Terry and her Crazy Life

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

spending the night!

We decided to have an impromptu "spend the night" with our 3 oldest Grandsons the other night. They came in the afternoon and we decided to head to Chucky Cheese for some fun! Here is Garrett with all his tickets! We had pizza there and I so appreciate that they have you gated in with hand stamps matching the child with the caregiver and they really do check as you leave!
After lots of fun there we decided to go to the subdivision near ours to check out the new baby horses. 4 little ponies, so cute!
The mares are all huge draft horses, very strong and tall with the feathers on their feet like a Clydesdale. So the babies all have very long legs, each looks like it was born a week after the next.
The boys enjoyed seeing the little ponies.
After lots of petting we headed to our neighborhood ice cream shop and got ice cream cones and then home for much needed baths!
Here's Ethan all snuggled in his bed. Grammy and Papa kept them up way late!!!! They loved their story tho and were quite attentive but fell asleep right away!
Aiden had it all figured out the night before, we'd make chocolate chip pancakes....hmmmm I guess we've done that so many times it's a given! Ethan helped do all the stirring and added the chocolate chips, Aiden did great with cooking them, even flipping them! What a great cook he's going to be!
Here's Ethan and Aiden on the patio when they woke up, it was so pretty out so we had fun out there until Mommy and Daddy came to pick them up. Here's Garrett with Pancakes on the patio! Sure was fun to do that with our little guys, hopefully soon we'll get to have another "spend the night"!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Landon R.

For all of you who follow all my craziness I thought I'd post this so you'd all know that our little Landon R. is doing wonderful following his surgery. We got to see him a week post op and found him doing great, healing wonderfully. Amazing how little babies grow and heal. So glad that part is over, and he'll be getting his doc band in another week or so.
Ken and I got to visit just shortly and see Cailyn and Mommy Corissa and all were fine, left them with dinner and we were relieved to see our little nephew doing so well. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow in those early months, grins, giggles and discoveries. What a rough week they've been thru but we are glad all will be well for Landon now as he grows. If you want more details on the whole thing you can see their blog posts at http://itsallabouttheos.blogspot.com/

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ficus Tree

We have one ficus tree left in our yard and it got hit by the extreme frost we had this winter. this is the second time we've had to cut it back from severe frost and we were surprised it has come back. We lost the one on the side of the house the last time and Jeremy cut it down for us when he was home last time. We finally had it trimmed up this week...It looks much better so hope it can take the summer and grow strong again! We'd have really missed that tree, it makes great shade for our home and is so pretty outside my bedroom window...besides being the favored tree for climbing by 3 little grandsons!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sew and Go Again Class

Our Sew and Go Again class was a bunch of fun for 28 gals that joined us! This night time class will be fun for everyone that can't come to things during the day or just want to come another time to make something fun! The bags all came out so cute, it was fun watching them leave.Yea Sara, her's came out darling!
Here's MaryBeth and Melissa, they did a great job! We'll have a night time version the last wed. of each month from 6:00 to 8:30, See you in July!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Intermediate Quilt Class

This was the last class in the Intermediate quilting class at Scrapbooks this week. Here is the one that Tash is doing for her friend, it's going to be striking with the red and black! She was working on her borders today.Marti's is queen size so she was still putting rows together and starting her border, it's for her son and coming out beautiful in greens and browns and blacks.
Here is Sheryl's blocks she's working on, we got them all layed out and she's doing a great job.
She got a row finished!
Pats was so elegant, She's doing a smaller size and was going great on her border too. So that ended that series, I"ll be teaching the same quilt starting up in June again.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Lucky us got to attend Garretts preschool graduation today! The children did fantastic and so did Amy! Nice turnout of parents too and of course at the end what the kids really wanted were the donuts, gummy worms and drink boxes! Here is Garrett. He'll still go to preschool again next year.... they graduate every year! Here is the graduate with Mommy and Daddy and Ethan.
And with Ken and I. They sang such cute songs and had such a fun time performing for us.
I tried to get a video of how cute the little voices all were. As it starts notice in the bottom right hand corner right away, there is Ethan sitting in a chair next to Ms. Amy and he's doing all the motions of the songs with the kids. He's ready for preschool next year!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tree Skirt Class

I"m teaching this tree skirt class in July at Scrapbooks. It's a 2 part class July 12 and July 26 10:30-1:00 or 6:00 -8:30. Pattern is included in the class. Come hang out in the cool air and make one with me! A bit of Christmas in July!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Halloween Block of the Month

Another block is ready for our Halloween Block of the Month. This is the tree that goes right next to last months witch. The little acorn spills over onto the witch block. It's gonna be so cute! Still a few spaces if anyone wants to join us, first wed. of each month at Scrapbooks. Alot of people did come and make their block on that wed. but some just stop in later and pick it up.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sew and Go Again

Our night time Sew and Go Again class is this wed. night at 6:00PM We are making this great reversible tote, lots of choices of colors and fabrics for kits too. We've had to limit the size of the class to 25 and I know there are only a couple spots left so if you want to make this great bag be sure and get signed up! Call Scrapbooks Etc. or go online as then you save 10%! We'll have a Sew and Go Again class once a month at night so watch for it on the schedule, each time it's a different project, sometimes a repeat of something from our daytime class or sometimes something totally different like this one. You never know what Barb and I might pull off!

Thornberry's quilt meeting in May

We had our Thornberry quilt group meeting at Sue's house in May. It was nice enough to sit outside and eat our lunch. There is L-R Sue, Barb, Bobbi, Lorene and Judy.We had tons of wonderfully finished projects so I'll show you all to inspire you! Here is Sue's pretty christmas quilt that Louise had quilted for her, she just needs to bind it!
She finished this Asian one, it's huge!
Barb did this cute little patriotic pinwheel...
A cute bunny stitchery...
Barb had a very productive month! Way to go Barb!
This cute Christmas wall quilt...
Judy finished up 2 of these quilts for her grandaughters.
And we had 2 birthdays to celebrate this month, Sue and Barb! I made them a yummy berry trifle for our dessert. You girls keep me inspired! Thanks for the fun day!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sew and Go

Here are the few photo's I took at last weeks Sew and Go at Scrapbooks. Everyone had a great time.The cute little mug mats left along with their coordinating tea bag holder.
I hope everyone is having fun using theirs!

Cailyn's visit

I was lucky to get to have my great niece Cailyn come and play for the day on friday. She came at 5 in the morning while her baby brother was having his "skull surgery" done at Barrows. We were all so nervous about little Landon that my folks came over to play and stay busy too. Amy brought Ethan and Garrett over to play with their cousin for awhile too. Here are the 2 two your old cousins in the sand...We walked to the park and had fun there,
Cailyn and I baked some cookies and had fun playing with all the different toys...especially the old fisher price people. She loved having them go potty and play with the one that was the baby! We spent lots of time outside swinging and digging in the sand and by noon was claiming all things hers...my bed, my swing, my favorite bike! It was so cute. Her great grandparents treated us to lunch at Arby's and that was fun for us all. Cailyn loves dipping everything in ketchup! She had a great nap and we were all relived to hear that Landon was stable after his surgery. I sure had fun with you Cailyn, I hope you can come and play again soon!

Scrapbook class

I got to take a class to make this fun book at Scrapbooks Etc. the other night. I had so much fun. It was my May class to take and I learned and had such fun in Pam's class. It was such fun to use lots of the different tools and punches to create this...
Some of the fun inside pages of this board book...
Now it needs some photo's!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What's going on with "the boys"

Ken and I got to catch up a bit today with all of our grandboys! This is an older photo of them with their Mommy but we met Amy and her three at the park tonight for a picnic supper and time to play too. They showed us a great park they have in Chandler that actually is built on an old city dump, what great designs and toys to play on there. We had a very fun evening with them. Aiden is almost done with First grade can you believe it! In another week or so he'll be a second grader and ready for a fun summer. He's lost so many teeth this year that he's got that darling toothless grin. Garrett has his preschool graduation on Thursday so we are looking forward to attending that. He's so great at riding his 2 wheel bike without the training wheels now, he brought his bike over the other day and rode it to the park while we walked. Ethan is 2 going on 6! He is so strong and confident physically it is amazing. I think his hair is blonder every time I see him. He still looks just like his Uncle Jeremy did. He talks a mile a minute now and has lots to say. Sure was fun sharing an impromptu picnic with you boys! Bode got to come over and spend the morning at our house. He and I had such a great time, nothing better than getting to rock him and having those sleepy eyes look up at you and all the sudden see a grin. And yep, he's standing everywhere.
He's wanting to go play golf here real soon! he'll be one in about 6 weeks, amazing!
So our other little guy should be here in about 2 weeks. Noah we are all anxious for you to come so we can meet you! I fly out on his due date and for now Ken will come a few days later. Until we know more of his arrival we'll keep with our plans, but boy it won't take much for this Grammy to be changing reservations if he comes sooner!

Cleaned up!

I finished cleaning up my sewing room a couple weeks ago. It took my few spare minutes each day for about a week and of course it got worse before it got better. The room had pretty much "imploded" for the last year and I knew it needed a very good cleaning. So yea, the 2 closets and numerous drawers I"m so lucky to have, have all been cleaned out and sorted and I'm back in business! I got this cute basket thinking I'd be able to throw something in there, but Emma seems to think it's just for her! It sure is nice working in a clean space again and having all that counter to work on!

Summer Sew and Go

Well, the word is out at Scrapbooks. Barb and I have so many fun things planned for our summer Sew and Go classes. We will be doing coordinated projects for the entire summer, in fact I think it will be June, July, August and we have so many ideas we will do Sept. also! So when you come to Sew and Go in June, the project fabrics you choose for that class will coordinate thru the entire summer. They are all going to be sewing related things and so neat. Barb and I have had a blast making them all, sometimes it will be one project, sometimes there will be a couple. Then when you are signed up for the next class we will save the right kit just for you. This might help with the LONG LINE out the door before the store opens in the summer when it's hot. Right now we have about 20 people lining up to get in at 9:30 ( we open at 10 and class isn't until 11:00). Everyone wants first dibs at their kit fabrics and spot to sit and sew for the day! It's going to be TO HOT come June so this should help you all not be cooked before we start! You can come leisurely at 10:00 and your kit will be waiting for you! BUT you have to be signed up for us to hold it! So here is the pile of fabrics I used for my projects. We have several different color ways picked already. It's such a nice time for us to be able to thank all you that support us thru the summer with some very special projects! I'll be showing you each one soon but in the meantime get signed up so you don't miss out! See you all there!