Terry and her Crazy Life

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Middle Eastern Food

Well it was Middle Eastern Cuisine tonight for The Team Sarah/Denise who are taking Terry around the world ! Haji Baba's was the place, I drove by thinking something was wrong with their sign and then realized that is some sort of writing ! Sarah knew right what to order so they just jumped in ! We started with this wonderful humus and pita's, warm, ahhhh they were wonderful and so was the humus, very smooth ! I'd never seen it served so pretty with the paprika, pickle and olive !
They ordered me this gyro. It was really good, it's lamb and beef and it was served with this lettuce and sauce, there was a tomato hiding in there and a pickle, then we had this wonderful rice with it. So it was a very tastey meal, 1/2 would have done me just fine, it was a ton of meat , course after you eat all that wonderful pita/humus no wonder it was alot ! The sandwich came all wrapped up in foil, so we unwrapped it and ate it with a fork. The meat combo was great, very flavorful and tender. So yea, I did Middle Eastern ! I'm hearing authentic chinese is next, Denise knows somewhere that they make their own noodles.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween Blocks, I need your vote !

Well I have my halloween blocks done for a swap we are doing in Thornberries. I made 20 of these cats, most of them were done in Mississippi when we hauled the cabinets to Jeremy and Jamie's house last spring, I finished them up at Quilt Camp so they are ready to hand out at our Oct. meeting. The eyes and noses are orange wool that I stitched onto the cats, then I did a little black X stitch for the eye centers. I'm trying to decide tho I think they need whiskers. I tried black ones and they don't show up so what do you think about ORANGE whiskers????? Or GREEN? or some of each? Or are they better without whiskers. Here is a "picture" of the picture of what we will end up with. I"m making all the cats for everyone (20 cats) and someone else is making all the pumpkins, or the ghosts etc. So it'll be fun to see how they'll all work together, we brought our green backgrounds and fabrics to a meeting last spring to see how they would all work. So now I just have to decide on whiskers or not. I have a polka dot green that will be perfect for the border and a strip for the inner boarder, so for the 5 of us doing the swap I think it will be lots of fun ! So what do you vote....Green, Orange, None or Both colors?

Our Next Sew and Go

Here is the sample of our next Sew and Go at Scrapbooks Etc. This cute little snowman stitchery is going to be fun. We have kits in reds or blues or multicolors. You can make it into a wallhanging, hang it on this cute little wire rack ( which is available) or make it into a pillow. I added some beads to mine in areas, course I didn't take a good enough photo of it to show them. And rumor has it that there are future sew and go projects that will also hang on this cute little rack ! So there you go, it's on the first Tuesday in Oct......the 5th is the date, 11-3:00, see you there !

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Fun Sunday evening !

Ken and I had a fun Sunday afternoon and evening, we went and got our 3 Grandsons and took them to Peter Piper Pizza....wild time ! We got to play a few games and then have pizza. Here is Aiden cashing in his tickets...what did he pick... a whoopi cushion, just right for someone age 6 ! I'm sure they are loving it a home now !Here is Garrett with his pizza face checking out his winnings of 7 army men with Papa !
And then you have little charmer Ethan, he's just cute doing whatever he does ! We dropped the boys off and then went to have our "real dinner" with Chris and MB and Bode.
MB made a great dinner and then we got to enjoy watching the new Mommy and Daddy with their bathtime routine with Bode. He loves it.
I'll try and add on the video of his giggles at the end, the picture is awful as it was dark but you can hear some of his giggles, course I think Papa was laughing just as much !

Monday, September 27, 2010

Card Class

As part of my neat job at Scrapbooks Etc. I'm allowed to take 1 class a month from someone. So I decided I better jump in there and try some out so I know about them. I took this card class called Love Notes and it was so fun, they meet once a month and make 5 cards and also get 2 pages of other ideas and layouts of other cards to make. I loved it ! Leslie the teacher was very gracious and I loved her ideas. Yea for smart employers who let you do things like this so now I know if someone calls and asks what is "Love notes" and what kinds of products you use ! Now who will be "card worthy" to give them to?????

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Bode Morning

What a fun Saturday Morning ! We got to go get Mr. Bode and keep him for a few hours ! MB had a work event and Chris is on a work trip to Alanta so we had a great time with him, he's 3 months old now. We picked him up at home at 7:30 and so he got to go have coffee and bagels with Grammy and Papa ! He slept right thru it, but had alot of admiration from the Einsteins crew. So we played and he has the best belly laugh now, his whole little body shakes when he laughs, he's lovin his hands and figuring out how good they taste !
A couple cat naps, more smiling, one huge blow out, more giggling, a good nap on Papa and then MB came to pick him up. It was such a fun time !

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Katie on a quilt

So this is what happens around my house when you try to lay a quilt on the floor, at least one of 2 cats suddenly appear from a sound sleep somewhere else in the house. This is Katie, she's a pro at this . Also if you try and lay out quilt blocks or rows or just pieces she thinks it's for her so she plays a game we call run jump and slide....she dashes towards the pieces and puts her front paws out onto the first piece and slides right into the rest of them. No laying out quilt pieces on the floor at my house unless you are very very sneaky !

Little Boy Friday

We got to enjoy Ethan and Garrett this week for a morning. Amy and I had it planned to meet at the mall and boy it didn't take much for Ken to decide that was going to be alot more fun then paper work so he joined us. Here is what we saw in the parking lot when we drove up. See Ethan with his back pack on ! He's 2 now you know, so such a big boy !
We did ride the escaltor several times before Amy left, up and down and up and down !
Amy went on to run her errands so we all had fun on the mall toys...
And then a carousel ride !
At this point it was getting lunch time so Garrett voted for Chick fil a so we went to the one down the road that had toys.
Course Ethan didn't make it without falling asleep, so Papa got him in without waking up, he was beat from all the fun at the mall !
So Papa had his lunch with a sleeping little guy on his lap.
What a fun morning for us all !

Friday, September 24, 2010

Quilt Camp

Lucky me got to go to "quilt camp" last weekend with this fun group of gals ! We were having fun celebrating Barb's birthday up there !Our hostess and host, Carol and Bob spoil us with wonderful food 3 times a day like this !
We all enjoyed lunch outside on thursday when we arrived, the hummingbirds put on quite a show for us !
This wonderful retreat called Bear Cabin is up on the rim in northern Arizona a few miles west of Show Low. I'll show you a bunch of projects people worked on....this is a quilt Denise put the blocks together on, I brought it home to quilt up for her this week.
Here is another Denise project that she put the blocks around on.
Here is Judy cutting batting for a bag we all made.
Barb got this mystery quilt put together.
Here is the wonderful sewing room, well lit and spacious, everyone has a table to "play " on. Here is Joan, Judy, Barb and Linda.
The other side of the room had MaryBeth, Sarah and Denise and I.
I finished up this table runner...
And 2 aprons to wear for work, Christmas and halloween... We wear aprons when working the floor at Scrapbooks Etc. and I find I like an apron on when teaching so my seam ripper and few little supplies are at hand !
Denise finished setting this pretty New England redwork quilt.
And Sarah brought us all a treat....her special grasshopper martini's !
This is my fall apron...
Look at this fun I spy quilt Linda did for her grandson....one of them is a picture of him and another a picture of his special little lovey toy !
Another Denise creation....I want to do this one !
And here is my "everyday" apron for work....when it's not holiday time !
Barb finished up another mystery quilt, I love this one, it had 21 different fabrics, that is alot for a mystery quilt.
MaryBeth and her bag, a few of us made this cute bag, mine just needs the handwork and then I'll photograph it !What a fun time we had, come sunday it's time to head home and back to our lives, but we sure had alot of laughs and good time...not much sleep but the machines just kept running and we had a blast !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sew and Go Bag Class

We had a great day today at Sew and Go ! It was Barb's birthday so we had party hats for all and a big chocolate cake ! YUM ! Everyone got into their bags.....29 came today and out of the 58 kits there are only 6 left, I guess they liked them and wanted more ! We had a fun prize for one person, we taped an extra kit under one chair and whoever sat in it and sewed won it ! Wow, watch where you sit ! One never knows what we might be up to !
Here are Amanda and Lisa with their completed bags ! Talk about production Lisa made 3 of them while she was there, her girls are going to be so happy ! We had several employees taking the day off to take the class so that was fun for all of us ! The ones that had to work tho get a private little lesson one day before work ! It was a fun Sew and Go, hmmmm what is next, watch as I'll post the next one for Oct 5 soon !!!!

Thursday Club Dinner

I got to go out to dinner tonight with Thursday Club ( Ken said you are doing Thursday club on Tuesday?) for Kathy's birthday. It was great to see everyone and have yummy food at Olive Garden ( I even have lunch now for work tomorrow !!) We missed Judy and Ann but Kathy and Mindy and Cindy and I sure had fun and laughed and enjoyed our reconnecting time ! We gals used to meet every week on Thursday when our kiddos were little, now everyone seems to be so busy and have jobs that we do well to celebrate birthdays and holidays with each other !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jamie came to Visit !

Jamie got to come for a visit this last week ! We were so happy to get to see her, just for a short time, it was total chaos but worth it to get to see her. She had come from Mississippi to see her brother and her parents. I'm happy to say her brother is doing much better again and I'm sure her being here for her parents move into their rental was such a big help ! Here she is getting to meet her nephew Bode for the first time ! Of course he's wearing the little outfit Jeremy and Jamie had sent him.....with an airplane on the shirt of course !Vickie and Bruce came and we all met at Joe's BBQ for dinner, who would have thought they would be that busy tho...it was a tad bit noisey and hard to visit....to hot to be outside...but it was great for the short time to see everyone anyway and of course the food is always good. My folks came by so they could see Jamie too .
Amy and Chris and Ethan and Garrett and Aiden were there too.
Chris and MB and Bode were there, here's a shot of "the girls" and Bode. So all in all it was a fun time, upon leaving there was only 1 dead battery but of course my Dad came to the rescue of being prepared and had the jumper cables and emergency light so all went home safely ! Jamie should be back in Columbus now so I'm sure Jeremy is happy to have her back. Good for you Jamie to get here and be so supportive to your family !!!!