Terry and her Crazy Life

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scorpion Master....top number is now 9

FYI...... Ken and I got home from work, ate dinner, went for a walk and then went on another "HUNT", I was in charge of the super dooper hunting light.... Ken had the shoe and the framing hammer...ok you have the visual.... 9....yep 9 in one night, that is the top hunting count so far....9 more of those scorpion nasties are now gone ! We did the back fence 2 times as we found more had come out of the pilasters on the fence as we went around to the front..... now we know their trick. We are gonna get them ! We even found one on the neighbors driveway crack near ours so we took care of him too !

Hard Core Hunting !

Well Ken now has a new passion.....Scorpion hunting ! Chris and he hunted at his house one night when we were there for dinner and found 2 outside along the wall. So now Ken got this official light to hunt with ! The scorpions glow in the dark ( nasty things !) We found this one that has a broader range light so Ken bought Chris one too so he can have a better range for his hunting too!!!! For the last 3 nights.... we are minus 2 scorpions per night ! Chris happened over the other night and brought his trusty new light along so both of them went out in the yard on their quest ! Scorpions at our houses better be ware as these guys will get you !!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A great Sunday at the Zoo !

Amy and I took the boys to the zoo today, what fun ! It was gorgeous out and we got there right when it opened after meeting for a bagel to fill up everyones tummy for b-fast !We found a geo-cache that Aiden remembered them finding another time.
Garrett was just plain cute in his hat !
It was my first time seeing the Kimodo dragons, how cool they are. The new exhibit was neat, this was the laser cut out metal sign you walk under, really neat looking. They have been around for millions of years.
All you cotton candy lovers beware, check your bag before buying as we watched this smart bird peck a hole in this bag and then dip in for bite after bite !
This is actually the Kimodo dragon exhibit, the boys are climbing on the statue, the one we saw out is not quite as big. They are the worlds heaviest lizard.
We enjoyed the new back side of the elephant exhibit, you are quite close and one of the elephants was right there, he was busy playing with the rope with his trunk and putting his foot up on it. Ethan loved the elephants !
Ethan was at such a good age for the zoo, loves looking out to see what you are showing him. It wasn't long on the way home for him to be fast asleep !
Garrett walked a long way today, we had 2 strollers but he ran along with lots of energy most the time.
Aiden kept up with our fast walking and had fun on the first time we've gone on the train.
They celebrated the female Orangatan's 50th birthday yesterday, they are always fun to watch, they are building a new enclosure for the Orangutan family next to it. The monkeys over on the island gave us the best show, one was high up in a tall palm tree hanging by one hand and swinging around, all the sudden he slides down the palm frond, got to the bottom and leaped onto the roof of their shade cover, then swings around with arms and legs and tails grabbing pipes , he had the best time showing off for us and showing us how easy he can go from the high palm tree to the ground !
Here is Ethan with some ducks that came by, they really had their eye on his strawberry!
The childrens zoo has had so many improvements, we went into the petting part where the goats are and they have these cute little brushes the kids put on their hands to brush them.
We road the train at the end when we were all pooped, it was a very fun day at the zoo !

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Boys came visiting

A fun saturday as in the afternoon the boys came by for a visit in the afternoon. We had the most fun playing outside. They picked a pile of grapefruit...
Got to try out the sidewalk chalk I found at the $$ store...
Ethan figured out the T-ball...
Aiden had fun brushing the pool, lots of talk about can't wait to swim again !
A bit of swing-in !
Garrett was practicing his baseball too !
It was a fun visit for everybody !

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break Adventure !

A day was saved on everyones Spring break to have a fun adventure with me. We started bright and early this morning by heading to the Light Rail to catch a train into downtown Phx.

It was Amy and Ethan's first time on the train. Ethan loved it.
We got off at 3rd Street and walked towards the museum and got to stop and play on the brass insects along the way.
Garrett sitting on the scorpion !

Once we got to the Childrens Museum in downtown Phoenix we had such fun. They loved the race cars and even Ethan could do it. The ball room was wonderful. This wall is magnetic and each of the pipes has a magnet attached to it so the kids can move and make their own trails for balls to roll in.Garrett and Aiden are busy building something wonderful !

Ethan loved sitting on the high area feeding the balls into the gutters that travel around the room.

There is a new room that just opened 2 weeks ago and the boys had a blast in there. It's a room for making tents and forts. All the sheets have ribbon loops sewn on them, and clips to hook them to things, lots of building materials....a kids heaven ! Garrett built this hide out behind this door that is leaning against the wall. Very ingenious things around to get the imagination going !

Aiden loved being up in the center tower and so did Ethan. Aiden was building a sandbag wall ( actually they are gunny sacks filled with beads so they feel like bean bags)
We stopped playing for a bit and had our picnic outside in the sunshine.
While Ethan had a chance to play in the toddler/baby room we did some other things, the ball blower was wonderful. Wish this shot wasn't so blurry, Garrett was just feeling so good throwing about 6 balls in the air at once, time after time. Those arms just went into the air like he was free and ready to fly and the smile was clear across his face.
What a wonderful thing they've created in the old Monroe school.

this is outside the toddler room, if you aren't ever sure what to do with old shoes...you glue them to the wall and then paint them, it's' amazing, of course they've poked cute things here and there, it is so funny to look at an entire wall of shoes.

Each area has books appropriate for the room so it's fun to stop and read a story, we read one by the cars and motorcycle, then Ethan sat for this one by the garden where you plant and gather flowers. He's pointing at the kitty saying meow.

So we walked back to the train once everyone was pooped. Enjoyed the ride back to Mesa and then we decided we were starving and needed a 2nd lunch, drove thru Arby's, you've never seen jr. sandwiches disappear so fast, even Ethan chowed his down. We were heading home when we realized we could stop and visit Papa so we surprised him with 3 smiling faces !

Ethan was brave this time and sat on the forklift.

And then realized there was a horn to beep, such cute belly laughs ! He's looking at Papa to see what he thinks !

And finally our last destination on the way to my car was Swirl it. Yum, everyone needed some sugar to make it thru the day, we sure had a fun one !

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby shelves done

Well Papa and Daddy Chris got the shelves into the baby's closet today and it's all ready for painting. These are the units they built yesterday during the baby shower.

Lots of neat room for storage and 4 rods for hanging little bitty clothes !

MB found baskets to go in the little cubby's and then Ken has wire baskets ordered for the big ones. Good places for toys and fun stuff !
Beans is passing inspection !

Lots of cute things to put away from the baby shower ! Nesting continues !!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Shower

What a beautiful fun event to be at MB's baby shower. Her Mom and sisters did a beautiful job, a wonderful luncheon on an outdoor patio, weather was perfect and the Mommie to be was beautiful ! Mary Beth and Her Mom
I was in charge of the dessert, the cake was wonderful thanks to AJ's !

MB and I ...

Aren't these cute.... cookies on each of the plates to take home.

some tables had pretty flowers...

Melissa, MB's sister made cute diaper cakes for some of the tables...

The gifts were so wonderful, a true testament to what a wonderful person MB is to have everyone come and celebrate her !

She had 2 of the babies Great Grandmothers there.
My Mom and Steve's Mom came from New York.
this is the beautiful crocheted afgan from my Mom.
She enjoyed everything so much !

Ken and Chris spent the afternoon down at the shop building some componants for the babies closet....after this party it's a good thing, MB will have so much fun nesting in !