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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Shower

While Jeremy and Jamie were here we were honored to have a baby shower for her and Danille. Both sisters expecting their first born next year. So we had a little brunch one day to honor both babies on the way. Jamie who is having little "BS" ( baby Schuld) in early June recieved lots of yellow since we won't be finding out if it's pink or blue for another few weeks yet.
Danille who is having Baby Charlotte in Feb. got lots of pink and this darling little silver braclet from her Aunt Jamie with her initials engraved on it, how sweet is that!
The quilt I made for baby Charlotte was pink and yellow.
The one for Jamie was kept neutral so whichever she has will use it.
How fun was that to be able to celebrate them both.

Stephanie and Christa
Alissa and Marcy
Jamie with MB and Bode
Marcy and Jamie
Alissa and Jamie
My Mom (this will make my Mom's 6th great grand baby)and Jamie

Amy and Jamie
So we girls were enjoying tea cups and fun baby things while...
The guys went out in the dessert and went shooting, I don't know who had more fun, they came back with big grins from a beautiful day in the sun.

Family Photo Shoot

Following our fun Thanksgiving day we all met at the park the next morning for a family photo shoot. What fun with us all together. MB had set it all up with a friend of hers, who brought 2 other photographers to grab all 12 of us in some "moments"! I think everyone ended up with a nice photo for christmas cards and it was a fun morning and beautiful weather besides!
Here is little Bode at 5 months
It was like the paparazzi with 3 photographers all shooting different angles, lots of fun.
Here are Ethan Garrett and Aiden
We've got lots of photo's to choose from and I'm sure since I'm a photo nut you'll be seeing many in blog land!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby quilt done!

So here is another baby quilt finished, this one is going to my soon to be 5th grandbaby! You'll hear more about the baby shower soon, but this one is made for Jamie and Jeremy for thier first born.Don't know yet what it will be so there will have to be some blue or pink things in the making soon.

Thanksgiving 2010

We had such a fun Thanksgiving celebration this year. A house full of people, food everywhere, lots of visiting and time spent together! Here is Amy fixing up the rolls she brought.
Here is Gene with little Bode Eugene
MB, Amy and Jamie with Bode ready to break out more of the pies!
Aiden and Garrett checking out the little car surprises in their table treat boxes
Marcy, MB and Bode with Delores
Amy, Jamie and MB
Chris and Bode
Jeremy and Amy with Grandpa
Jeremy with my Dad
Ken and the happy Bode
It was a beautiful day outside so lots ate and drank and visited out on the patio
Ken and Bode and Chris
Here is Alissa with her dessert
We got a photo of my folks with their Great Grands that were here
Jamie's youngest sister Christa here from college back east
It was great having the Ciotta family all here!
Uncle Jeremy and Bode
Time for a few games
The Ciotta girls all together, Stephanie, Jamie, Christa and Danielle
The big girls got to play games too!
We missed Vickie joining us today due to illness but here is Bruce with his Ciotta gang.
We had a great day together blending lots of family's, Our family, a few of my sisters family, both our parents,Jamie's family, a few of MB's, and we are thankful for them all!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finished quilt

Here is another finished quilt for the year. This one went to Jamie's sister Danielle for her baby Charlotte. So it'll be in Virginia keeping little Charlotte warm thru the spring once she arrives in late Jan. or early Feb. It's quilted in pink (of course) with flowers. I've always loved this layout of 9 patches and 1/2 squares. I hope Charlotte will love it too.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary Amy and Chris

Happy Anniversary Amy and Chris, 10 years ago here you are! Amazing how fast the years go. I hope you get to enjoy your celebration in a couple weeks ( Ken and I get the 3 munchkins for the weekend while they celebrate their big day) It was another beautiful November 10 years ago, what fond memories we have. Have a great 10th and many more to come!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary Jeremy and Jamie

Happy 2nd Anniversary Jeremy and Jamie! What wonderful memories we have of your special day in Charleston South Carolina!It seems like yesterday that we were there, but it seems like forever that Jamie has been a part of our family! She just fits! So wish you guys a wonderful year #3, and hope we can celebrate this weekend while you are in Arizona! Happy Anniversary!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

My parents came over this week to help me get some things ready for Thanksgiving dinner. We have a crowd coming, 25-30 so it'll be lots of fun. We moved tables, rolled silverware, had one turkey in the oven so Mom helped me pick it all off the bones. It was great to spend the morning with them and have help with the preparation. We decided when we finished at noon to head out and find a bowl of soup somewhere and then went to Kirklands for some Christmas shopping, that was fun since there are always neat things at that store. So I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, time with your families and belly's full! Jeremy and Jamie arrive thanksgiving day so our family will all be together (YEAH) so we'll be waiting for their arrival along with Jamie's entire family that will be here to join us. I have a neat quote in my house that a friend gave me and I hope it's true for all of you..........Being with those you love is enough! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

China Magic

Well Sarah and Denise have continued to show me the world thru food! This week we went to China Magic. A little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that is famous for their home made noodles. This man was behind a glass making the noodles, hand pulling them etc. He slammed them down on the table and pulled and kept repeating this until they were very thin, then into the pot of boiling water ready to go out to the tables fresh. And of course there was a tip jar in front of the window and then he holds his hands together and bows when you put a dollar in!The food was all very interesting, even a soup with noodles and lamb. They even had boiled peanuts on the table for you to add to your dish along with the shredded carrots and pickled radish. Then of course they wanted me to walk thru Lee Lee's market which was around the corner, a market with all kinds of Asian food plus aisles featuring things from all over the world. It was very interesting thru the vegetables, some I've never even heard of, but then we got to the meat, the pig ears,fish,chicken feet, squid made me want to go walk thru the different canned things.......safer. So whew I made it again thru that one, I'm hearing since it's getting chilly out that next we will head south and do Caribbean!