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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ready Set Sew Race - Window Box Quilt

Here is the finished quilt from our Ready Set Sew Race at ETC.  A pattern Barb is busily printing at her house we named" Window Box". The race is scheduled for today so it'll be fun for everyone to get theirs done!  Everyone gets the fabric with the class, plus the ruler they'll need. Students have a bit of prep, time then for a potty break, snack, wind bobbins and then the race begins!!!!  Barb and I will keep them running those machines at high speed!  So if you hear the music beginning sounds from the Kentucky Derby today around 11:30 you'll know the race has started!  We have over 20 people coming! The winner gets hers machine quilted for 1st place! and we have a booby prize for last place ( actually a very nice prize!) and then a prize for who finishes theirs closest to some random time on the clock we pick. This quilt is darling so I think they'll all be happy with theirs and to think you can get this done in just a couple hours!!  These races are so fun so if you missed this one watch for one this summer....yep it'll be a totally different quilt!  And if you'd like the pattern we'll have it for sale at ETC. after it debuts at "the race"!  I'm not promising the jelly rolls will be left as last time quite a few extra's went out the door, but it sure is one happy quilt!

Curacao Clutch

So I just had to show you this Cuteness!  Another pattern on it's way the Curacao Clutch... and another Sew and Go project for March...(the first or second tuesday!!)  Isn't this fun!   
( Curacao pronounced Curaso is an itty bitty Caribbean Island)
So I just couldn't stand it so don't tell Barb I leaked this....this early!  Lots of cute fabrics in the kits all cut to match the cute ball tops, they are so fun to make! I just want all my favorite people to get the chance to make one at Sew and Go since I think this class will fill up!  We can only have so many because of the cute ball tops....which you can't find in any retail store around!  So if you want to make one be sure and sign up, and if you want to make 2 better sign up twice or come the second week as we won't be having extra kits I don't think.  So here it is, our cute little clutch...shhhhhh don't tell BARB!  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Aiden's 8th Birthday party

We got to enjoy Aiden's 8th birthday party celebration this weekend!
  I can't believe he's 8 already!
 We were invited to Peter Piper Pizza and had a great time, the boys love it there!
 He liked his quilt and said Grammy did you make this?  I think he was a little embarrassed tho to look at it spread out, so I'm sure he'll open it up at home and look at it.  One of these days he'll start finding his name stitched in the quilting all over it!
 He got a radio so loved his new CD to play with it.
 How cute was the money all taped together...

 Birthday cake...

 sure was fun to celebrate you turning 8 years old Aiden!

I got this cute photo on my phone the morning after his party saying he slept with his quilt, was already cuddled up with it the next morning and Yep, he'd found one of the "Aiden's" I'd quilted into it.  Some of them are hard to find so it'll be fun for him to find one here and there!  Looks like the matching pillowcase that everything was wrapped in is getting used too!  Happy cuddles to my 8 year old!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aiden's quilt

Aiden's quilt is done and ready for the party!  Here it is, it's twin size and BRIGHT !  I loved how the big A came out on it. He'd asked me months ago if I'd make him a quilt so I got it done for his 8th birthday.  If you follow along you'll recognize this pattern as the one we wrote up for the All Cut Up class at ETC.  It was lots of fun to do.  Especially when you have someone so special to make it for!
 There are lots of "a-i-d-e-n" 's  quilted into it so now he can hunt for them!  I hope he has fun with his quilt!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Aiden!

Today Aiden turns 8 years old! how did that happen!
 Just how did you get so big little buddy!  
I've loved having you in my life the last 8 years!  I can't wait to celebrate with you at your party today! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Merry Go Round Quilt

My 3 week series at ETC. of Beyond Basics ended yesterday/last night.  Everyone did so great.  They made some great progress and we spent half the class this week doing a bias binding so they'd all could get it made.  Here are a few quick photo's to see the fabrics, they are all going to be so pretty.  I missed one of Alisson, her's is just like mine.  Here is Jills, she was in the night time class...she had alot done when she left, just a few more rows and it's done. ( sorry for the rough photo's, my camera is acting up again.....booo....:-(   )

 Tammy's is this pretty soft blue for her coworkers new grandbaby...a surprise!
 Julie had this pretty one almost done...
 Jessica had a bright set that was so pretty...
 Julie in the morning had reds, pinks and black and white...
 Here is Marti's, its the new urban cowgirl line and so pretty...
 And here is the Merry Go Round quilt of mine that is hanging in the classroom.  Teaching it again starting up next week if you missed it, morning and evening.  It's lots of fun with a jelly roll!  And not very hard!

Sew and Go pillow

We had another big class this week of Sew and Go at ETC. Everyone lived thru our pillow project again!  This was the second go around with this project, we didn't kill anyone off, but they thought we might in the process!  There was a lot to learn, the pretty braided front, a nice and neat zipper closure in the back and the mitered flange...that was the killer!
 But they all did it!  And they admitted they learned a ton and whew, they finished.  Moving on to something easy next week.  We knew after the first week of this project it was going to be "fun", but there sure were alot of pretty pillows going home.  Wait until you see next weeks project!  I'll try and post a photo soon, shhhh just don't tell, you will love it tho!  It has to do with Valentines and it's a neat big project!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ramblings...on a homeless quilt...until tonight...

I make alot of quilts...some are big, some are little...this one was big...some of them have a purpose from start to finish....I have someone in mind to make them for...I choose the fabrics, make the quilt all the while knowing who it's for....this quilt has always been sort of homeless until tonight...I loved making it.... it was for a class at ETC... The quilt was fun to make, it was for a mystery class we taught.... It had some great intricate piecing and I loved making it....I choose the fabrics because they were so pretty....the class was lots of fun to teach, we had fun and everyone enjoyed it... but it has hung on the wall there since the class ended....just filling a space, it looked very pretty,but it was there since it really didn't have a home yet.....until tonight.....my coworker friend came asking me before my class what do I do, I have a memory book I made for my friends, they gave me photos, for their little 18 month old baby....how do I give it to them, how do I wrap it, it's done, the funeral is in 2 days, I have to give it to them tomorrow, how do I wrap it, what do I do?????? Ding goes the bell....off to the register she runs....I turn around to teach my class....How would you wrap up this gift showing their sons life to be displayed at his funeral, this gift for these parents burying their son.....of course a quilter right away thinks, Jamie you have to wrap it in a quilt...how is she going to whip up a quilt overnight to wrap this tribute book in...we are both at work until 9PM what else can she do... and there it is, up on the wall, the quilt with no home....So after class, Ken is vacuuming for me, we are putting things away, I take it off the wall and now it has a home and now I know really why I made it....I hope it brings comfort...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Twister Class

I hung a new sample at Scrapbooks for our Twister class. Yep Twister just keeps on Twisting. Louise and I have taught this quite a few times, still having requests so I shook it up a bit and came up with this one!  We'll be teaching the original twister in any size you like and you'll get the pattern for placemats and the cutting sizes for this one too....March 29 at ETC.  Wonder who this one is for?????? :-) These twisters are so much fun to do you can't help but make another one!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

All my Boys!

I got to catch up with all my "little boys" this weekend.  Ken and I had a great time!  Bode came over on saturday afternoon, we played outside for the longest time, he just was so happy in the sand box.  We finally did some swinging and sitting at the picnic table and then wandered around a bit. 

 We came in and had dinner and a bath and enjoyed watching this little cutie!  He's talking so much now and will repeat anything you ask him to say.

Sunday morning we had a "park date" with Garrett and Aiden and Ethan.

 We started at the Riparian by our house and had great fun hiking around and running around on the features there.

We went to subway next and got sandwiches to take across the street to the lake and had a picnic, walked to the toys and had a great time.  Our little ice cream shop wasn't open so we went to McDonalds to get a little treat before they headed home.
 Our last catch up had to be electronic, but here is Noah showing us his new jumper!  He looked like he was ready to parachute and jump away he did!  I can start the week now that I got a little boy fix!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sew Sampler class

We got things organized for our next Sew Sampler coming up at ETC on Feb. 18th.  It's a fun little intro class on a saturday for people to come and make 3 quick little things, this time we are doing a wrist pincushion, a little coin purse and a little basket/box to hold all kinds of goodies. I'd like to make some of those for my kitchen to put silverware in when we are having  a party!  I think the little coin purse would make a great gift with a gift card inside!  We have 2 times, one is at 10 and the other at 1:00.  Lots of fun....we gotta get kits cut, the fabrics were all so cute!  We can only take 30 in each class tho so don't wait to sign up!

Friday, January 20, 2012

pretty quilts at Thornberries

I didn't get to show you all the pretty quilts that came to our quilt meeting.  Barb hosted us at her clubhouse work room so we had a great day sewing together and a wonderful lunch...soup and salads we all brought!  Here is Sue's batik quilt, it's finished and on to live at her son's house, it's just beautiful as it sparkles. I took close ups so you'll probably see it on my blog header. I loved this quilt and think I might have one to make in my future!  

 Here is one Louise finished up, this one was flannel.
 Barb finished up this one, it was so pretty.
 And here is Lorene with a finished witch stitchery she did.  We had a great time visiting and catching up after the holidays.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ready Set Sew Class

I spent my day playing with these pretty fabrics at work.  Prepping for our coming Class on Jan. 31 called Ready Set Sew!  It's our next Jelly Roll Race! We did one last quarter and every one loved it!  We had a great turn out and everyone had fun racing to see who could get their top finished first...it really is a race.  We do some prep for a while, then after everyone takes a break, has a snack, potties and winds bobbins we are ready for the race to start.  Barb found the starting music for the Kentucky Derby so we borrow that and away we go...machines going top speed.  The last race took under an hour and one gal had her top done and the winner gets their top machine quilted! This time it's a totally different pattern , still uses a jelly roll but it ends up being a totally different quilt.  Soooo if you need a quilt top done fast, do charity quilts, hubby comes home requesting a gift next week for work, a baby shower invitation comes late....this is for you!  Jan. 31st 10:30-3:00 price includes these same fabrics for your top! It'll be lots of fun, there are still a few spots left so don't miss out on it!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sew and Go

Here is our Sew and Go project this week.  Lots to learn on this project!  
We had lots of ladies in to make one.  

They learned how to do the braid design on the front, how to do the mitered corners and we again did the neat zipper closure in the back.  Such a neat way to finish off a pillow.  Karen with her finished one...
 Julie with hers, several other styles of fabric that I didn't get photo's of.
 And Karen with hers.  If you missed it, we'll be teaching this same project next tuesday at ETC.  Gosh for $18.00 you even get the pillow form, what a deal!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sew and Go Again for Jan.

Here is the samples we have at Scrapbooks for our Sew and Go Again Class.  This is our once a month Night time Sew and Go class.  We have these darling little clutch bags for you to make!  They have the cute bow on the outside. Lisa has been magically cutting kits so we are all ready for you!

  Such a fun project!  See you there!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jeremy's whirlwind trip to AZ

Jeremy's been home for 5 days for a fun whirlwind trip to Arizona!  They had a skiing trip planned, he, Chris and Chris.  So we filled every little thing we could into the 3 1/2 days we had.  He was very busy zipping back and forth to see Grandparents and get to everyone's house.  We planned our Christmas dinner the night after he got here so here he is helping me prep 2 prime ribs for 19 adults and 6 kids.  It was so nice for being a monday night, everyone took time to come and enjoy another family gathering.  He even got to open his christmas presents!
Chris and Bode
 Jeremy pushing Ethan on the swing....Can you tell Uncle Jeremy gives pretty good rides!
 Here's my sister admiring her grandson Landon... It was great for the cousins to all get to see each other. and for Jeremy to meet all the little bitty cousins.I look back at the week and am amazed at what we got to do, alot of eating, a night out for pizza, someburros lunch with all our kids in one spot!  Oreganos..yum!  While Ken and I were at work Jeremy had time to zip around to spend a few hours with Grandparents ...
This afternoon while the guys were heading home from skiing my phone started beeping as I was getting photo after photo, they stopped in Heber at our old cabin in the woods.  What fun they had tromping around in all their favorite places on the acreage we owned to see all the sites for the many tree houses they built together.  They said the cabin looked great yet and I think it was a great time for reminiscing!  Even seeing nails in trees that they had pounded 20 years ago building tree house after tree house!  
Another crazy trip home but I know Jamie and Noah are ready for him  to be back in Mississippi, sure was alot of fun!