Terry and her Crazy Life

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ellen and Therese

Ellen and Therese came over for dinner tonight, but mostly for Therese to experience scorpion hunting ! The palm trees were trimmed back today so we figured it'd be a good night and it was ! I think it stirred up their happy little homes so they were out and about. Therese being from Virginia was quick to figure this all out and she and Ken had a great time finding 8 in our yard and 9 in the neighbors ! How crazy is that. But we have that many fewer scorpions and now this Virginia gal knows how we Arizona people have a fun evening ! Glad you girls came over !

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Celebrating Ethan !

We got to celebrate our Ethan turning 2 today ! We all met at Peter Piper Pizza for a fun time. The kids enjoyed the games of course and Ethan looked so cute in his party hat ! He thought the skee ball was fun, and this is what you do when you are 2 and can't quite throw it far enough....
You just march right up there and put it in !!!! Ethan you are so cute !
Garrett got to play air hockey with Papa, boy is he getting tall to do this now !
Bode was there to join the party too !
And there is Aiden ready to go use his tokens !
Ethan you are so cute, I hope you have fun being 2 !!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A wonderful week with Bode

I just had the best week anyone could have. I had the pleasure of getting to take care of Bode all week this week while MB started back to work. Chris brought him by at 7:30 each morning and we had a blast ! MB was the pick up crew at 5 each evening and we were always happy to see her and "the milk" !!!! Such a sweet baby, we had such fun, and what a wonderful excuse to be the Grammy and ignore all chores cuz there is a baby to play with !
So these are all just a few of my favorite shots of the week. You know me there are a gazillion!
I even got to help Chris take him in for his 8 week check up today, course after they gave him 6 different vaccines we were all a bit sad for him !
Favorite times were the afternoons when we'd just sit in the rocking chair and rock for a few hours while he had a nap, who can put him down when you can cuddle !
What pleasure it gives me knowing Chris and MB trusted me with their precious son. Bode it was the best week I've had in ages ! Come back and play with me again real soon !

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hey who wants to make this cute little zipper coin purse for FREE??? We are having this fun kick off for the fabric area at Scrapbooks Etc. and anyone that comes in can make this cute little guy ! I just brought home all the fabrics around it to quilt up so we can cut the kits at work next week. It's cute huh ! So Sept. 10 and Sept 11, 10-4:00, if you come by you can have fun making one too ! Barb and I will be there to show you how ! How many kits do we make???? If there are extra you'll be able to buy them cuz what a cute stocking stuffer to get done. See you there !

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dinner with Friends

Lucky me got to go to Liberty market for dinner this week. I went to meet all these nice ladies, my friend Ellen ( bottom left), her cousin Marilyn from Albuquerque, Ellen's sister Beth from back east and her dear friend, Teresa from the east coast. That is our friend Esther there in the front. Lots of time to visit and laugh and enjoy the food at Liberty Market ! Thanks girls for the fun evening ! Teresa really wants to come over and join the scorpion hunt, something they sure don't do back east ! Ellen and Esther and I used to all work together.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Dinner

We had a very nice dinner last night with my parents and my sister Marcy and her husband Vince. We all met at Charlestons for a dinner to honor both my parents birthdays this month. My Mom's was last week and my Dad's is next week. They are the best ! Happy Birthday to you both !

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finished !

For those of you following my craziness, if you remember the Apron Sweat Shop.....well, it's officially CLOSED ! yea for being done. I turned in the last of the 40 aprons last week, the scraps and extra fabrics are folded and returned and the HUGE mess is cleaned up ! My boss said I bet you are glad that is done, I told her YOU HAVE NO IDEA !!!!! So now to tackle the messy sewing room, I have one class sample to get finished and then I can focus on refolding and getting all the craziness put away from the last 2 months of "PRODUCTION" . The aprons actually are going to be sold at a very neat convention called Creative Escape http://creativeescapeaz.com/2010/event which is all linked to my new job at Scrapbooks Etc. http://scrapbooks-etc.com/2009/ They've linked my blog as a teacher to the stores blog so welcome to anyone that wants to read all the crazy things I ramble on about ! You'll be entertained with alot of craziness about my kids, my grandbabies and all the projects coming out of my brain. It's alot of nonsense...but it's ME !
That picture is the cute little t-shirt we are wearing to work this week, I'm thinking gosh it's got to be pretty stretchy for the "girls" to fit in, I think I'm going to be glad I'm wearing an apron !

Little boys and a hot day !

Ken went and picked up Aiden and Garrett yesterday and took them to the golf course. First time for Garrett to take his little clubs out. They had a cart and they hit balls on the driving range and then played 3 holes. That was alot when you are just 4 and 6 and it was of course HOT outside ! They came home then and we all jumped in the pool and cooled off, then we thought we ought to go get Bahama Bucks ! Yum, shaved ice with flavors ! Here is Garrett....

And Aiden, course they both liked my red raspberry the best so we just shared !

And here is Ken's, ohhhh he got the cream too !

And then it was time to go home, so what happens when you've had that much fun out in the sun................both feel asleep on the way home. I think they had a fun afternoon !

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kindness Matters

Here is another class sample heading to Scrapbook Etc. This one has a cute little rack that stands to hang on. It's for a class called "In Sitches" This one says Kindness Matters. Here is a close up of the center since my photo was kind of rough.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Memories

We were able to spend alot of time in the last few days with my sisters family. They lost their Dear Sweet Nana so Jen came from Florida and we were able to see them all alot. We will all miss that wonderful lady. We all ended up getting a bagel one morning, it was fun to hear all about Jen's new life in Florida and we are looking forward to more pictures on her blog !!!! :-) I got this cute little picture of Cailyn, we were playing on the floor one afternoon at my sisters. She talks so cute now and we found out she's going to be the "big sister" ! congrats to Mike and Corissa ! It's going to be a busy-baby Feb. and March as we have 3 more great nieces/nephews all coming to join the family next year ! So Cailyn, Connor and Kiana all will have new siblings next year, Yea for Kristin and Kevin, Kimberly and Brain and Mike and Corissa !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Ethan !

Happy Birthday to my little Buddy ! Ethan I can't believe you are 2 today ! Have a fun birthday ! I can't wait until your party on saturday to CELEBRATE YOU !

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An evening of Firsts !

We had a fun evening this week with the 3 little boys, Ethan and Garrett got to come early while Aiden and Amy went to his Dr. appt. Ethan had fun feeding the farm animals rice krispies !
Then we got to all play playdoh and here is Garrett showing me all his wonderful stars he punched out all lined up for viewing !
When Amy and Chris and Aiden got back we had dinner and then went swimming, what fun they had ! It was Garrett's first time off the board and his first time to swim the entire length of the pool ! Yea for Garrett ! Ethan decided it was time to go off the board too, in fact he started it and went down to that end and got up on the board like he does it every day. You are so brave Ethan ! Aiden was very busy diving in and swimming to the other end and then decided he'd like to try to touch the bottom in the deep end so he threw the submarine down there and away he went, wow Aiden ! Here is a little video of all the splashin around !

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saturday Market Bag

Another class sample out the door, this one is for Oct. 13, it's a cute bag from a Heather Bailey pattern. I have the workings of another 2 samples of this one on the sewing counter, different lining options, snapped sides and cute zipper flower instead of the bow, but for now this one is heading to Scrapbook Etc. to show as the class sample.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bode time

We had fun this weekend, Bode came over to stay with us for a couple hours while his Mom and Daddy had a date. We got out the first little baby toys and he enjoyed the rattles and squeeks they made ! After he left that evening our other 3 little boys came by for a fast visit , they'd been in the neighborhood so it was fun to have them stop by, they are coming soon for a swim and dinner !

Sunday, August 15, 2010

All out Assault !

Ken and I decided to do an all out assault on the bugs in our yard, mainly to try and eliminate more of the scorpion population that up until 2 years ago we didn't have ! So this morning we put 2 big bags of this granular bug stuff all over the grass and rocks with the spreader, then we had 2 big gallon containers to spray around the outside of the house and we did the bottom of the fence too.....yes on a 1/2 acre that is alot of bug junk. Then this evening we decided maybe 1 more scorpion black light might help for the hunting, so we now each have a light for hunting, Ken still is the torch operator. We are about to try it out and hope in the morning to see a few dead crickets ( scorpion food) out on the patio. If you didn't get a hint you bugs, you are not welcome in our yard !!!!!

Ribbon Candy Table Runner

This is a fun class I"m teaching too. It's called Ribbon Candy , it's a table runner that is easy and fun to do ! It's like the one I made for my sister in reds and shirtings. This one is made from some fun Christmas prints. Paper work is done , signage made, and ready to go !
Here is a close up of part of it, but actually now on here you can't see how cute it looks, each of the snowflakes in the center have a sparkly gem glued in the center. It's quilted in a neat metallic blue thread. Guess you'll have to go to Scrapbooks Etc. to check it out ! So on Oct. 27th this one is happening !

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flower Power quilt class

So another delivery of another sample for a class. This one is called Flower Power. It starts the first Monday in September. 10:30- 1:00 or 6:00-8:30. I hope some people sign up as it's a fun one to make. With being 4 classes long, each Monday in Sept., we'll be making the blocks and learning hand and machine blanket stitching, quilting and binding it.This is the same pattern I used on Garretts birthday quilt with the brights and the big funky letters for his name instead of the flowers. I put a top and bottom border on it too , to make it longer for a twin bed. Here is a picture of the label and the sign for it. We'll be making the label in class too as our sample to learn hand blanket stitching. Lots of fun if you want to come make one at Scrapbooks Etc.!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sneak Peak

I finished 2 rows on an up and coming project. It's a row quilt that will soon be a class in October, these are 2 of the rows, course the snowmen don't have faces and the cute things yet but I think it's coming out so cute ! I used some bright wool for the scarves and hats and even some fuzzy minkie. I think the row of houses looks a bit like Mr. Rogers neighborhood but when it's all together it'll be cute. Barb's sample is much more formal looking and pretty, we are team teaching this Christmas Row Quilt, mine looks like it's a fisher price barn and maybe that house is where Mr. Rogers lives ! It's got alot of pieced rows in between and will be a fun one to do and teach. It's a 2 part class, two full days Oct. 1st and Oct 8th from 10-5 if anyone wants to come, I'll post another shot when I get it done and quilted ( hopefully soon) !

Mom's who laugh Class

Well it's time to start getting my class samples down to Scrapbooks Etc. for the classes I'll be teaching. I have to have lots of paperwork done for them too, they each have their class supply lists for the students and then the lists of supplies the store needs to stock for making the project so it's available for the students and the items that I can up sell during the class to make things more fun and easy ! Then there is the "signage" for each one. So here is the first one ready to go. It's for a class called "In Stitches". We'll be learning all kinds of embroidery and then something different to do with it ! This one is called "Mom's who Laugh".It has a couple different embroidery stitches and then we'll learn a bit about getting the mat prepped to match and framing it. Lots of fun ! Oct. 6th at 10:30, it's happening !!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scorpion hunting extreme !

Ok, why does that palm tree have black marks on it???????? Well Ken got a bit carried away the other night and saw 3 scorpions up there crawling around on the bark..... up went the torch, pooof......Ken running to get a bucket to bail water from the pool and throw it on the tree putting out the flames.....but he got the scorpions !

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bode time !

Bode and Chris came for dinner last night, MB had a movie date with her sisters so she got some time away and we enjoyed "the boys" ! These loaded backwards, but I took a few pictures cuz he's so cute ! He likes laying in the changing pad, very happy, or is it that he likes his clothes off !
He had a bit of a nap, some shorts huh !
Here he is filling out his car seat already, he's grown so much in just a few weeks !

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cute quilt !

This is another sample that I finished last week, lots of fun with the soft pink minkie block centers and 3 fluffy flowers. The giant pink ric rak made it fun. And the wavy border was fun too, all you quilters are shaking your head, lucky me to get handed the pattern that had the wavy border ! I quilted flowers all over it, it was fun to do !

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 60th Anniversary !

Today is Ken's parents 60th wedding anniversary ! We had a fun "non party" day there yesterday. Enjoyed lots of food and seeing family there.
This was Delores's first time to meet Bode.
Bode was a very good little guy amongst his 2nd cousins and all the fun of a house full of people ! He only went thru 3 outfits and every burpee they brought !
Delores got out her wedding dress so that was fun to see , here are the newly weds of 60 years !
Kimberly, Kristin, Kevin, Delores and Gene, Chris and Amy
Here are Aiden and Garrett and Ethan with their great grandma, Ethan tries so hard to be a big boy and do everything they are doing just right ! so cute !
Chris and Bode and Delores
We knew we had seconds to get all the great grands in a picture, so Chris held Bode ( for safe keeping) and we got Connor ( with the plug) , Kiana, Ethan, Aiden and Garrett . Whew that was a trick ! Lots of wiggles from 6 weeks to 6 years ! 6 great grands !

Brian, Dan and Chris...
Connor and Kimberly...
Brian, Kimberly and Amy
And here's Kiana ! she just toodles around so cute now !
Amy and Kimberly wanted a picture together, so we took the previous one and then tried one by themselves but guess who snuck in between them, Dr. Brian you are a goof !
I caught this one of Ethan and Kiana playing side by side ! They are about 7 months apart.
Kiana admiring great Grandma's wedding dress.
Brian and Connor
What a fun gathering and Non party celebration !