this month.  Today is the final day of our summer series and last week 35 gals came and finished up their bags, the next group comes thru today. I think we have another 26 coming  The first of the month we did all the inside pockets and parts and finally the end of the month we are finishing up the outside.  The bottom of all of the bags is ultrasuede.  They look so nice with the twist locks, there is a zipper closure on the top. It'll make a great travel tote, I think my lap top will fit down inside!!!!  I hope everyone enjoyed the summer series of travel we had for them.  Sept starts our normal Sew and Go classes, we've got all kinds of fun things planned clear thru the end of the year, what great projects and techniques to learn, stay tuned in case I leak something! ha!  If you miss it just come as we'll have lots of kits ready and waiting each tuesday in Sept!  All the leftover fabrics from each persons bolts will also be available to for sale.  

Monday, August 27, 2012

More favorites...

 onetwothreefourfivesix.....all in one spot! the very twinkle in my eye!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here are more favorites from our family shoot....

One of those "moments"

and 4 generations....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Charm

Here's my favorite necklace you all see me wear.  It's got a new addition!  Chris and MB gave me a charm already with Brock's name on it.  Funny I hadn't worn it since he was born as it just wasn't complete so now it is!  123456!  6 little boys!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Family Photo fun....

My nephew Mike HTTP://mikeruggierophotography.com/came and kindly shot some family photo's for us while we were all actually in one place at one time....a very rare moment!  No one was on a business trip, or sick, or having a baby, or in Mississippi, or off flying an Air Force jet....so here we are....if you ever wonder about my Crazy life...here is the best part of it.... All in one place at one time!  Mike got a few great shots, even in the 110+ weather!  With pizza to be had....swimming....ice cream cones, the boys (all 6 --age 8 to 2 weeks) all did great!  I'll show you some more shots soon....but here are a few other "moments" he captured that I just love in my life!

 Look at Ethan thinking his big brother is so funny!
 And look at Bode....thinking Garrett you are just so neat...I wanna be like you!  So now you know.......my crazy life!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Noah fun!

We grabbed every minute we could with Noah while he was here.  He got to spend a couple nights with us and eat spaghetti.....love those noodles! It's a good thing since his Daddy Loves spaghetti!
I get such a kick out of every grandson....they all find the best places to play and no one shows them....they just find them and they are always the same....here's one....the pantry....it really is quite a big room....every little boy loves my pantry.....how fun to haul water bottles!
And here is another...the pool towels...it's so funny you'd think they'd watch another child do it and then have to try...but nope they find these great places on their own......hauling out towel after towel!  I love it!
Can you tell we had fun!

He was so glad to see his Daddy!  Jeremy had been gone the week before they came so they all met in AZ.
And here we have a generation shot...Ken, his Dad, Jeremy and Noah...who is eyeing G-pa's drink!

Sure was fun having you guys here!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Random Baby Brock photo's

Here are a few random photo's of Baby Brock...here he is at his very first  birthday party for his cousin....oh will there be more to come!  and he just slept right thru it....at 11 days old we were so happy to have you come!  Next year you'll be in the midst of it all...for now Papa gets to hold you!
And Aunt Jamie and Uncle Jeremy with little Brock....

 And here is Uncle Jeremy meeting his new nephew....

 And Aunt Amy got to spare a few moments of being hostess at Garrett's party to get to hold him too!

Monday, August 20, 2012

XXOO from Brock

Just had to show you what I got on my phone the other day with XXOO. ......just makes you want to say ahhhhhhhh!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy 4th birthday Ethan!

How did our little Ethan go from being this charming toddler to now being this 
 fantastic little preschooler?!?!?!? What a darling you are little Ethan!  Your whole world is a big TaaDaaaa! I know you'll love being 4!!!! We love you Ethan!!!!