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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween parade!

Lucky me got to go to a Halloween Parade this week! What fun was that to see all these cute kido's dressed up for halloween. They did a parade around the yard. Here is Ethan as Spiderman!Here comes Garrett with Ms. Amy ( otherwise known as Mommy!) The huge group of parents and grandparents are all standing in the driveway and yard by me and they came out the front door to the halloween music.
They stood here and sang 5 songs, so cute! This was the first performance for alot of these kids, 3 years old up to 5. They had their artwork from the days before up on the background with their names so several parents were taking pictures of that. So cute ! They have their witches hats on here for one song.
The best part was when Amy opened the door to make sure everything was ready and there stood Ethan with this cute grin of recognition and yelled up at Ms. Amy....Mommy , Grammy is here! Ahhhhh!


Happy Halloween everyone! I found this gem... That's my oldest Chris on the far left, Jeremy that is YOU in the front, I think the pumpkin costume was keeping you sitting upright! Amy is in the middle and then my Niece Jen is the angel in the back and niece Alissa is the pink bunny rabbit. Hard to believe these are all adults in their 30's with jobs and families of their own! These cousins have had some fun together!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sew and Go Sneak Peek for Tuesday!

Here is our sneak peek for Sew and Go on Tuesday at Scrapbooks Etc.! I know it's such a little sneak peek but it'll sure be fun and you'll be glad you came!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy 60th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today is my parents 60th wedding anniversary, isn't that amazing these days, 60 years! Here they are on their wedding day.And here they are today. They've had quite the year as they both turned 80 in August and now they have this milestone anniversary to celebrate. Ken and I and my sister and husband are joining them for a fun time this afternoon and evening so I'll post that adventure soon. We are planning a special celebration to honor them next March. A family reunion culminating in an anniversary party to honor them at the end of the family reunion. Lots of fun things are being planned. So until then how special is it to think we can have them with us to celebrate such a milestone. Boy do we all have big footsteps to follow! Congratulations Mom and Dad !

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sew Sampler at Scrapbooks Etc.

We had a great time at our Sew Sampler class on saturday. We ran 2 sessions and lots of gals came for the fun. They got to make a gift bag, a gift card holder and an ornament.Everyone had a great time and I think they'll all have fun making more of these great ideas at home.
Lots of new techniques and things to learn at our classes! We offer this class once every calendar session, it only costs $15 and that includes all the kits for 3 mini projects. Lots of fun!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Chris!

35 years ago today this cute little guy appeared into the world! Here he is on his 3rd birthday, that's Amy in the highchair...
And here he is today with his own little munchkin, Bode. I got to meet Chris and Bode for a bagel this past Saturday and snapped this cute shot. Do you think they are related???? I hope you have a great birthday Chris! Where do those years go when you see your first born with their own first born !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Here is a new little twister that I did last week to hang up for some inspiration at Scrapbooks. This is the Mini twister and was SO MUCH FUN! They are itty bitty and lots of fun to do, Louise and I teach this twister class on wed. Once you do one you'll be doing another!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Thursday club birthdays

I got together with my Thursday club last week and we were celebrating mine and Ann's birthdays at Judy's home, we walk up to the door and look how cute the sign was! She's got the cutest ideas and fun things to make a house a home!Had to take a picture of these, Mindy made these cute things and were they ever good! They looked like little acorns...use your imagination! They tasted really yummy besides being so cute!
Here is Judy, she made a panini bar for us, we each made our sandwiches and put whatever delightful things she had out for us to choose from and then we grilled them, tomatoe soup, a salad, yum!

Look at this wonderful dessert, Cindy did this, and how pretty it was! But here's the secret recipe. It's one of those yummy HUGE chocolate cakes from costco. She put a dab of frosting on twix bars to stick to the outside of it, tied the ribbon around and piled fresh raspberries on top. What a pretty presentation and how fast! That's the secret recipe!
Here's Cindy prepping her presentation!
And here's the cute thing we made that night. Judy had kits all ready for us and we painted and glued and tied and added glittery stuff, so cute, now we have something fun ready to go up for the holidays!

Sew and Go

This is last weeks Sew and Go project that we did at Scrapbooks Etc. Everyone came and made these cute little notebooks! There is a composition notebook inside there and very easy to trade out the cover.They learned the fun little flower too. Gosh they all came out so cute...
We have to work weeks ahead to stay up with these talented people that come and sew with us so sometimes we forget how cute the kits we've put together are! These are going to make some great gifts for people.
So if you missed it last week, we are making this same project this week so come on down and have some fun with us on tuesday!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Family visits

Here is our niece Kimberly, she and her two darling boys and husband drove down last weekend from Las Vegas so we got to see them for a few hours. This is Connor...
And here is Landon. It was so fun to get to play with these two boys! We enjoyed a fun lunch on the patio with them and Ken's folks and his sister Karen and husband Tony. It was a neat reunion for everyone!
Here is Landon giggling with Uncle Ken who was playing a tickle game with him. Didn't take much to get him giggling either! Such a smart little guy!
Landon is getting those knees under him and I bet each day now going further and further! Such darling children!
Here is Daddy Brian with them, it was such fun to see you guys! ( notice the cars in Landon's hand...he's a big car kid and I brought those to him and he carries more cars at once in those little hands than you can even imagine! )

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ken's birthday

We had a fun family dinner the other night celebrating Ken's birthday. We all met at Joe's Farm grill so we could celebrate Ken and he could complete the "trifecta"! The 3 Joe's restaurants all give you $10 credit on your birthday so of course Ken and I went to Liberty market for b-fast. He got some Joe's bbq for lunch and then I treated the gang to some great food at the Farm grill. We love that place, casual outdoor atmosphere on picnic tables and food that is so good. The boys all had fun running around in the grass, here is Garrett, he had pizza...
Bode's just having fun cuz he had a bite of everyones, and he got to eat by his cousins!
Here's Chris, Chris and Ken...
And here come "the boys".... they all got light up swords for party favors, yea dollar store! ( I"m just glad they all worked!)

Ken with lots of help blowing out the candles...
what a fun time, birthdays are pretty cool!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thornberries quilt meeting for October

I only took a couple ph0to's at this months meeting, we had a great time at Lorene's house, she had a great lunch for us all planned with a halloween theme. We all brought parts but she made it fun with all her cute decorations. Here is a top she's finished, we did these little girls as a group one year, we all made ourselves with the same pattern and then gave each member one of "us". Mine is that pink one over on the top right. Our names are on the hearts. This came out so cute, mine lives in a baggie...ho hum.Look what Sue got done, this was also a swap we did as a group, making a certain number of blocks for each person, ahhhhh this came out so cute. I'm contemplating breaking mine out and sewing them into several baby quilts, it sure is cute. For now, mine live in their baggie...sigh...
Lorene got this top done. These were all fabrics we gave her for her birthday one year...it's so good to see her use them and look how great they are, striking!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Puppy dog quilt class

Here are photo's of how cute the puppy dog quilts came out. My beyond basics class this time with the puppy dog quilt that says Noah on it. We finished up the 3 week class this week and here are 2 of the darling quilts. Karen decided to put Woof on hers and it's getting the cute stripped border like my sample one.Here is Tash's, she had a bunch of doggy prints to use and it came out cute. It's always fun in class to help each other decide on borders and colors to use where. They both learned to Die cut the letters after putting a fusible on the back. They learned square in a square blocks and how to applique the doggies on with the 3-d ears. You guys did a great job. I'll be teaching this quilt again in November at Scrapbooks Etc.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bode is home

After teaching my class today I went to the airport to pick up MB and Bode. They've been gone for about 1 1/2 weeks. First to Las Vegas with Daddy while he worked and then Bode and MB went up to Idaho to visit with her parents. I'm sure they had such fun with this little guy. But I"m glad he's home cuz Grammy missed him! He was such a trooper after a long day of travel. We went outside to play in the yard and he carried that sidewalk chalk around the whole time. He loves his kitty Beans and Beans seemed glad to see him (unlike our cats who hear a little boy and spend the day under the bed) So cute toddling around these days.
He's talking even more now, so many new words to hear.
Bode Grammy missed you!

Composition notebook cover

Here is a sneak peek at our Sew and Go for next tuesday at Scrapbooks Etc. It's a composition notebook cover and it comes out so cute! Another one that I could use a ton of! And what great gifts these would be! We'll learn the cute little flower too! Everyone will get to stretch their machines and see what kind of fun stitches we can do with them this time. The notebooks are ready, but we only have so many so make sure you get signed up. We'll be teaching this one next tuesday also if you can't make it or just want to make another. See you there!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

snowman table runner class

Barb and I taught our Snowman table runner class this last week, they all left with the tops done and such a bunch of cute ones too! This is Julie with hers. We just found out Julie will be with us yet for quite a few more months, She's from Ireland and her husband's job here in the US has been extended so we are glad you get to stay Julie!
This is Tash's, the black on everything really looked great.
Here is Christie's.

Kathy with her snowmen...Here is Ce's, they all will look so cute when quilted and then with their button eyes.
And Isabelle's. That was a fun class and so cute to see all that happen in just a few hours.