Terry and her Crazy Life

Friday, September 30, 2011

Big week of classes

What a big week of classes at Scrapbooks. We had a classroom full last week of gals making these cute pillows...totally sold out on the pillow forms and had to make more kits for the gals coming to this weeks class. We had 11 more come this week to make our project, some even repeated the class! We had 28 take our night time class of Sew and Go Again and loved the notebook cover...forgot to take photo's that night. All those kits sold out. My intermediate class of the puppy dog quilt started this week so I'll show you their progress next week, they were just busy making puppy dog blocks this week. and tomorrow is our Jelly Roll Race that everyone has been talking about. I'll try and take photos of it as we will be having alot of fun! Snacks are all bought, music prelude for the Kentucky Derby is ready to play, we have prizes for 1st place ( they are getting their quilt top quilted) we have runner up and yep, even a last place prize! Students will be prepping things for an hour in the morning, winding bobbins, having snacks to keep up their stamina and then the "race" begins! All should have their top done within 2 hours we predict!
So it's been a very fun week full of class......maybe a killer week for the teachers :-) but we love it all the same! sure is fun seeing so many people happy with what they are making, we love hearing the compliments of our patience and enthusiasm.... just that keeps us going...plus a few pain killers! :-)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

What a fun Class at Scrapbooks Etc.!

Lucky me, I got to attend a class at Scrapbooks Etc.! Yep, I got to go and have a kit and have such fun! It was at Susan and Jamie's Scrap and Go. They've modeled it somewhat after our Sew and Go concept and they had a great turn out. We made this cute little book, I choose a halloween kit...It has little tags and pockets to slip tags out of.... I typed up little papers with names and dates and glued them near each photo since alot of costumes get "rerun" so we'll remember "who wore the baby pumpkin in this photo!"
So I sent a bunch of photo's out for printing of my favorite shots over the last 7 years of having Grandboys and have some fun things now in there. It'll be fun to add this years.....Noah/Bode/Ethan/Garrett/Aiden spooky photo's to this!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

more Block Challenge

Two more blocks done on my block challenge, so that makes this months complete. Here is one called Surely Ellen. and this one is called Crossed Canoes. yea everything was 6 1/2 inches! I'll be picking the blocks we do for the next month on Oct. 1.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun evening

We enjoyed a fun evening this week with my Mother and Father in law. They are both doing so well again and it shows in their photo, it was nice to get such a good one of them! We had fun getting ice cream out in the evening for Gene's 81st birthday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bode !

Bode came over this week with MB while Daddy is off on his business trip. It was so fun to see him. Ken was still working late, so we just sort of inhaled some dinner and followed Bode around with the wanderings of a 1 year old! He's just getting so big now and toddles all over the place.
We sure had fun watching you Bode! A bath and we found some jammies and a very clean Bode went on home with Mommy for bed.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sew and Go Again

Here is our project this week at Sew And Go Again at Scrapbooks Etc. We are making this fantastic notebook cover, something we all need several of to stay organized in our "Crazy Lives"!The inside has a vinyl pocket that will fit a calculator and pen...and a little bird told me a few of these calculators will be raffled off!!!!
Here is Barb's version....totally batik of course! I must make more of these, I love them! Our night time version of Sew and Go starts at 6:00 PM on Wed.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cute Pincushion!

Here is one of the projects I got done at Quilt Camp. A watermelon Pincushion! It was so fun to make, I had the kit from a class I'd signed up for at Scrapbooks and missed, what fun to have a kit, I make kits so much it was fun to open a kit and make it! Thanks Louise and Theresa!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Challenge Block

I finished the 2nd block of our Sept. picks for our Challenge blocks. This one is called sisters Choice.

Here comes Santa Class

Another class full of fun samples was hung at Scrapbooks yesterday. You've seen the table runner, and the gift bag, well here are the other 2 projects you'll make in our "Here comes Santa Class". This is a Gift card Wallet...cute little present on the front that you'll learn some paper piecing.Here is the inside, it has pockets for fun little gift cards. This could have the potential to be a very fun gift when full!!!!
The Dear Santa wall hanging is up too...
So here is the whole set of projects you'll get to make at the 2 classes in Oct. And you even get lunch! What fun for 2 days to come home with all these projects!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Boys

3 little boys showed up at our door yesterday afternoon....#1 ( Aiden) he's so handsome in his cub scout uniform.#2 (Garrett) getting so tall!
Here he is helping me slice up peaches for dinner. We did some phone planning and had a great meal to throw together for us all.
and #3, little Ethan, growing like gangbusters! We tried to swim but the boys thought it was great and we adults thought it was brrr to cold!
Here's Amy fixing us some special porkchops...Don't they look good, they had apples and onions and lots of great seasoning!
Ethan was building a great lincoln log airport... he was so proud of himself!
He got so tickled when he made our little dancing wooden man tap dance....don't you love those great laughs!
I just love profile shots
And of course I drove thru dairy queen on my way home from work and got dilly bars for all, so that was a fun end of the day treat! Sure was fun to spend the special time with them! Thanks for coming!

Quilt Camp 2011

I got to enjoy an outing up to the mountains this past weekend with a group of fun gals. Our favorite place to go! I wasn't a very good picture taker tho and never got photo's of some of the gals, but I did capture a few of their projects. So much fun to watch the room transform as people hang things on the design wall. This isn't exactly a quilt but we all went and bought a big box of Utah peaches from a place that sells them, they are so good, just melt in your mouth, so everyone coming by my house this week is getting peaches!Here is my box of projects to work on, just thought you'd be amazed at how many things we haul along! You never know what you might be in the mood to work on! About half got worked on and finished, the rest I should put a note in the bag that said they just got to go along for the ride!
So on to some of the pretty projects, I'll save the photo's of mine and you'll see those as time goes, but here is what some other talented people did....
This is Denise's tumbler, those are about 1 1/2 inches!Sue was working on the center of this pretty one, looks like a spring time garden doesn't it.
I just love looking at things other people are creating, this one will be so pretty when done, I think it was orange popsicle or something like that! love the pinwheel in the center.
Barb and I tried out our jelly roll race for our class coming up! Here is hers, it was wonderful, I made a fall one but need a border so you'll see that another time. We did these tops in under 1 1/2 hours! It's such a fun process!
Theresa, Louise and Denise all hard at work!
Denise did these blocks, we did this block as a table runner in Sew and Go and it flys together.
Jean had this pretty batik one going, she had it all together by the time we went home.
Look at these monkey's coming along. Theresa and Louise are doing this for a class they teach.
Denise had these blocks all appliqued so she had these doggies done in no time!

Love the stars!
Barb hard at work! What a fun time we all had, lots of laughs, very little sleeping, lots of great food, so quilt camp is over until next time!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sew and Go Class

We had such a fun class at Sew and Go yesterday at Scrapbooks Etc. What a great turn out of 29 came and all left with their pillow finished, stuffed and most left with another kit and pillow form in hand to make another! Here is Amanda with hers, she got creative and added pompoms!The colors on all of them were so pretty, everyone loved it!
I hope everyone tries more of these with their pattern as they are fun to make!
What fun everyone had, success with the zipper closure in the back too!
If you missed this class, we are repeating this project next tuesday so come and make one with us!

And to top off the fun we had birthday cake for all to celebrate Barbs birthday this week! Happy Birthday Barb!