Terry and her Crazy Life

Friday, December 31, 2010

Sneak Peak at our first Sew and Go in January!

Ok here is your first "sneak peek" at our first Jan. sew and go! This is just an itty bitty part of it! and YES you'll learn how to make the cool flower too! Jan 4th, sign up on line and you save 10%! I suppose I'll have to be showing the whole thing soon! :-)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Table Runner Sample Done

Another class sample is finished and going in tomorrow. This one is a table runner that I'm teaching Feb. 7th at Scrapbooks Etc. It was alot of fun to make and will be more of an intermediate level class. The pattern picture had all pretty springtime color flowers so this looks totally different from the pattern photo. It will be a fun class to introduce a really great flying geese ruler that makes putting those together easy and fun!It didn't show up, but I quilted butterflies and flowers into it. That's 2 samples down, next one to start is the one for our Buggy Barn Class. I know it's still winter and snowing like crazy everywhere but in Phoenix, but here is just a hint of some spring!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wonderful Dinner!

Chris and MB have a wonderful Christmas tradition of inviting us over after Christmas along with her parents and they make a wonderful home made meal for the 6 of us to enjoy! Of coures we were all enjoying Bode . MB's parents have had some good time catching up with him since they live so far away. And what did he get for Christmas but his first tooth! It was fun to get to see what Santa had brought to Bode, have a great meal and enjoy each other.MB and Marie had been cooking all day and made this wonderful Lasagna, homemade foccacia bread and spinach salad.
Here is Chris serving it up, Bode's looking like he'd like to dig in!
Here are Steve and Marie,it was a very nice dinner to be a part of and share with them all.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Celebration!

We had a great time celebrating Christmas Eve this year, it was so nice to have everyone have enough time to spend the day. We sure were missing Jeremy and Jamie, but hope to have a Christmas skyping time with them tomorrow. We started early with b-fast and lots of fun for the day! Here are Aiden, Garrett and Ethan all patiently waiting to open up their presents. I put a quilt down for each boy to sit on, their stockings were on their quilt and that worked pretty good with the chaos ! Here is little Bode with his.
Chris helping Aiden with his new lego truck.
Bode was so cute at Breakfast!
Bode loved the paper!
Ethan got his own Buzz lightyear! He came with the superman cape on and wore it the entire day! He kept telling me he could fly!
Here is Amy putting Ethan's name on Buzz's foot just like Andy in the movie. Garrett has one too at home.
Chris and MB
My Mom, Chris and Bode
Here is Bode with his new little musical girrafe.
It was fun to have time to play, Garrett got to start learning to drive the train.
We played our new game Wits and Wagers with everyone, lots of fun.
My Mom, Ethan and Amy
Yep Ethan can fly!
Ethan and Amy
Here is Amy, my Dad and Chris...
Mom and Dad
Here's Garrett, all clean, jammied up and trying out his new robe!
So what a wonderful day it was to share with everyone, all are a bit tired, but went home happy and content....even little Ethan who runs at full throttle all day (and yes the super man cape is still on)and then during dinner, clocked out! Pretty tired to fall asleep sitting up! Good night all and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Spirit!

Well if you are lacking in any Christmas spirit this week, just check out our Bode. He's all decked out and happy and squealing and ready for the big day! Actually we got to have him over for a couple evenings this week, what fun! Cereal time, baths, bottles, time for play, Bode we had such fun with you and you definitely look like you are ready for Santa!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Zoo Lights

What a great evening had by all at the zoo lights this year. Thanks Chris and Amy for treating us to it. We met for pizza and contemplated whether to go or not as the California rain is on it's way here and it was starting to drizzle out. But off we went and we hardly had one sprinkle on us the whole time. Rather balmy out with the clouds, actually our warmest zoo lights yet. It's been so fun over the years to get to do this with everyone. They've added different features and lights over the years and it's quite the show now.
Lots and lots of animals along the way that are lit, some move, dancing lights, trees with so many lights in them it's hard to look at them, amazing.
What a great time with everyone, so glad we could go!
And I think Bode liked his first Christmas Zoo Lights!

Table mat

I made 2 of these little table mats for some Christmas presents this year. Lots of fun to give the pattern a try. I quilted them all over with a medium stipple in gold thread. Little projects are so fun! They've been "given" so figured I can post the photo now!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Garrett and I had a date!

Garrett and I had a date this last week! He and I got to spend some time together, first we went to do his christmas shopping at the dollar store! He was so cute, he had $5 in his wallet. So we went down a few aisles and he picked things for his family. He started with Aiden and then got Ethan, then we went and got his Daddy something and then he picked out something special for his Mommy. I'm sure they will love it all! Here we are already back at the car.
Then we went to Somburros for lunch. 2 kids meals with bean burros comin right up!
Our next stop was a treat for him. Build a bear. He picked a bunny and named him C C.
A quick play on the toys at the mall and then we walked by Santa to take a peek and Santa wasn't busy with anyone so he looked right at Garrett and waved. wow! He didn't want to go visit with him so off we went to come home.....
And he wrapped all his presents to take home. It sure was a fun date Garrett. He did have a bit of time to get to play with Uncle Jeremy's batman set, Garretts such a fun little guy, you could just have him around all the time!

Class Sample Done

Here is a class sample for Scrapbooks Etc. I delivered today before our Christmas party. This is the one I posted last week when the top was done, here is the finished thing! It's called Polka Dots and Pinwheels and we've listed it as an intermediate level class. It will start the first thursday in Jan. morning and evening classes available and it lasts for 3 weeks. It'll be lots of fun to make so if you've not tried some quarter square triangles and something beyond squares we'll have fun putting this one together. If you sign up on line it's 10% off now too. What a deal.Here's a closer shot of the blocks, I put little raw edge circles in the center of them all, and it's got a cute minkie on the back with polka dots of course! Yea for one class sample done....moving on to the next!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Christmas Party

We had our annual family Christmas party this past weekend. We do it early so that all can attend and still do everything they need to do with their own families on the holiday. My sister Marcy and Husband Vince hosted us this year.Their house just looked beautiful. Here are all their stockings up the stairway, I've made them over the years for them and it's fun to see them hang. We seem to need to add a new one every few years as my nieces and nephew have married and now the babies are coming!
We all had a great time, here is Ken, my oldest son Chris with Bode and my Dad.
Here is my nephew Mike with his daughter Cailyn and my Mom. We all had such a blast watching Cailyn!
Here is my daughter Amy with niece Corissa, Cailyn's got a new brother coming soon!
The tables were set so pretty, all ready for our wonderful dinner. Everyone brought such great food to share.
Bode the newest addition to the family was having fun with his new "football"
MB started reading Bode a story and Cailyn got so interested. It was fun to see how intrigued she was with "a baby" since there will be a new one in their house soon! She had to watch the diaper changing and was very interested in it all!
We had time for presents, here is Aiden.
And then a special visitor just happened to stop in! Here is Santa! and he brought along his lovely helper! I think she's really an elf in disguise!
Santa had presents for all, here is Garrett with his.... all decked out in tools ready to work. Aiden got the same thing and asked Ken if he was going to be at the shop tomorrow so he could come and help....how cute is that!
Cailyn wasn't afraid but didn't want to get to close either! She got a that cute bear from Santa.
Here is MB and Bode with Santa.
We tried to get a photo of all the kids, but since 2 of them wouldn't really get very close we opted for one with them on the couch and Santa could stand behind. one straggler there on the floor! Oh well!
Aiden and Garrett got to help Santa pass out gifts. He had certificates for them all to see if they made the "good List", whew they all did!
Here is Bode on Santa's lap, I wonder if next year he'll want to do that?!?!? Seems to be 3 before they are ready to get close again.
Aiden and Garrett were all grins!
Here are a couple videos to enjoy! Sorry Santa is sideways, just had to put it on as it's so cute at the beginning to hear Garrett say, Mom! It's santa!
And here is Bode, having a silly time at dinner! What happy giggles and squeals!