Terry and her Crazy Life

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mystery Quilt at Scrapbooks Etc.

We had 8 gals come and solve our "Christmas Mystery" class at Scrapbooks Etc. this weekend. Mystery classes are so fun, you are given the size, the fabric requirements but you just have to trust us that you'll have a good time with your project and I think everyone did! You get to pick fabrics you love and we give you the exact cutting and you come with baggies full of fabric pieces ready to go.... of course while we are sewing there is alot of wondering...what are we making????? Lots of guesses too. Finally midway thru we "revealed" what the mystery was and then everyone ooohs and ahhhs and we can finish them up. So our Mystery this time was a Santa...
Here is Kathy with hers, her background looks like a starry night sky!

Karen had borders going on...
Everyone was down to the final steps when they left, Isabelle's background looked like swirling snow!

Here is Julie's santa, just needs the border on it, she's on her way back to Ireland for the holidays.

Jeannie with her santa...it's getting close! Her background gray snowflake was great.
Here's Karen again and Tash...
And here is my final project too. It was alot of fun to make and fun to do some detail quilting on.
Lots of fun that day, everyone just seemed to have a great time. Our next mystery is a project for spring is about this size and will be alot of fun too so watch for the calendar, it's coming out soon! Don't be like everyone that is asking now for this pattern...gotta come enjoy our "mystery" quilts with us, you won't be disappointed! We've got one scheduled for this spring, a larger lap quilt size picked for summer and a darling fall project later, watch for the Mystery quilts and join us!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last Sew and Go for 2011

We did our last Sew and Go for 2011 at Scrapbooks Etc. this last week. We'll take a break from teaching while you are all to crazy to come to class anyway! We finished up with 12 gals coming to make our little gift bag. Here is Denise, she whipped up 2 during class! Her girls will love them this Christmas!Christie said hers will be ready for a perfect little grandaughter filled with a dolly, blanket and bottle and ready to take to church.
We'll miss all our great friends at Sew and Go this next month but Barb and I will be busy getting everything ready for a very full 2012, Sew and Go starts up again the first week in Jan. It's already in the computers so get signed up!

Thornberries Thanksgiving gathering

We had a wonderful time with my quilt group at Joes BBQ the day after thanksgiving. Our friend Terry P. who moved to California was in town so everyone moved aside their busy days and took time to come and meet her and catch up. We had a great time and it was so good to see her! She and I had met for breakfast one day this week, we enjoyed the time chatting so much that all the sudden we both looked at the time and realized we'd been there 2 1/2 hours!
It was great we could all meet and have lunch at Joes on friday and again chatted for 3 hours!She got her Christmas present from Bobbi.... just a tad late by 2 years but still done and on it's way home to California!
Sue brought her 9 patch quilt to show her since she hadn't seen it together, she's making a cool border for it next, this is the one that mine live in a baggie.....sigh...
This was another one Sue finished that Terry P. hadn't seen so it was fun to share things. This was another swap we have done with these blocks...yep mine occupy a baggie! Terry brought alot of her little blocks of applique and our Block Challenge Group squares so those were fun to look at, and of course everyone is talking about what our next swap to move on to will be.
Such a beautiful day out and so nice to visit with friends, we sure have missed Terry but so glad she's still a part of us as we mail things back and forth!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I hope you all had as nice a Thanksgiving Day as we all did. There is always alot of prep for these kinds of days but always worth it in the end to be able to relax and enjoy everyone together. Our little Grandson Bode with his turkey hat he made at his daycare!
My Dad had a wonderful prayer for us and time to fix plates! Everyone brought a dish to share so we had more than any family could hope for!
Bruce and Vickie ( Jamie's parents) stopped by for a visit in the morning so we enjoyed a bit of time with them talking and eating the wonderful pumpkin bread they brought. They have a new grandson in Brazil that is just a week old so we had lots to catch up on! I hear Elijah is doing wonderful! Another thing to be thankful for this day! A healthy well loved baby into this world!

Gene brought pies ( always so grateful, one less thing to think about when prepping everything!)
Gene enjoying his feast!

My Sister Marcy and husband Vince...Bode enjoying his thanksgiving feast!

Grammy's sweetheart!
We all got to visit with Jeremy and Jamie and Noah in Mississippi!
MaryBeth with Grandma and Aunt Marcy enjoying my parents anniversary book. It was wonderful to have the day to relax and do things like this. With 6 reclining seats in my family room, there were alot of naps while the games were on!
Wonderful memories of a great Thanksgiving Day!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sewing class

Here's my sister and niece with their finished notebook project the other night. It took 2 evenings due to machine and part malfunctions but this week all went well and these 2 breezed thru their project! Alissa did a pretty batik pink and burgandy one and Marcy is now set for many a Christmas list! Something she'll use year after year! They decided to take a break from our weekly sewing over december so I'll be coming up with something new and fun for you guys by Jan. so get ready!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary Amy and Chris

We've another anniversary today to celebrate! Our Daughter Amy and Chris have their special day today! Here they are back in 2000! It's fun to look back and remember the special times of their wedding day!And here they are today with their 3 little ones! Happy 11th anniversary! We hope you have a lifetime of years together!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fast and Fun time with Bode

I love those quick little 1 hour fixes you get to have with your grandsons! We ran down to meet Bode and Chris last night while MB was teaching her teachers. We met them at Chick fila and had fun watching Bode be so big and play in the play area. We inhaled a sandwich and then went over to the San Tan mall to a new ice cream shop called Frost. MMMMM was that good. Gelato that was picture perfect! Busy little Bode enjoyed ice cream, a little bit from all of us.Here hs is looking at the cow at Chick fila. It was hilarious to get to watch this in action! He was scared but really couldn't help but want to see more. He'd run back to Daddy and then turn around and say MOO. Then he'd have to turn around and go back and see where did the "moo" go. Of course when you are only 2 feet high it's hard to see over the people and chairs so he'd go and look, big eyes when he'd see him and watch him, pretty soon running back to Daddy again. By the time he left he was ready to give the cow a hi 5. I was so amazed he wasn't terrified of him and screaming! What a brave little boy! So cute to hear him say Moo! Love these quick little evening fixes of grandsons!

Happy Anniversary Jeremy and Jamie!

Happy Anniversary to Jeremy and Jamie! What fond memories we have of your wedding in Charleston South Carolina! Here's a fun snap shot of them leaving their ceremony at Battery Park right on the water with all the canons. A carriage ride thru town I'm sure they'll never forget! The carriage brought Jamie and her Dad to the wedding ceremony, it just gave you chills to see her and her Dad walking up the sidewalk!
And here they are the night before, they hosted a fun gathering for all their friends and family that had come to town. Those smiles of happiness are still as big today! Happy Anniversary you two, may you have years and years to celebrate being together!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The ovens are ready for the turkey!

Well after lots of measuring, trips to the cabinet shop, help from Chris and Bode, Ken has the new microwave in! So far so good, I guess I should read the directions but I did heat some water for tea this morning and it worked fantastic! Seems very user friendly.And with Thanksgiving 1 day away I'm happy to say that all this with many adjustments, sawing and clamping, making the bottom drawer smaller and the top a bit narrower, we have OVENS installed!
YEA! I came home from work last night to find them in their place. The electricians had shown up in the afternoon and done their part to run a new line so we'd have plenty of power for both ovens. I whipped out some instant slice and bake cookies to try it out to see what it would do and all seemed well! Course that was only in the bottom oven. So I guess we'll be breaking them in with thanksgiving dinner around the corner! It's a great update to our kitchen and being one who does like to cook I think they'll see plenty of action!


Remember all the apples from my parents home in the woods, well this Sunday was apple day! They went from this....To this! Yea for the apple peeler!
I decided I wanted this batch to just be frozen slices for the freezer, so I think there are a few pies or apple crisps in our future! And none of it went to waste, Ken took all the scrappys down to the cabinet shop and threw them into the gravel area under the trees for the birds!

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Ovens

Well our house is at the age where things are needing to be replaced. I guess after 15 years our appliances really didn't owe us anything else. So new ovens have been purchased and now await the installation! Chris and Bode came this week to help get the microwave up into position. Ken had done some tear out on the cabinets so they were ready. Bode was right there to help!

Out comes the old oven, we won't miss that timer going off on it's own at all! Or the light starting to blink off and on all on it's own!
Little guy in training!!!

Bode helping with the clean up! All little boys love my built in vacuum, you can make it just their size! Vacuum away Bode!

Well the cabinet man has his work cut out for him yet. He's got everything out, back to the cabinet shop to make different trim pieces. Saw dust everywhere from cutting out cabinet parts ( I was the dust collector with the vacuum hose!) The electrician has come and decided we need new wires run since we've gone from a single oven to the double oven.... the thanksgiving turkey is unthawing in the refrigerator.... we have 3 days to go....I'll keep you posted and show you the finished project soon...I hope!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Doggie Quilt

I just had to show you one of the quilts from my intermediate class at Scrapbooks Etc.. Here is Linda's quilt that is all ready to get quilted and go to her grandaughter. It came out so cute. The dogs all have such personality! My intermediate Beyond Basics class has ended for this year but will be starting up first thing in Jan. again with a new quilt to learn. I saw another students doggie quilt on it's way to the quilter so I can't wait to see it come back too. I get so excited when people take my design and run with it!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sew and Go November and Lisa!

We had a great group of gals come to Sew and Go this week at Scrapbooks. All left with their cute little quilted gift bags done. There were 3 varities of kits to choose from and I heard several plans of what they'd do with theirs to fill and give for the holidays. It was fun to do something like that to get everyone thinking along the gifting line!And I wanted to introduce you to Lisa. This is Lisa, our right hand gal that gets so much done for Barb and I . She helps us at Sew and Go, does lots of set up for us and cleans up so we can escape and collapse after!!!! She also keeps kitting for us all the time while she's working the floor at Scrapbooks too. So we just have to stay ahead of her with our lesson plans so we are ready for her, then she in turn gets our kits ready for all of you! By "getting Lisa" we now have our design days to do lots of design and planning for all the fun classes and events we do.
So if you missed the fun this last week, we'll be making the fun little quilted gift bags again on tuesday so you can join us then. We have Sew and Go Again yet the last wed. night in November and then we'll have the month of December off from teaching, but believe me we will still be there doing all kinds of prep for you all as Jan. we kick off a new calendar of classes and fun events all for you! So don't miss out, as we'll be ready for you the first week of 2012 with more fun than you really should be having!!!