Terry and her Crazy Life

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Breakfast with Jeremy

Jeremy flew in for breakfast one morning this last month. He and a a friend in his plane took a morning little jaunt and ended up at Chandler Air park so we joined him for a fun breakfast! 
 My boys!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Bode and Brock

A fun evening this last month....this was such a fun night, we got to be there when Brock took those first steps! Have great little movies of him, but they all are upside down and since I"m no techno wizard you have to turn yourself over to watch !  hmmmmm phone must have been turned wrong...oops! Anyway some have Bode running around thru with no pants on.....(a normal household with babies!)  So just believe me they are so cute as he took those first steps and everyone cheering behind him!  a treasure !
Yea for small boys!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Dad's birthday

A fun celebration for my Dad's birthday. Spent at Joes for some BBQ and then on to Dairy queen for his blizzard!  Gotta celebrate !  Fun evening with them and Marcy and Vince!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Donuts for Dudes!

How fun, one morning to dash down to Amy's house to go to Donuts for Dudes.  Chris was out of town so we filled in the gap and off to school we went to have a donut b-fast with Aiden and Garrett.  Loved walking to school with them!  So nice the school sponsers fun things like that!
 My 2 oldest grandsons....how'd they get so big!?!?!?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

To the movies!

Ken and I and Chris got to take Bode to the new Planes movie last week.  Ahhh that was so cute!  Love the humor of it all and watching Bode enjoy this full experience!  Popcorn ( I think sometimes that's why I go to the movies!)  And his Daddy brought him M & M's!  Such fun!  
 Another reason I love our movie shirt and cups!  Here is Bode double fisting the goodies!

Monday, September 23, 2013

All Cut up Quilt

Another behind post!...... Here is the quilt featured at All Cut Up this last month at ETC.  If you missed it the patterns are there and we had black and white jelly rolls going fast!  This was such a neat pattern. I've already seen some come back after the demo, a baby size all done in pastels, oh my was it ever a great one to quickly do up!  A great pattern even for a very "manly" quilt.  Lots of fun to get to sew!  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bode and Brock....my little B's

just an update on my little B's.  Growin like weeds!  Fuzzy iphone photo's but still had to share.  They built a tower together...pretty good for a 1 and 3 year old to work together on it!  Both proud as punch. After small bouts of all kinds of summer yuck they both seemed to be feeling good!
 time for some fruit pops.  Fun evening together with the best home made taco's!  costco meat and tortillas, oh my they were good. Fun to be a part of the normal evening home, everyone got busy on something to get the day finished up... I got the best part of dunking both boys in the tub!
 Brock here has the walking down, trying to go as fast as he can.....pulling a broom, so cute!

Amy's family

A few catch up photo's of times this month with Amy's family.  Pizza night!  
 Aiden, isn't he cute in his glasses!
 We filled in at their tennis time as Amy had to be 3 places at once.  After we were supposed to be going home for showers and bed but the car detoured for ice cream!  how does that happen!  Ethan spilled the beans when Amy got home and we were still reading stories!  oops!

 Silly Garrett with his mustache!
 Another afternoon they all wanted to see our house building in progress and somehow we ended up getting ice cream again!  We really do more than eat but I guess that's when finally I catch them not in motion!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

weekend fun

Here's a bit of the fun for the weekend happening now!  Got to have lunch with Ethan and Amy and Ken on Friday!  They came over to play a bit, then to In and Out Burger....Ethan was so excited for a milk shake and the Sauce on his burger!  so cute....it's the little things you know!  They dropped me off at work....Kohls day..... and went on to the Scout store. Ken was very impressed with the scout store!  He picked me back up when I got off work and we hit the highway to Tucson.  Drove down the back way thru Florence so that was fun to go a different way.  Half way out there anyway at work! It was pretty to approach the Catalina mountains from the north!
Ethan happy with his milkshake!
 Noah stayed up last night to wait for us!  He was on the curb ready to see us drive up! so cute! Got to read stories and tuck him in!  So cute....4 adults listening to his prayers last night.....he was thankful for giraffes and rhino's!!!!  How cute that is!
Bright-eyed this morning  he was ready for us to play!
 Jeremy and Jamie went off on their "run or dye" run.  They weren't this color when they got home!
 Lots of time for stories.....playing and now a nap for he and his mommy!  I hear turkey burgers are on tap tonight, making tons for the freezer!  Jeremy and ken are out in the garage working on the airplane and doing some powder coating.....I'm gonna go see what that even is!

fall table topper at sew n go

kinda going backwards here, but gosh can you believe it a new blog post in another day!  Life will return to normal at some point if I can figure out what new normal is.  But for now just had to show you the fall table topper we did at sew and go at ETC. this last week, they loved it and were all so professional with their sewing as they all did a partial seam and no one even cried :-)!!!!!  Then 2 sweet gals had made pickled beets and brought me a jar, so touched!  I'm saving them for a special time to share with others.  So our cute topper was a huge hit, I turned around and every extra kit was gone so guess they liked it!  Something really cute coming up for the next one.....we'll be playing with some insulbrite and one of those cool pinking blades!!!!!  just a hint!  Oh and don't forget in Oct. Sew and Go in the 2nd and 3rd tuesdays cuz I'm going to Disneyland for my birthday that first week!!!!! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Scrappy Trip

Here I am, I havn't fallen off the earth!  just been a tad busy...working,packing, working,sorting and it goes on and on!  I'd thought I'd shock you all with a blog post fast tho before I head to work!  I hope to have time this weekend to update fully, so we will see how that pans out. I always think do I take 1/2 hour and do it or clean out a drawer.....the packing wins.  But here is a glimpse of what was yesterday.....our Scrappy Trip class!  Louise and I taught this, we had 25 fun gals show up to do it and they had a blast,  Everyone just enjoyed this technique class so much.  We've had alot of requests of those that couldn't make it so we will probably reschedule again when the new calendar comes out for 2014 ( yikes that sounds crazy!) This was mine, I used a common black to create the pattern going thru each block with this lay out.  It was great seeing so many fabrics and choices in class, not one repeat!  Gonna be alot of pretty quilts!  So look for a repeat on this one come the new year.  Off I run, Ethan is coming over to play and then we are heading to In and Out Burger for Lunch and they'll drop me off at job #2, Kohls smile on my face!  I'll try and catch up  on fun photo's soon!