Terry and her Crazy Life

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thursday club on Tuesday!

 My Thursday club had a fun dinner out this last week, we were missing Judy and Ann but we snapped a fun shot of us as we sat and visited for a few hours!  It was fun seeing Kathy, Mindy and Cindy.  

I just had to show you this "cuteness" that Mindy has been so busy with... She brought to me this cute clipboard, all done up in burlap and lace and flowers....I keep finding places to put it!  As you see I poked my Grandbabies on it ( big shock) but I"m thinking a recipe would really be cute...love it!
And look at this darling little bird....He's got a blue tummy and a very cute little nest!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thornberries quilt meeting in Sept.

 Just a couple "quilty" shots for my "quilty" friends from our Thornberry quilt meeting.  I took this quilt with me to bind while we sewed. It's not mine but a gals whom I get the pleasure of getting to bind it for.  Isn't it amazing.  It's going to be fun to work on for her!
 We ended our swap of our Jakes Star blocks. We've had this ongoing for about 8 months.  We had a certain number to make each month and now I've got a nice big stack of these all ready for a quilt.  7 people participated and we'd make them each 2 blocks.  I'm anxious to see how pretty it will be!  This group is a great swap group, we usually do 2 or 3 swaps a year so I can feel the wheels turning on what our next swap will be, several are still playing catch up on blocks from all year so I have a feeling a new swap won't begin until Jan. but I'm hearing a few fun ideas bounce around.

5 little pumpkins sitting on a fence, the first one said....

...Ya gotta come to the first two Oct. Sew and Go's to make Us!  I know I'm just a tad early for my sneak peek but I just finished these cute little guys and so I couldn't stand it so you had to see!  Our first 2 Tuesdays in Oct. we'll be making these cute little pumpkins!  The kits all come set with 3 pumpkins each, course there is the option to get additional matching kits if you want to make it bigger, or say smaller and make placemats....one just never knows how creative our students will get!  So there you go sneak peek for Oct. shhhhh you didn't see this, so just be so surprised!
 Halloween's coming and what a deal this is for $18 and that includes the kit !!!! Wow a kit, make it and have fun all for that price!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Class mate Class at ETC.

Here's my "class mate" sample for our class on Wed. at ETC.  I'm getting really excited for everyone to get to make theirs.  It goes together so nicely and...
 Here is the inside...I moved a few things in just for you to see.  Lots of pockets, vinyl so you can see your stuff and zippers and then it all folds up so nice. Everyone is going to love it!  We still have a couple spots if you want to come and make one too....I'm thinking at this point I have to make another for a secret sister gift for my quilt group, you know if you want to repeat a project right after you finish the first one it's a great pattern.  Wednesday is the day, it's going to be lots of fun!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Birthday Ice cream!

We had a wonderful visit with Ken's folks this weekend, best we've had in ages.  We had lots to celebrate in the family, several birthday's near and far so we had ice cream to wish them all a happy day and especially Gene who turned 83!  I hope I look and feel that good when I turn 83!  So for 
Connor and our newest baby Hallie Mae just 2 days old and Gene and Tony, we had ice cream for everyone!  That's alot of birthdays in one weeks time for a family!  And we had laughs, the best one coming from Gene telling us about the dairy cow milking in Wisconsin! A great time!  

Fall leaves

Just had to show you all the pretty fall leaves since it's officially "that time of year".  I know we are having warm weather yet but with our cool evenings and mornings it really is nice to say goodbye to 110+ !  We survived another July and August in AZ!  So these great gals all came to make my fall leaves quilt at ETC.  We spent the first class learning this maple leaf block, this week we spent most of the time figuring out how everyone should lay their quilt blocks out.  Betsy made lots of blocks and should have enough for a table runner too! Aren't they pretty!
 Therese was still working on hers and Denise brought her EQ design software so we all had fun seeing different things that could be done, thanks so much Denise for doing that.  She's planning to lay hers out like this, her blocks with the greenish teal background were beautiful and rich with fall colors!
 Here are Ernestine's, in the end she and Betsy both opted for an on point lay out so they could learn setting triangles so we spent the last bit of class cutting setting triangles and learning how to set the quilt on point.  Her blocks were coming out so pretty, she decided to make a few more and add the blueish teal in and some more of the raspberry pinks.  They all did a great job on their leaf blocks and learning they can design their quilt as they wish, I think there will be some pretty quilt tops leaving next week!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snow White

Ken and I were treated to a wonderful theater production in Gilbert of Snow White this last weekend.  What a great show at the downtown Gilbert Hale Theater.  We all enjoyed it so much, especially the way they portrayed the magic mirror!  We had yummy cinnamon rolls at Liberty market, then walked down to the farmers market to poke around before the show.  I bought a great salad dressing mix to try, the boys had fun in the fountains.
And this is what happens while you wait for the show to start with 3 little boys!
We had a great time together.   Thanks Amy and Chris for the great morning!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sew and Go

Oct 18 and 25 - wanna make something really cute???? Sew and go project sneak peek.....You'll even get the steno pad to go with it!  I gotta find some cute snowflake buttons to put on here yet but I'll be all ready to be organized for the holidays....you can be toooo!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Halloween block exchange

Just a sneak peek at my Halloween block exchange blocks. We got them this last month , 2 are still missing but aren't they going to be cute!  I have to stitch them all out and add some fun embellishing but what fun to get them all back. I did the skeleton and Frankenstein for everyone,  Gonna be cute!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

More fun with my little "B's"

Here are some more recent photo's of my little "B's" the other day when MB brought them over to play, here's Brock in mid yawn!
 Time for play with Bode
 And a little of this after dinner and before his bath!
 And I couldn't resist this shot of Brock in the crib!  how sweet and peaceful!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Martinique bag class

Back by popular demand, Barb and I are teaching our Martinique bag again this fall at ETC.  This has been such a fun bag to make and sew.  Laminated cottons make such great bags and I have yet to have one wear out!  A new sample one is up but you can make one out of regular cottons too.  Full of pockets and zippered pockets, it's been a great bag to make and use!  Barb did another one too out of red polka dot....ahhhhhh cute!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brock and his quilt

Just a cute photo of Baby Brock with his quilt.  
MB posted it so cute on Facebook with Brocks my name and staying up all night is my game!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All Cut up at ETC

Come see how easy this cuteness can be to make!  It's All Cut Up at ETC.  Wed. at 11:00, $2.50 gets you the pattern and we'll demo how to do it, then you get your $2.50 back!  Can't beat that.  Ours is a lap quilt, you could do this same thing in a table runner!  How cute in pinks!  Ours is ready for Christmas!

Lets Build a Snowman

Anyone want to build a snowman with us?????  Here is our Let's Build a Snowman sample up at ETC.  What a fun heirloom to make!
 You can't help but smile when you see these guys!

 I had a blast with these and choosing the fabrics!  Row by row it's a fantastic project to make!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Grandparents day with Garrett

Garrett's kindergarten class had a special evening for Grandparents last week.  We got to go and see his room and where he sits, meet his teacher and see him with several of his classmates.  

 How nice for these teachers to include us and make a very special day for us and the kinder kids!
 After seeing their rooms, we went into the multi purpose room and they all came in to sing us some songs, what a fantastic job they did!  Garrett's up there in the orange shirt waiting for all the other classes to join them.  Big grin!
 They made us all cards too
 And each class had a tree in the multi purpose room and there was a picture of us on it with all of our 6 grand-boys!  After enjoying the songs they had cookies and juice boxes for the kids and then we all went to Garrett's favorite place to eat Los Favoritos!  Yum I can see why he loves it so much! I couldn't believe the size bean burrito he ate!
 Amy had rice krispie treats for us after at their house!  What a special night for us and Garrett!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sneak peek of this MONKEY!

Baby Oh Baby - a class we have coming up in Oct at ETC.  For you that are dying to see the sample here it is.....your sneak peek!  Not quilted and bound yet, but it'll be up soon!  Info will ready for you to pick up and I'll have the quilt down there ASAP!  So for now, isn't this the cutest monkey you've ever seen!  We decided every 2 months to teach a baby quilt and if you are smart you'll get them done and stashed while you have time for that next special delivery!   This little guy was a blast to do and I've got some monkey minkie for that back even!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Christmas Block of the Month

We've been busy organizing a new Block of the Month that will start in November at ETC.  Our others were such HUGE successes that when we saw this one we had to do it.  Here is a sneak peek at 2 of the blocks I've gotten done. Course they don't get the cute buttons and embellishments until they are quilted but you'll get the idea.  This one has part of it pieced and part is appliqued.  It's been alot of fun to choose the fabrics and organize it all.  Both of these are stitched out and I've got Patti cutting the fabrics so they'll all be exactly like our sample.  Lots of orgainzation to pull these off but they are so fun.  You can sign up now with a $25 registration fee, it starts up in Nov. and it's very easy, after a certain date each month your kit is ready for you to pick up. We are planning to have thread kits so that you can have everything you need matching.  What a great family tradition this quilt will be.  We've had our other Block of the Month programs going and have several that we even mail each month.  So if you are wanting to join us don't delay, these sell out really fast and once we are full, that's it! Registration is open now.   I'll show you more of the blocks as soon as they are done! How fun to do one of these each month, a great way to tackle a large project like this! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome snowman

Our "Welcome" snowman class was such a huge success we had people asking if we'd teach it again this fall since they couldn't make the class in July....so here it is!  A fun class and a fun project at ETC!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Geod smashing

Amy and Chris and my 3 little buddies all came over last weekend for an impromtu dinner...one of those what is in your refrigerator and what is in ours kind of meals!  We had a fun swim and then the boys finally got to smash the geods I'd brought to them from my visit this summer to Pine with my parents.  They wrapped them in a towel and swung away at them, hard to break a rock!  Papa had to help some but it was fun to see what was inside.  They each went home with their baggie of smashed rock pieces with a few crystals inside!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Class Mate Class

Here's another class coming up at ETC.  Barb and I are teaching this Classmate little tote.  It's a handy fold up tote with a handle and some really cool hardware...
 Then you open it up and there are pockets everywhere and vinyl and more pockets and a zipper and more pockets.  It's really a cool place for putting all your supplies, you can use it for school things or art things or sewing things, whatever you like!  This is Barb's, I'm anxious to get mine made up too. I think these would make some really neat gifts, with a few goodies tucked inside!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday Party

My parents both turned 81 this month and we celebrated them on the weekend at my house.
We had planned a Joes bbq adventure and nixed it for want of more room to visit and a quieter place so we got pizza's and had a nice time at home instead!  Here is My Mom with my niece Jen. She flew in from work and made it in time for pizza and salad and cake!
 Here I am with my newest little buddy!
 Here's Cailyn anxiously awaiting the candles and tooter horns my sister put on the cake.

 It was fun to have so many little ones there to sing.  We missed you Noah!  7 of their 8 Great Grands were there to sing and help blow out candles.
 Some got to swim, 6 pizza's inhaled, lots of fun and noise!
 I had to give up my turn with Brock to help cut the cake but Papa gladly took over! Boy isn't he getting big, they've worked hard at that weight gain I can tell!

 The kids all made fun pictures for them so they got to show them their drawings.
Aiden and his great Grandpa....
 Here is Garrett with Great Grandma...
 How lucky we are!  We had a fun night!