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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sew and Go for April 5th

Next week is our next Sew and Go, the first Tuesday in April. We've been cutting kits like crazy as of this week ( one week away) we have 41 signed up already. It's a nice medium size table runner so I think alot of people will be happy with this project for $18.00!Here is part of Barbs done in Batiks. It's going to be fun as it's a neat block to learn and fast to do. Barb's putting together a whole quilt with this block and it's wonderful. I can't wait to show everyone how to do the block, it's got a fun trick to it! There are still a few spaces left if you haven't signed up and want to join us.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a fun class!

I got to take such a fun class this week myself. One of the great perks of my job is to get to take one class a month for free so that I can learn and figure out what the heck all the other teachers do and products they use. It really does help me as I try and help customers with products at Scrapbooks Etc. and also what the classes are all about. So this was the class I took this week. STOP THE PRESS! Oh what fun! We built this great book from cardboard, a pile of paper and loads of fun stuff. We even took dictionary pages and crumbled them up and glued them to make the cover! Amy T. teaches this and what a blast to go in and have this wonderful kit and project all planned out for me. We glued and punched and just had a blast and yea I finished it! I took her class last month and that one is still on the desk waiting for the finishing touches. so I'll post it when I get it done, but if y0u ever get to take one of Amy's classes, you'll love it, she's so creative and generous with her kits and it was a great evening! I just need to decide what sort of pictures to put in this one as it's ready to go!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sew and Go Again

Here is the sample bag of our next Sew and Go Again class at Scrapbooks. It's a great reversible tote bag. May 25 at 6:00 PM. Come join us for 2 1/2 hours of fun sewing time and the $18.00 even includes your kit all cut out for you! It's our once a month night time version of our Sew and Go daytime class. You'll love this bag! I have several and they are the best to just grab and haul all kinds of stuff. Shhhhh don't tell but this one is actually for Bode's first birthday to put his Birthday presents in come June! I usually make all my Grandboys a pillow case for their birthday and wrap their present in the pillow case, but being that Bode will just be turning one I figured he'll get his presents in this bag and then it'll be good for hauling to day care as he grows bigger. So come make a fun bag with us, I"ve started picking fabrics and cutting kits, they are all going to be great but not "kid fabric!"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Garrett and I had a Date!

Lucky me had a Garrett "adventure" yesterday! We had such fun! Ken took Aiden golfing so Garrett and I decided to do something fun too!We went to the Riparian Preserve here in Gilbert and had a little hike, went by the lake and saw a guy with a huge catfish he'd caught, saw lots of ducks and a turtle. He had a blast playing in the little stream. I love that place, you can be back in there and never know you were in the middle of town!
Lots of fun walls and things to climb on and run around in one section.
We had a blast. I asked him then where he'd like to go to lunch and he said he wanted to go get subway again and go to the lake that had the lady bugs like we did 2 days ago! So that's what we did, and yep he found more fun ladybugs. Sure was a fun adventure with you Garrett!
Ken called and found us on their way back to our house, so here is a picture of Aiden and Ken after they played 9 holes of golf! How fun for a 7 year old! The boys wanted to come home with us so they came and helped us backwash the pool, and had fun running around with popsicles while I mowed the grass and got some yard work done. We took them home and had a nice dinner on the patio with Amy and Chris and Ethan, what a fun frivolous sort of Sunday it was! Sure was fun hanging out with those 2 little boys!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grandboy kinda day!

I got to keep Bode on Monday since MB had to go back to work but their day care provider stays on the spring break school schedule. Here is our little dude all bright and chipper in the mornings. We had such fun. Then on Friday, Bode came again bright and early in the morning and later in the morning the other 3 little guys came too. We decided it was a pretty day for a picnic so we all loaded up and went to a nearby park for picnic and play. Everyone had to take turns in my car, so Garrett got to ride with Bode and I first to the park and then Ethan and Aiden got to ride with us on the way home. Here is Aiden making him giggle.
Garrett our little tender heart found lady bugs and kept "rescuing" them out of the lake.
We had fun on the toys, Garrett busy pushing his little brother.
Here you can see Aiden's missing a few things....2 more teeth are gone, I hope that other top one comes out soon, I love that grin of no front teeth!
Bode loves swinging and Garrett loved gently pushing him!
And here's Ethan!
It was fun to have the 2 youngest grandboys swinging together!
Sure was a fun day!

Intermediate quilt class

We finished the 3 week series at Scrapbooks on the next intermediate level quilt class. Everyone just did a great job. Carol has her border ready to go on hers. This was her very first class and she did a great job!Silvana working away on hers. I forgot to take a picture of Marti's quilt, it was coming out so pretty too.
Here is Vicki with hers, she had her border on and she was learning how to do a bias binding out of a cute pink check during class. I had done a little bitty flange around mine so they all were learning how to do that too.
Ruth went like gangbusters on hers after being on vacation since the last class. They all did such a great job! Yea for 5 more quilts almost done!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mystery Quilt

Just hung this quilt up at Scrapbooks Etc. this week. My mystery quilt finished ! yeah! This was a class Barb and I taught together last month where they came and got a clue, sewed up a storm for 2 days, and this is the finished product they'll all have in their choice of colors. A couple people have theirs finished too so I'm hoping after they get quilted we'll get to hang them all up to show how fun a mystery quilt is! The photo is sort of iffy but it came out really pretty. Our next one is in July and going to be just as pretty a quilt, totally different pattern. I picked the fabrics for mine last week, doing soft pretty springtime florals. So if you've never done a mystery quilt, they are lots of fun and such a neat way to build a quilt, before you know it the pieces are all ready to put together.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My friend Sarah ( one of we three that meet to eat all the food from around the world) has this great blog going with her friend Sara http://sara-vs-sarah.blogspot.com/ and they had this giveaway going for all their followers....and I won one of the prizes! Lucky me! This cute little pincushion now lives by my machine along with the fun rick rack for future projects! Thanks girls for the fun little prize! Their blog is fun to follow as they always have a competition going between the 2 of them, you vote on what projects you like better etc. It's very inspirational as Sarah finds the best stuff to use in the most creative ways! And Sara has the most darling little models ( her daughters) to show all the great things she creates. Check it out!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sew Sampler

Barb and Louise and I taught two classes today at Scrapbooks called Sew Sampler. It's something we do once a quarter, 2 different sessions and everyone comes with their sewing machine and makes three little projects to just introduce them to what is going on in the sewing area at Scrapbooks. We had a pincushion for them to make, a needle case and then a project bag. We'd coordinated them all with matching fabrics so when they picked their kit they had all 3 to match. We had about 25 in the morning and that many again in the afternoon. So over 50 got to join in the fun.
Thanks Sue for sending me photo's of your finished ones!
Here is the outside of one of the needle cases...
Here is Linda with hers. Her little pin cushion is on her machine table
Everyone had a great time!
Lots of smiles left with their finished projects. Here are Sarah and Sara with theirs. We have to be on our toes to figure out three little projects to do in a short time, 2 1/2 hours.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Three Little Boys

Three little boys came over to play last friday. It was their spring break and fun to share a day with them! Garrett and Ethan out "IN" the grapefruit tree in the back yard. Garrett had just happened to dip is head upside down in the pool. Just to see how cold the water was!Aiden wasn't feeling to well, so they had a dr. appt to get to for him. He rested on the couch alot but when the tylenol was working he was ready to play some play dough with us too. Big news is another tooth is out. He's got a whole in the bottom now but we are still waiting on that top tooth to come out too! I hope you are feeling lots better today Aiden.
And yep, here's the evidence. Grammy let them put their feet in the pool! It was so warm and sunny out, they are just dying to go swimming. Lots of laying on the tummies to put hands in the water, finally I said they could sit on the side. There will be little boy "fish" in that water soon!

St. Patrick's Day

We had fun going to Chris and MB's for their traditional St. Patrick's dinner with MB's family. It's so nice they always include us. We got there with Bode in his cute bib of My first St. Patrick's day! Great food and it was great seeing all of MB"s family with her folks here for Kim's graduation from Nursing school. It was just beautiful out that evening so we sat out in their back yard and enjoyed dinner and visiting with everyone.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Intermediate quilt class

We had fun at our Intermediate quilting Class on thursday at Scrapbooks. Everyone came except for Ruth who was on vacation. Here is Vicki, she had her blocks done in no time and her homework blocks were done so she was busy laying hers blocks out to sew together.
I'm looking forward to next weeks class as everyone should be there. Silvana made it today and she had lots of catching up to do but caught on right away to what she'd missed. Marti was busy sewing hers too and here is Carol with her quarter square blocks too. Next week we'll have quilt tops!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twister Class

Took another finished class quilt down to Scrapbooks this week. This one is called Twister. It makes a 61" square quilt and is a fun technique class. Louise and I are teaching it and I think it'll be lots of fun. We made this sample one together last time we went to "quilt camp" and she quilted it up and I finally finished stitching the binding down. We have the template to make a mini one and I'd like to get one of those done before we teach this one for another idea for people to see.I think it sure makes a fun spring and summer quilt in these colors! Class is on June 28 or Aug. 30 10:30 - 3:00.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sew and Go March #2

We had alot of fun at Sew and Go today at Scrapbooks Etc. 38 people came to enjoy our project. In fact 17 of them were waiting outside the door when we opened up, one by one carrying their machines they trooped in and they just kept coming ! I knew a few were out there early but that was amazing!We had several people that had alot of "firsts". First time putting a zipper in....first time to quilt anything, it was alot of fun to see the satisfaction! Who'd think you could glue a zipper in before you sew it!
Everyone was having fun and of course asking what is the project next time????? Well of course it's darling, I made it this weekend and the whole technique was so neat. So I guess you will all just have to wait a bit until I get the binding on....hint number one. And hint number 2 is there is no zipper in it!Happy smiles left with their cute bags! Of course our patterns didn't come in. We had a few that came in, but we needed at least 40 of them and they were back ordered, so everyone will get their pattern next time. We had to say good bye to a couple fun gals here for the winter. They are all leaving us so we'll miss them until they return in Oct. to December.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thornberry quilt meeting in March

We had our quilt meeting for March out at Barb's house and she let us go to their subdivision rec. area to sew. We made a full day of it and everyone came early and we got to sew until 4:00. Of all things I forgot my camera.....me ! I can't believe it. It was a great day tho and we all enjoyed the sewing while visiting and then of course we had a great potluck lunch. So I just snapped these two shots on my phone of 2 quilts that Sue brought to show. This one she finished up is just darling.
And here are the blocks from our Halloween swap that we did, she has her top done! Yea for Sue. Mine are in a baggie, ho hum. Five of us did these blocks, we each made one for everyone, I had the cats etc. So I made everyone the cat blocks. It came out so cute, I'll be anxious to get mine out and finish it.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Well a favorite time of year is here ( I have several) It's always triggered by our apricot tree blooming. Looks to be a good year for apricots! Last year we shared with many and the apricot butter in the freezer is gone.
The bees were just humming today when you stood under the tree. It's so pretty and by next week the ground will look all white like snow under the tree as the blossoms drop and the leaves come out and hopefully lots of apricots too!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello Dolly

We had a fun afternoon yesterday as my sister and I took my parents to see Hello Dolly at the Hale Theater in Gilbert. What a great show it was. We've been to a couple other shows there and it's a small theater in the round and the performers do such a great job making you all feel like you were all in the front row! Fantastic talent and alot of it is local. We'd given the tickets to my parents for their anniversary last October so it was fun to join them and go. Ken and Vince met us across the street after at Joe's BBQ, yum! It was beautiful out and we enjoyed our dinner on the picnic tables outside and then walked to the water tower park to enjoy sitting on the benches and visiting a bit longer. So if you ever get a chance to see a show at the Hale theater take advantage of it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Taco Salad Table Mat Class

Here is a sample going to the Scrapbooks Etc. this week for another class I"m teaching. It's called Taco Salad and is a cute table mat. It is a rather small size so I spent some time this week redrafting and making up a larger size that is fantastic. I love how it came out but I can't show it to you as it's a present for someone!!!! So after that person receives it I"ll post it! So this class is April 1st from 10:30-1:30. If everyone comes with it cut out we should be able to get it put together. I've made 5 of these now and they go together really fast and are alot of fun. So come make a Taco Salad with me!!!!

Bode Evenings

Lucky me got to see Bode 3 times this week ! Love it! I got to go to their house for dinner one night, Ken ended up having a business appt. so I went for a bit of play and a fantastic MB dinner. Here is Chris with his son!The next night, MB had something going on so Chris and Bode came here for supper so we thru together something after work and enjoyed them both. Bode had his bath in the kitchen sink.
Life is so good when you get to suck on the wash cloth!
Last night Bode got to come to our house right from day care in the afternoon. MB's sister was graduating so they had big plans with her family so Bode and I hung out from 3:30 on. What fun outside in the swing. he loves it.
He gobbled up his dinner and then we went back in the swing for his dessert of peaches! What fun to get totally messy and then play with the container too!
Back in the sink we went! This won't be happening for much longer as he's sure getting more mobile and rolling all over the floor and pushing with those legs to get things.

So what a fun evening for us all. Thanks for the fun week Bode!