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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sew and Go

Here's your sneak peek for our next Summer Series Banner at Sew and Go at ETC.  It's going to be fun, I gave everyone a 5 second sneak peek last Sew and Go so they know how cute it is!  I put eyes on mine but some might choose other things and colors to use!  I did a bit of extra quilting on mine too so everyone can choose how they want to finish theirs. It's the perfect quilt as you go project!  So we'll have a great time Tuesday at Sew N Go.  I think there might be one spot left.  So call in if you want to come, $20 includes your kit for the top and lots of fun gals to hang out with for a couple hours!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Noah and the Childrens Museum

I got to take Noah down to the childrens museum this past weekend with Jamie. It was fun to get to go again.  I hadn't been there for a few years.  The little artville play area is all different. Maybe not as much to do as there used to be but still worth the trip for a "cool" indoor place to burn up some energy.  Noah had fun trying lots of things
 The art museum had lots of fun areas to try things out at, music, arts and crafts, all kinds of things.  Alot is still a bit to old for him, but we'll go again and every time he'll try new things I"m sure.

 It was fun to see new changes, missed a few of the old things...the slide is gone, that was a fun energy burner but there are other things now instead.
 A fun morning with Noah.  He came home with me then for a nap while Jamie got to go visiting her brother.

Friday, June 28, 2013

House Guests

We've had a very fun busy week here, including our current house guests.  These guests are like no other!  I've decided these house guest are not as easy as our cats!  They have a certain smell.  They totally keep any kind of crumb off the floor and with little boys around there are usually alot of those, but this week I have none!  We just don't look at the floor.....it will be mopped and back to normal soon. But for now, I"m ignoring it!  
Here is beagle, sitting by his favorite thing, his food bowl, in fact it's turned over which means he's been pawing at it reminding me that it must be time for dinner surely it must be time!
 And then you have Riley...big dog Riley, really doesn't do much but hang out and sleep, go in and out, sleep some more, more in and out, really doesn't care if he eats his food....meanwhile Beagle is starring at it drooling.
 Lots of this going on all day!  So after all week here, Riley has left this morning with Jamie and her Mom for a trek to Tucson.  He will stay down there with Jeremy as they have the unloading complete.  He and Ken have been busy unloading and putting everything back together.  If things are safe enough for Noah, he'll travel with Jamie back down there tomorrow. Not enough room in the car for 2 dogs at once....Riley needs the whole back seat! Then poor Beags has to wait until Sunday and when Ken and I go back down we will take him along with anything else that has been left behind.  Until then, he'll just have another nap....unless someone gets close to the kitchen!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Noah's here!

Noah and Jamie arrived this week without to much trauma, she was so glad it was a one way flight! They did well and we've enjoyed having them around so much!  Jamie's folks have been so gracious to include us all the time.  We had dinner at their house and got to swim and play their first whole day here....zoom home from work so we could get down there for the late afternoon fun!  Noah loved the water and has a new "turtle" thing that he can float around in all by himself without having to have someone's hands right on him, it worked great.  

 He loved jumping in too!  The guys are continuing their trek across the US.  2 nights on the road so far, we are hoping all goes well and they may get here by tonight.  Slow going but it's good it's a one way trip too! An entire day in Texas....I'm hoping by now they've hit El Paso!  It'll be smooth sailing from there!
 Noah loved his Pluto, feeding it a hot dog...... again he wasn't timid at all and just warmed right up to us!
 He played with me yesterday morning before work and we had a great time.  Loved how he put all the animals in the barn saying their sounds...found some fish in the play food and put them in the barn too!  Entertains himself totally with all kinds of toys...loves the little people and trucks!
 Lots of sorting going on....notice each bar stool....one has people, one zippy cars, different cars on another, very organized......wait till he finds out about his dad and boxes and labels!!!!  Noah we are soooo glad you  now live in Arizona!

A fast evening of fun

Amy and Chris graciously brought the boys over for a fast dinner and swim this week.  We needed Chris's help in loading up the foosball table ( sold it to a friend) so I prepped dinner before work and they arrived for a couple hours of fast and furious fun!  
 They had a blast even for a short time!  The diving board is the hit here since their pool doesn't have one.  That's all they did!  So of course they wanted action shots of every dive in!
 Dinner was inhaled, hungry boys to say the least!  Was fun to hear about the latest Disneyland trek.
 An ice cream cone as they dried off and away they went.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fathers day

A couple more shots to share from Fathers day at my Sisters house.  Marcy and Vince were so great to host us all at their house fro some great BB Chicken sandwiches that my Mom made.  It was fun to see everyone and we all really enjoyed watching the toddlers all play together.  They just love "their cousins"!  
 We'd had a big weekend of fun with lots of food out, a movie, a fun morning swim with Bode and Brock at their house, Chris and Ken got to golf.
 There's my Dad opening a gift with the help of Cailyn and Bode.  Love that everyone can take time to celebrate all the Dads together!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Celebrating Fathers Day with Amy's family

 We had a early fathers day celebration with Amy's family last week.  They were headed to CA so we enjoyed an evening of fun with them.  Here are the goofy guys trying to pose for a photo with Papa.....good luck with that one!

I snapped a photo of this cuz it was so darn cute....our little Ethan!!!!
 Fun was happening out in the pool...Aiden #1 fish....
 Ethan #2 fish...
 And Garrett #3 fish....love love love the water!  I love that they are all water safe now! They go to swimming lessons each day, all learning and perfecting strokes, amazing what you can do already at 4 years old! In the meantime they just love swimming.
 It's so fun to see them now making up fun games in their pool, they were playing baseball ( no bat so they use what ever is handy, hit a ball and then swim to bases!  Lots and lots of energy burned up!  What great shape they are in.  We all got a kick out of G-man's 6 pack.  And he doesn't even know he has one!  Ethan's arms are so toned, ahhhhhhh hope they always stay that way!

 We had a great b-fast for dinner, Ken's favorite bisquits and gravy, a great egg casserole and salad and then a very special dessert!  What a fun time!  It's been fun getting some Disneyland photo shots of the fun time they are having there!  We'll get caught up again when they get back and hear of the adventures.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Noah is on his way!!!!

So my buddy here and I are eagerly waiting Noah's arrival.  Pluto arrived in time to welcome Noah to Arizona, his new home!  They sound loaded and pretty well ready to transition.  Weeks of packing and loading 2 trucks pulling 2 vehicles each with one dog.  Chris is currently flying to Miss. to drive one truck west ( he's claimed Riley as his partner).  Jeremy is treking east to put Noah and Jamie on the plane in Birmingham to fly here, pick up Chris at the same time and head back to the trucks to load the final misc. things...I'm sure he's taking down the crib yet and loading the vehicles onto the trailers and tow bars.  Alot to get done to move your family.  The drive begins and we expect them here sometime on Saturday.  Fresh energy on this end to help, clean beds, food, someone extra to play and give support.  So excited to have you all in Arizona, even if it's blasted hot, I just know the work it takes to have it happen!  So Pluto is waiting Noah for you to get here!!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Fathers day to Gene

We enjoyed getting out to visit Ken's folks this weekend.  We picked up some great burgers they have near their house and enjoyed eating those together.  Then before we left Gene went with us to get a treat!  What fun.  Love the time with him!  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Relaxing with Bode and Brock

I had my first Sat. off work and enjoyed it sooooo much!  MB called and said come over and swim with the boys.  It was so fun to be able to do that!  We hopped in the pool and had a blast with them all.
  What a fun relaxing time to spend with them!  We celebrated an impromptu early fathers day together enjoying the time, got some sandwiches for lunch.  The guys made plans for their fathers day golf game.  What a great day
Bode loved jumping off the rock with his daddy and kept saying again and again!
 Bode and Brock with their Go Go

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sew and Go on tuesday

This week Tuesday at ETC.  Sew and Go will celebrate July with a patriotic banner for our series! Lots of fun to make, looks so cute on the new hanger!  Everyone loved Summer so hopefully everyone has theirs bound and quilted and ready to move on to #2 banner for the summer! You can't tell on here but I quilted behind the stars with some metalic thread.
And last week during my design day I moved onto the next one and it's soooooo cute course I can't show you yet cuz it needs some "eyes".....halloween is next on the list!  So this week, we'll be having fun celebrating the 4th !!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

A day in Strawberry

I enjoyed my first sunday off since October taking a little road trip Up to Strawberry with Ken to visit my folks little mountain getaway!  It was great to get up there for the day.  We left early so pulled in there by 9ish and had some relaxing time out on their deck.  We sure enjoyed watching the squirrels perform for us, they are crazy little animals.  
 They always like to take us on a walk around their yard to see what's happening, here my Dad is showing us the cherries on the tree.  The squirrels and ravens were busy getting them already even not ripe!  They sure were pretty to see.
 My Mom with her Peonies...

 We had time for a walk, lunch out at the Pine Deli, and time to just hang out in the afternoon.  Was a great visit, short but a fun to take a little road trip.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

ETC's Jelly Roll Race

This week, Tuesday is the day of the big race! New pattern to do and what fun to leave with a quilt top done after a few hours!  We're having a potluck of whatever everyone wants to bring for food to fortify us before the race begins!  I love how the shop sample came out!  We stayed with more guy colors....no pink this time....the batik choice is the same way!  Perfect quilt for someone you might know, easy to get done fast!  
 Here's the rolls for the batik selection, you get to pick!   We'll do some prep and then let the race begin.  Whoever wins gets their quilt machine quilted for winning 1st place!
Just had to show you the cute quilting Monica did...the border has bicycles so she quilted bicycles all over it!  What fun, see you at ETC on Tuesday!

Mothers Day lunch

Still back tracking here...... photo's from our nice Mothers Day luncheon at my parents Church.  They do this every year and it's such a sweet thing they do to honor the woman in their church. My Mom hosted an entire table for family this year!  here are my sister and I with our Mom

Marcy with her girls Alissa and Jen....my Dad is sneaking  by in the back....the men served us and he was in charge again of the lemonade and water.
 They always have wonderful entertainment and speakers.  This mother and son entertained us with  great folk music.  Wonderful cultural time to spice it up! So talented
 Amy dashed in from Boy Scout activities and join us

Our 3 generations with My Mom and Amy
 Cailyn got to come too, Corissa peeking to the right and her Mimi Marcy on the left and there goes Great Grandpa with the water pitcher again!  What a fun time to gather and honor our Mom!