Terry and her Crazy Life

Friday, November 30, 2012

Noah We are coming!!!!!

I've been MIA from the blogging world for to many months!  So since I"m now STUCK at the airport in St. Louis with a broken plane I have wifi ( that I had to buy UGH) so I"m going to catch up a bit!  In transit to see NOAH!!!!!!!  Yea!  It's just going to take longer than we thought, we left in the dark this morning and here we are in St. Louis by 11:15 to catch our connection and apparently it can't get off the ground in Boston....soooooo we wait.....and wait....suppose to leave at 2:15  and now it's projected at 8 getting into Birmingham at 9:15...ho hum. Free vouchers were already handed out so that helps a wee bit ( we will be coming back to see you Noah with those!) So I'm reentering the blogging world at least for this week!  After the wifi messes for 2 months, life has been chaos, just keeping my head above water!  Landed another job at Kohls.  Seasonal so far, altho they've told me after the first month they want to hire me after the holiday's, so that's nice to know.  Lots of stories about all that, but for now I"m off everywhere for one week on my way to see Noah!  So here we sit, Ken , I and our little friend poking out of my backpack for my little buddy who now will be sound asleep when we arrive :-(.  But tomorrow is another day!  So I wonder if this airport has ice cream or anything good......

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Craziness!

 Well everyone knows I have a crazy life so here are a few shots of one other strange excitement we had to DEAL with, a crane moving a huge storage crate at our building.   Not something you do everyday but now I can say , yep done that!
 Did you know when you hire the crane you get the one guy who drives it, amazing he could do all this ( course the guys had to do everything they could to help.... 1st try, to heavy, so looping the crane cables around gave him more lift.... I know they had a weight, something like 36000 pounds or maybe it was 26, or 46, at that point who knows!
And now, the city is happy it's where they like it and all is done, whew! Pure Craziness as far as I'm concerned!  but now if you ever need to move a very full storage container this is how you do it!

And one more tidbit just so you are as educated as I'm getting....did you know that people steal these strange plumbing things.....you can tell ours was cut there on the left side near the ground and apparently someone interrupted the would be thieves as they didn't finish their job.... so we have a new one of "these" things with a cage around it....that's why you see all those strange cages around town, around things like this because apparently people steal them....no cheap thing either, strange isn't it! Now I know, not that I ever wanted to, but such is my Crazy Life! And like the sign in my kitchen says life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

All Cut Up Design

Just had to show you our All Cut Up design at ETC. this month. One of my favorites we've done.  We just made a table topper to show/teach it but I really am thinking I need to do this scrappy one in bed size.  I love how it came out.  And not hard to do!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catching up!

With my internet  being so dumb in the last 3 months I feel all out of sync! So I'll throw on some photos just to catch up!  We had everyone over for a fun Halloween get together the weekend before Halloween ... pretty much just an excuse to get together so we could all see how cute the little ones were!  Here is the cutest witch you've seen....Miss Cailyn!
 And the Best Puppy the world could have!  Mr. Landon!
 A Dinosaur came over....Mr. Bode!
 Then we had this scary guy... the grim reaper.....aka Mr. Aiden!
 I bet you've not seen this cute of a crab ever!!!!  Mr. Brock in disguise!
And Noah couldn't come but I got this photo of him...looking the happiest pumpkin in Mississippi!\
 Here are Aiden in the back and then the Ninja is non other than Mr. Garrett and is that Iron Man I see next to Bode.......That must be Mr. Ethan and I could definitely tell that he thought I could NOT TELL WHO HE WAS!
 We tried for a group shot....Bode really didn't want to wear his costume at all, to scared of all the other costumes!  But we did get everyone in one spot!....sorta!
 You had to see this cute Pumpkin Shaped Cheese ball that Alissa brought.  Everyone brought yummy things, Ken and I made Mummy Toes ( mini hot dogs wrapped in cresent rolls!) and we had a fun unhealthy sort of meal!
 And we had fun all getting to hang out...my mom and Brock.... We celebrated my parents wedding anniversary in between everything.....and we celebrated Mike and Corissa's, they were off on a getaway but we celebrated without them!
 We quick celebrated Chris's birthday with some cookies and candles to blow out.  Talk about throw it all into one night, slam bam!
 And it was a fun time for all....can you tell Landon was having fun! So come Halloween we were "done" with it so Ken and I joined my folks for dinner and a movie....gone from 5-9...done deal, movie tickets were more fun than buying candy this year!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sew and Go - last one for 2012

Well here is our last Sew and Go Project for 2012.  This darling little zip bag, and yep you'll all learn to make this cute little embellished flower!  We'll be teaching this at ETC on Tuesday and then Sew and Go has a break until Jan 2013.  This gives Barb and I a chance to get all things wonderful ready for you in Jan., and besides, guess what's just around the corner and yep you all get to busy to come sew with us, so come for one last bit of fun in 2012 and get ready for even better things next year!  We are booking classes with Julie on Tuesday for next spring so our brains have been buzzing and you'll love it all!

Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm back!!!

Well whatever it is that makes a modem not work for a week and then all the sudden start working I want to thank the modem fairy's that decided to come by and get mine working. I really suspected that I had one, but I text my guru and he hadn't been here so why a modem dies and then comes back to life I sure don't know but sure do appreciate it!  I was just going to look up where to buy one and I noticed my phone was working, so I went and looked.....OH MY GOSH the lights were on!  Last week we had tracked, reset cords, Cox told me it was dead, no lights for a week and all the sudden it's working!  So I've quick paid the bills in case this is a fluke but for now I"M BACK!  Did you know if you park really close to McDonalds building you can tap into their wifi without even going in......So if you see a crazy woman with a lap top on her lap between me and the steering wheel, that was me! And lately things have been breaking, of course the everything seems to be between $100 - $1000 a day so I was just thinking, well a $100 modem isn't really so bad compared to stolen plumbing, cranes, garbage disposals,sprinkler systems. But it's working, YEA!  I've got so many things I"m behind on!  Mostly Noah...... call me NOAH so we can face time!!!!