Terry and her Crazy Life

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mystery Quilt Class at ETC

We have a great Mystery Quilt class coming up at ETC.  It's in April , a 2 part class so I got started on mine.  The price will include the 2 classes and all your fabrics for your top, you choose from whatever you like at ETC.  I decided to do mine with a light I had, a medium I bought and then the darks I had are going to be scrappy.  It's been fun to work on, Mystery quilts are fun if you have never done one, you'll enjoy it.  I'll show you my quilt once the class is over since then it wouldn't be a "mystery", until then, this is your little sneak peek of my fabrics.  

Monday, January 28, 2013

New/old ( sorta) job

So I"m adding another little position to my life.  ETC offered to have me work the floor again so I'll be there now each Monday starting in Feb.  When I first started there 2 1/2 years ago I worked the floor helping people, cutting fabric and point of sale, then I had a design day and teaching days.  When we got so busy with classes then they pulled me to keep me in the classroom.  So now we've arranged all classes on Tuesday thru Thursday so I can go back on the floor too. Crazy thing is that they've acquired a whole new computer system this year which I barely muddle thru to check my class rosters.  So I've spent some time in the last week learning the whole system... so glad I know lots about everything else....or at least I fake it....Soooooo here we go brain, figure it out! I'll enjoy seeing all the people on Mondays so come see me!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's a MONKEY!

Here's our fun little Monkey all ready for class at ETC.  The class is Baby Oh Baby....our once a quarter baby quilt class, so you can stash a baby quilt here and there so you are ready when you need them!
Feb 12 and 26 - a 2 part class, come see how fun this guy is to make! You should see the back, it's got soft minkie on it with monkeys of course! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pies and Party Prep

That fun we had this past weekend, Amy asked if we could help with party prep and pie baking for Aiden's birthday party!  So after a busy morning of visiting, pinewood derby race we went to their house and all pitched in to get ready for a big 9th birthday party the next day!  Amy and I started out on pies while Ken and Chris got to chores of cleaning and outside cleanup.

 Aiden requested Apple pies instead of birthday cake so as replys to come enjoy a celebration came in so did the pie number.  I love baking pies so it was fun to do it together!
 Ken got in on the chopping as the pies were in the oven, we moved on to several mexican food recipes so all would be ready the next day.  Home made chicken taquito's, a mexican shredded chicken. We started dinner prep, Chris was grilling a flank steak.
 All ready to go.....boy did they smell good!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pinewood Derby

Well it's been YEARS since we attended a pinewood derby race. We got to enjoy Aiden's Boyscout Pack's official Race!  All the cars weighed in and ready to race.
 If you've never been to one, it's quite the event, all computerized...the screen in the front had the race participants as each one came up for each of their 4 races.....cute with the checkered flags!
 Aiden's car on the right....orange!  he won one of his races!
 Each boy sat "in the pitt" to watch their car.  Who was next was always at the bottom of the screen.
 Amy and Garrett, they had just come from 2 basketball games...

 Ethan was excited about the sour patch kids candies we found in my purse!
 And Aiden with his car!  Their den did great with one of the boys winning the race overall!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Evening with the little "B's"

Ken and I got to spend an evening this week with our little B Grandsons.  MB had to teach, Chris was on a trip so we got to pick them up at day care.  Bode came running out so excited, in fact Miss Robin said he'd been telling her all that week that we were picking him up!  So off we went to McDonalds for some fun....Ken with little Brock...he loved those strings on Ken's jacket, amazing how he can grab them now and yes...put them in his mouth!
 Sorry for the rough photo's, Bode is hard to catch with an iphone camera!

 Brock you are a beautiful baby boy!
 This was one of our ice cold days, so bundled up we left!
 Off to their house for playing.  Mommy would be home by bedtime so we just played and had a great time!  Brock is sitting so great now, still tips over here and there but he has such a strong straight back now.
 Reaching for toys, not overly coordinated with those hands yet but most things go right to the mouth!
 Rides on Papa's back, time to play with a race car, books to read, ice cream to eat, we had fun!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The 4 K's in AZ

What a great morning yesterday, Ken and I drove by a few homes to deliver fruit and then to his parents house to see our Niece and her family here from Washington State.  This was our first time to meet little Keaton and it was so fun to get to visit and play for a bit!
 Grandpa the Great and Keaton...
 Kiana...chewing on her bottom lip....still a doll!
  Kevin, Kristin, Kiana and Keaton we are so glad you came to visit! Beautiful children!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thornberries quilt meeting in Jan.

We had a very relaxing meeting with friends this month for my Thornberry quilt group.  Sue made a pot of soup, perfect on a very cold day.  We had egg salad and yummy bread, 2 salads and Lorene made a smores cake!  gotta have that recipe!  
Sue has the center of our churn dashes together, we did all these blocks together in a swap. mine are in a baggie of course!
 Lorene is working on this fabulous quilt in her redwork group...

 And another swap is being discussed, we are all enjoying using our fabrics and trading all kinds of things to use them up.  Right now we are thinking of trading the center 9 patch and just the corner pieces for the outside triangles so everyone can use what they like for the light.  Always something to keep your mind being creative!  Thanks gals for the fun relaxing time!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Zoo Lights!

We made it!  Finally after the 3rd attempt we got there!  Pizza and a starbucks treat and we had a blast!It's always fun to see what is new each  year!Thanks for treating us to a fun evening 
Amy and Chris!  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Years day at Amy's

What fun on New Years evening to get invited to Amy's house for Cheese fondue supper and a dip in the new spa!
 All kinds of yummies for everyone to try, from fruit to sausages to potatoes and veggies! Yummy!
 Then we did this craziness, but oh did it feel good!  We literally ran out to the heated spa 102 degrees, you can see the steam!  How fun, all 7 of us.  Ethan wasn't above water to much but to catch a breath!  Trying out his new Christmas swim goggles and dive toys!  Hard to get everyone to sit still, but this shot shows the fun!  We rotated all 7 of us around the jets trying each one.  We didn't overflow the water to bad but there sure wasn't as much in there after we all got out!
 We went inside then to play a game and decided to whip up some chocolate fondue to try since we had a few goodies we could dip!  There wasn't any left when we finished! What a fun time!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Class Mate Class

If you want a handy little tote, this one is for you!  We taught this last quarter at ETC but of course we've made some changes, added a pocket or 2! Now there is a new open and zipper pocket on the back and extra pen pockets on the inside!
 Here's the inside, all ready to be Loaded up!  Tues. Jan 22nd.  We've got finishing kits for you if you want, vinyl all cut to size, zippers and the hardware.  Ready for all your handwork or art supplies!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You've Been Bagged!

Here's a little peek at an upcoming class Barb and I are teaching at ETC.  This is our You've Been Bagged Class for this quarter.  You will love this sturdy tote!  I swear Barb must have the kitchen sink some days in hers!  We will have 2 different sizes you can make...
 Plus a couple of different pocket arrangements you can do also.  Mine is sort of a heap right now in the sewing room....they look like long snakes while you are creating it!  I'll show you soon!  Class is later this month in Jan. so be sure and check it out!  You've been bagged is always fun and you end up with such a fun bag!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Slippers to Match!

Just a quickie to show you my slippers for Sew and Go!  And they match my quilt!  soooo what fun to give people matching slippers for their quilt!  Another thing we can do with that pile of little bitty scraps!  Sew and Go Slippers  are Tuesday at ETC.!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beyond Basics at ETC

Here it is, my Beyond Basics sample for ETC.  Class starts in Feb., goes every other week for 3 weeks so it goes into March.  I'm just doing my Beyond Basics class once this quarter.  And since this class always seems to have some homework we scheduled it with a week in between to allow you all more time!!!  So binding is almost stitched down, I"ll be down at ETC. hanging it up any day.  That will be a challenge as I made mine king size cuz I wanted a new quilt on my bed!  You can make yours any size you like. 2 different blocks to learn to make this quilt, it sits on point, has a detailed border....lots of fun!!!!

Sew and Go is BACK!

Sew and Go is back, we start up on Tuesday this week!  Back to our normal 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.  A different project each time.  Space is limited so sign up ahead as we've made just that amount of kits!  And for you all waiting for the big "leak".  Here it is, we are making slippers!  Comfy, warm slippers!  I'm thinking it's not to early to get started on Christmas presents for next year!  They even have grippy bottoms just like little kids sleepers!  Several kits to choose from, you'll love how easy!

 So Barb went nuts and here's a pair she whipped up too, minkie on the inside....ahhhhh, soft and cuddly, and then she did a little twister to make them fun, see where we can take your minds on ideas!!!! I'm starring at the pile of little scraps from my new quilt for my bed thinking....ahhh matching slippers.....
Sew and Go Tuesday at 11:00, $20 Gets you your kit and us!  come early at 10 for best kit selection and to claim your seat!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Frosty Arizona

Well here I sit in my cozy house ( at least half of it, we don't turn heat on the other half since we aren't in there much!)huddled under a quilt and blogging!  The weather channel says its 25 degrees out but feels like 19 degrees.  that's just cold for Arizona!  I know you people that are used to the cold weather and have 5 feet of snow on the ground right now, and the ones here in Arizona that are walking around in shorts think we are nuts, but this is cold!  The wool sweater was on yesterday, fleece jackets in the house, socks and slippers on the feet in the house, no bare feet! And we have 3 more nights of this!  So Ken was prepping and prepping so I hope as the frost is settling this morning it worked. He's got utility lights in 3 of our trees...trying to save the ficus too.... with 200 watt blubs to put out heat so they glowed all night!   Lots of oranges on the top of the tree are picked. He picked all the lemons.  

Ethan and Amy came picking grapefruit yesterday so we all had bags in our cars going delivering!  The tree is still loaded but we'll just hope for the best.  Here's Ethan having some time to play, eating an orange with the giraffe that went out to give rides too in our bike-trailer.

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Years Eve

Happy New Years everyone!  I know this post is 2 weeks late but oh well! 
 Fun with family!
 Then home to the fantastic fireworks show on Bode's street!
 Put on by these 2 crazies!  Chris and Eric their neighbor across the street!
 Bundled up, sitting under the heater which we hauled out to the street, a bit of champagne, Brock was still asleep in his carseat tucked safely in the house.  Bode ran wild with the neighbor girls.  Brrr it was cold out, but how can you resist!  What fun! We were home and in bed by 10! :-)  Happy New year to you all!