Terry and her Crazy Life

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pillow case fun

So a couple pillowcases got whipped up here this week.  Had to literally shove aside a spot to cut and work ( packing continues and you know it gets worse before it gets better) But, got a spider man one built up for Ethan's 5th birthday.  His cowboy hat and boots I'm sure will fit inside. I think he'll love his new pillow dream pet or whatever you call it ...lights up and gives him good dreams....in fact he told me that's what he wanted since his broke and he can't have good dreams without it!  Jamie put out the call for cute pillow case for Noah's cot at Day Care so hopefully he'll take one this week, and have a spare to wash.  Guessing on sizes so these were both experiments to see what fits so I"ll wait for Jamie's go ahead to make a different one here and there for his naptime there.  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sew and Go this week!

And here is your little sneak peek at this weeks Sew and Go....Our summer banner series is "winter"!  This cute little guy will go home with everyone to adorn their own special spot.  Checkerboard bottom, snowflakes down one side, he's got his little pendants ready to embellish, everyone gets to do lots of detail work this week!  Tuesday is the day at ETC!  Off to write the pattern and get the binding stitched down! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Scrappy Trip

Louise and I are teaching a "scrappy trip" class in Sept. at ETC.  Gonna be lots of fun to go on this "trip"!!!!!  It's a techinque class in building these great blocks without ever cutting a square!  We've designed them to be done with a jelly roll if you desire or you can use up your scrap strips.  Another sample is coming but here is one so you can start your "trip" plans!  They are so addictive, so check it out, it's hanging in the large classroom.  

Mom's birthday

My Mom turned 82 this week!  We met them at Joe's BBQ for a great dinner and visit.  What a milestone every year is!  
 We got to the car and my Dad suggested Dairy Queen!  Now who's going to turn that down, even after enjoying the piece of chocolate pie my sister brought!  So here are my Mom and Dad enjoying their shared blizzard!  It was a treat to celebrate all around!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Holly Jolly Days #4

So Holly Jolly Days was scheduled in July and August hoping it'd make us feel alot cooler! It actually works as we hibernate in the cool air at ETC and work on our projects!   We've made a table runner ( my sister was already the recipient of it! :-) ) and then we made place-mats and napkins, we are moving on to the cute snowman and the last class is this tree skirt of santas!  It can be a table topper if you'd rather or slit it to make the tree skirt like mine.  You also don't have to brave your way thru the furry minkie as the pattern calls for flannel, but oh this came out so cute you may need to do it the same way!  It too will not live at my house as I can see my cat Emma never leaving her spot under the chrismas tree. She already loves sitting under it and now with this soft stuff! ugh!  But class is right around the corner if you want to make one, 12 happy Santa faces all to cheer you!  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Holly Jolly Days #3

Here's the 3rd in the series of classes for Holly Jolly Days at ETC.  This cute little guy!  He actually is very long and I ended up doing him up in winter colors to hang in Jan.  He was lots of fun!  So he's all embellished with buttons and looking friendly as can be!  Coming up on Tuesday!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Which Witch

A new class sample done and hung at ETC.  This one is for Which Witch, coming up this month, darling wall hanging for Halloween fun!  She was lots of fun to do, even her wart which I had to find the perfect one for !  Check it out hanging in the large classroom! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Block of the Month

 Just a quickie here to show you how DARLING the ETC Block of the Month came out at ETC.  It's done, yeah!  I had such a great time making all the blocks.  Monica got it all quilted and I got it bound and here it is hung up and done!  It really is a darling pattern. I've still got kit sets available even if the group is winding down so you can still participate and buy the set.  Button kits will be available on wed. for pick up with your last block and then you can have fun finishing!  Being a Block of the month that was part pieced and part appliqued really made this one fun to do!  I'm wishin it was mine!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

All Cut Up .....here it is girls!

OK, for all you girls out there waiting on this photo, since you stayed up this late here it is!  Our Project for All Cut Up!  Darling, cute, tiny, wonderful little Tuffets for PINCUSHIONS!  Yes I know they are tiny and itty bitty but they were so fun to make. In fact I'm wanting to make some on my own and not get paid for doing it!! :-)  ( wonderful job that I have to get paid to play!)  So yes if you bravely come tomorrow for All Cut UP at ETC. I'll tell you how easy and how fun these were, all out of a charm pack!  You use every stinkin little bit too so come see the fun!

And I couldn't stand it but had to try one out of a batik charm pack too...just for fun!  We've got the crushed walnut shells all ready for you too.  A few little tips and tricks and you'll be amazing all your friends!  Both Amy and Haley  walked by  during my design day while I was doing these and truely thought I WAS SICK to do them but they were really alot of fun!  there was a reason for this darling pattern being chosen for All Cut Up.  Besides being a great use of a charm pack or scraps, just think of your friends for the upcoming holidays....how cool to get a few made for your sewing buddies!  So there you have it, all you "lurking" students of mine that make me smile every class, here is your little fix so you know what you are in for tomorrow.  Bring some show and tell for me to OOh and ahh over!   I had dinner with Bode and Brock and got to hear all about preschool and watched Brock stand by himself so my crazy day is complete with that. Thanks for staying up late to see!  See you all tomorrow!  ETC is the spot, 11:00,  a 15 minute demo, you get the pattern and you can stay and sew so bring your machines and come for some fun!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sew and Go for Tuesday

Here it is, our Sew and Go project for Tuesday's class.  The summer series of seasonal banners continues with this Christmas Joy.  Gonna be fun with new things to learn!  Class filled up 2 weeks ago, calls of panic from ETC of students wanting in.....yes..thank goodness for extra kits.....so it's gonna be lots of fun!  See you all there, and yes we have to make 1/2 square triangles!  But it's gonna be easy!  Come early, come happy , you'll have a great time! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

All Cut Up

Here is just a slight bit of a tease for Wed. this week at All Cut UP.  It's not much and maybe I'll weaken by Wed. and post a "real " photo so you can see just what they heck have I been doing....hmmmm lots of pretty colors.....
 Wonder what it's all about....... don't forget on Wed. it's called All Cut Up at ETC.  It's only $5 and I'll show you just what all this is for, and you get a pattern included and then you can stay in the lab with your friends and sew for the day.  That's such a bargain.  Sooooooo again stay tuned, you might get a glimpse of my craziness on design days too !  ( the favorite day of the week you can be sure of!)

A little busy

Been a little busy here, crazy weeks at work, lots going on here and the best part about this weekend is this little guy coming to visit.  Course he brought his Momma too and that was fun!  Tried to give Jamie a bit of a break altho don't know if we were totally successful at that.  We did do a wonderful shopping trip snooping out bargains at Kohls yesterday.  Whew we did good. If you wear a 3T and under we found some grand deals!  80% off plus a $10 off coupon, plus %20  off and then 15% off, wow!  Better than any used consignment sale!  So Noah and I treked the store while Jamie treked the racks!  
 We had a great time, this is a crummy photo but I just want to remember how Noah loves sorting and playing on tables. All surfaces have trucks and people , bar stools lined up with all kinds of action going...lots of jabbering about it all too! The play table had all the barn and animals, the garage and toys were in the other corner, this seemed to be the helicopter station!   Sad they are driving home now but hope to see them again in another week or so, Noah was in toy heaven!  Slept good in the crib and one nap in the toddler bed!  We'll see if that ruined him for crib sleeping now!  I guess it's back to normal crazy for us now, pack a box, finish a binding, sort a drawer, gotta write a pattern, but I promise there will be blog posts on classes and projects this week so stay tuned........