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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunny Days class Ends

I finished up the Sunny Days class at Scrapbooks this week, just a few random photos from it.... They all sure did come out well. Everyone was ending at different stages but life does that. And this photographer didn't even get a photo of each of them ! :-(Everyone had a great time and it was so fun to see the different fabrics and how they all were coming out.
Yea for 5 quilters getting projects done! The next intermediate class at Scrapbooks Etc. will start Thursday May 12, morning and evening. It'll be fun to see a bunch of new quilts starting up again! Brand new class project so new things to learn for everyone!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuesday's Sew and Go

Here is a sneak peek at the next Sew and Go for May 3 at Scrapbooks. It's a fun square bag, it's called "the big box". We've changed up the pattern a bit( of course! can we ever follow a pattern) and we are going to teach a disappearing 9 patch block to put on the sides instead of the rail blocks the pattern calls for. Of course it changes the size so we had to redraft it all but it's going to be a fun bag to use and it's another great little block to learn for other projects. It should be a fun class!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 new babies!

Lucky us! We've had new additions to our family in the last couple months.... 3 new baby Great Nephews! I finally got them all little books to keep their pictures in, I have one for each of the great nieces/nephews so each time I get a new picture it goes in the cover and that one moves to the inside. It's been a nice way to keep their sweet little faces out where I can see them. So L-R meet handsome little Landon F. , then meet perfect little Landon R., and then there is sweet little Keaton S. How about that! So they live in my corner cabinet by the dining room table where we can see them every day, along with little Kiana, Cailyn and Connor ( all their brother and sisters!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A play quilt for Noah

Here's the next quilt I finished up for Noah. It's a play quilt, great one for dragging around, leaving in the car, taking to the park etc. I found this great airplane fabric at work one day so of course I had to use it. The rest was all from fabric I had so it was fun to use alot of brights with it.
Won't be long when Noah arrives and he can have fun rolling around on the floor on his airplane quilt!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Table mats

So here are the other table mats I couldn't show you in March. This is the larger size I redrafted ! The black and gray one, I made Jeremy and Jamie for their cute little black b-fast table they have in their kitchen. It's such a cute accent piece to go in the kitchen along with the pretty cabinets in dark wood stain and then their accent island in black, along with black granite.....what a dream kitchen! So this is for them. The one on the left is for Chris and MB's table, just something new for them to change it up!
Here are 2 more ready to go, the one on the left was a different version of our last Sew and Go class that we taught this fun block and made table runners, so I tried this one with 4 of the blocks, It went to live at Amy and Chris's house for something new for spring. The smaller one is like the other ones only the smaller size. It's off to live at my Sister's house for a new spring treat for her. They were all fun to do.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

So today marks a special day for my youngest son Jeremy, 30 years old! Oh my gosh! That makes me ancient! So I went digging around in some old photo's and found a couple gems! Here is Jeremy one day with his beagle Aileron! They are still to this day Best Buds! Here's a fun photo of him in 2003, he'd just come home from ASU after getting his pilot slot in the Air Force, wow what fun memories! He was so excited to get a flight suit! So Jeremy I hope you have a wonderful day, can't wait to see you in June to give you a big birthday hug.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

I spent Good Friday with this great group of gals. We went on a little adventure to celebrate Denise's Birthday and had a great day. L-R is Linda, Denise, me and Judy. The arboretum is just beautiful and was so fun to hike thru.
We loved the gardens and then continued the path back and went up the High path along the side of the rock face, what gorgeous views.
We had a wonderful picnic and these red cardinals came by, who would think there was cardinals in Arizona!
Denise brought us some show and tell of her quilts she finished, this cute dandelion applique...
A darling redwork bunny one she's ready to hang for Easter.
It was fun to have a little quilt show in the picnic ground!
Here are some pictures of some of the pretty areas in the gardens... the Iris were wonderful,
Here is Linda... there was something blooming everywhere.
The rose garden was so heavenly scented! The roses were all in full bloom,
The weather was perfect, couldn't have asked for a prettier day, the big trees, lots of shade, the granite outcroppings in the back. It was Wonderful!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday club birthday's

I got together with my "Thursday club" to celebrate Mindy and Cindy's birthdays this week. Judy hosted us and it was so cute, they have this cute chalk board by the front door that they all write little notes or sayings for the day on and here we got there and it was a fun birthday greeting!
Judy had a pretty spring table set for us and we had a wonderful dinner of shish kabobs, rice, asparagus, fruit and a tossed salad.
We decided we wanted a good old fashioned "thursday club" kind of evening so we even planned a "craft" to do. Stephanie, Judy's daughter got us all fixed up and we had a great time, here are Cindy and Ann working hard on their flowers...
And Kathy, Mindy and Judy with theirs.
Not only was it a fun evening with friends we each came home with this fun photo holder for our homes, so cute with the door handle on the top.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Halloween Block of the Month

Barb and I got started prepping the Halloween Block of the Month for Scrapbooks Etc. It's going to be so much fun! Here are 2 of the blocks that will be kitted up. The stitching isn't complete or all the extra "bling" but I couldn't stand it and had to share a photo. All the buttons for eyes and fun gems on collars and such will be included in the kits. It starts in May, the first wed. of each month, come by and check it out. We hope to do the blocks tomorrow that have a spider and a big BOO on it. It'll run for 5 months and then on the 6th month if you have yours completed then you get a coupon for a free back. How cool is that! If you can't make it to pick up the kit each month we'll have it on hold for you or I"m sure it can be mailed too! So I'll post more photo's as we get them done cuz it's going to be soooo cute!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary Chris and MB

Today is Chris and MaryBeth's 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Can't believe they've been married 3 years already. Hope you 2 enjoy a marvelous day celebrating "you"!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sew and Go was Fun!

Sew and Go was so fun today at Scrapbooks Etc. We made these cute Bags. Everyone had a blast and finished them and even went for another one! Several left with 2 finished! Here are Karen and Ce with theirs. Karen is making a bunch of them for her family!
Look at this cute pink one! We had 31 people show up today, we had made 97 kits and there are only about 10 left....so I guess they liked them!
Everyone had fun learning how to sew on the vinyl mesh, a first for alot of them so it's always fun to learn something new. It's always fun to hear what people are thinking as they sew the projects up, I heard, oh I'm going to make these for beach bags for all my grandkids, then I heard a few are going to be easter baskets, some thought they'd be perfect for swim bags and what great bags for trips and groceries, anything you want to haul!
And look how cute with the ric rak, we have the most creative students! Love it!

Palm Sunday lunch

We had everyone over for lunch on Palm Sunday for an early Easter celebration. Here are my little guys.....LtoR - Bode, Ethan, Garrett and Aiden, whew what a line up! They are the best part of the day when I get to see them!
We had an egg hunt in the back yard, here's my Dad watching Ethan check out what was in them...
Bode grinning while he ate his lunch...
Bode had his egg hunt on the quilt in the back yard...
Here is Garrett finding his Easter treat...
Aiden and his haul of eggs...
Chris and Bode and MB
Amy and Chris with Aiden, Garrett and Ethan...
Ethan with his cute little 2 year old squat seeing what was inside...
My Mom and Dad had fun watching the boys too.
It was HOT so the boys couldn't stand it and ended up taking a dip!
Everyone was hungry again, so out came the ice cream cones and cute easter bunny cupcakes my Mom made.
Here are Ken and I with our 4 little boys, sure was a fun day.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunny Days class

I havn't been very good at blogging about my intermediate class that is in process now. Sorry girls, I'll take better pictures this week. Only took 3 this week and didn't get any of the night class! But here is Tash, she's working hard on her blocks, she's using up some of her baby fabric stash and boy that feels good!Nancy with her first 3 blocks together.
Allison missed the first class so she was doing lots of catch up this week and got both kinds of blocks started. We should have some pretty quilts coming out this thursday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Next Sew and Go class

Here is what we are teaching at our next Sew and Go class at Scrapbooks Etc. It's next tuesday at 11:00. These great bags are fun for the beach, pool or anything you like. I love them for groceries and keep 3 in my car all the time. The bottom is a vinyl mesh so they breathe if you put wet towels in or sandy things at the beach. The design works great for strength too, you can fill them to the top with groceries! Come join us and make one !