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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Twister Class

Louise and I taught our "Twister Class" today at Scrapbooks. Boy did we have a good time. Everyone was having fun and enjoying the whole process! Here's Vicki with hers, Halloween. We had a different quilt of every holiday, some baby ones, it was fantastic to see them all growing! Yesterday we thought we had about 10 coming and I think today we actually ended up with 18.
Susan did this awesome black and white one! Isn't it going to be striking!
Tash and Vicki were both doing Halloween...
I didn't get a photo of all of them but they sure are going to be pretty quilts!
Here's Marti's. She's making this Christmas one for the store, she and Julie were double teaming this project so they got so much done! So everyone had fun, we had some fun munchie stuff for everyone at lunch time so if you missed it, we are teaching it again in August! I came home wanting to cut up some more fabric and make another one....they are addicting!

Intermediate Quilt Class

I've got two gals coming to make the Paper Back Writer quilt for our intermediate class at Scrapbooks etc. Here is Diana with hers, she's driving in clear from the west side for this class.And here is Karen with hers, she's making hers into a King size! We did the center machine applique and learned the fun sashing with the itty bitty strip along the sides. They did a great job, next week is borders! They've got home work to do again but what better thing to do these days when its so hot at but stay in a sew!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby catch up!

For those of you always watching what is going on here, I have to catch you up on 2 new pictures I got text to me in the last 2 days! Here is our little Bode at the beach in North Carolina! Hurry home soon Bode! I know you are having fun! Chris said he's amazed how different the Atlantic ocean is, no waves.and here is our little Noah at 3 weeks, isn't he getting some great chunk on him! So cute!

Happy Birthday Bode!

It's our little Bode's First Birthday! My gosh I can't believe you are a year old! I hope you have fun on your own little day in North Carolina on your vacation Bode. Grammy is missing you! Have fun being 1 Bode! Can't wait until you are home!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Next project for "the girls"

I had a little project for the girls to sew on last night, we are waiting until Corissa could join us again for our next "big project" so Marcy and Alissa made this cute little bag. Cailyn was there to help us!
She had such fun playing with my button jar. She got a new haircut too! she told me right when I got there that she'd gotten her hair cut, it looks so cute! It really was just a trim but it looks so cute all shaped up.

Cute bags girls! First zipper for Alissa! Cailyn kept telling her she was making it for Uncle Allen so I do hope y0u enjoy your new bag Allen!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun catching up!

We had fun Sunday afternoon and evening catching up with Amy and Chris and the 3 little grandboys. They'd just arrived home from their trip to Colorado so they came over for Tacos and a swim to cool off and show us their trip pictures so we could hear all the fun tales! Here is little Ethan who discovered the diving board! Mr. brave at 2 1/2! We had a great time with them all and enjoyed some dessert with their photo's and all the sudden Aiden asked if they could spend the night................sooooooWe had an impromtu spend the night. They were beat so stories were read and they were in bed in no time. Up the next morning and we decided since it was to be 115 that day and I had to get to work that we'd go swimming first thing! So 7:00 AM and we were out in the pool for an hour before breakfast! Then by 8 we were starving so came in to eat Chocolate chip pancakes! They listen so well when they swim alone with me. Everyone stays close by in the shallow end and we all had such fun. Aiden swims great now, Garrett is pretty water safe if you are nearby and then Ethan never did stop diving in off the side and swimming to the step! Constantly going!
I'm sure he was tired this afternoon! It was fun having an early morning swim with you guys! We'll have to do that again real soon! 3 little boys all fast alseep in the guest room, so cute! Aiden and Garrett share the queen bed and Ethan's in the toddler bed on the side, gotta love those smiling faces as all three came out this morning!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sew Sampler at Scrapbooks Etc.

We had such a great turn out at our Sew Sampler at Scrapbooks yesterday. We ran two different classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and had about 26 in each class. Here's a young gal showing us her finished projects....A potato bag for the microwave, a holder for all those plastic garbage sacks and a pot holder.All the kits were cut out of coordinating fabrics so they'd all go together nicely, what a fun set to make. Here are Marcy , Mindy and Karen.
Amazing what fun things left in that short 2 1/2 hour class! What a deal for $15.00. We teach a class like this once a quarter, each time it's a different set of fun things to make. In each of the classes someone won the tuition on our up and coming "Twister" quilt class and then we had some fun little individual best press bottles we gave away too, always something fun going on in this place! If you missed it watch for it when the new schedule comes out for fall......Yikes, Julie already sent us a warning that we are scheduling this week for Sept. thru Dec. So the brain fast forwards ahead to get things on the calendar! They have such a great brochere and calendar that comes out at Scrapbooks with everything on line too that it takes a month to get it up and going so watch for the new schedule come August! WE have so many new and fun things figured out to do....I can't wait! But until then, come join us for the classes and fun we still have coming for the summer!

Sew and Go again is this week...

All our followers out there, this is your reminder for our Sew and Go Again Class at Scrapbooks. It's our once a month class we started to let all you who can't come during the day get a chance to enjoy a Sew and Go. We are making this cute little bag, zips up and will hold anything from your digital camera to just those few things you might want to haul around or throw in your purse. I've made a couple of these and they are so easy and fun, what a perfect little gift for your friend. So I think there is still room on wed. night if you haven't signed up, go on line so you can get 10% off. We'll be at Scrapbooks having fun!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sewing class with "the girls"

I got to go to my sisters house the other night for a fun little sewing class for her and 2 of my nieces. They've been asking to learn some fun things and we finally got a few things scheduled. Here are Marcy and Corissa getting started. They did great and the girls really didn't have alot of sewing experience but by the end of the evening those machines were just puttering along!
Even "Baby" kitty joined us!
Alissa and Corissa very intent on their projects... It took us until 11:00 PM but all left with their bag finished!
And here they are with 3 FINISHED bags! I think they'll really enjoy these tote bags and was a fun project for them. Besides learning alot about machines/bobbins/and threading them and sewing, we got started on some great rotary cutting habits! I can't wait to do the next project with you guys, you all did GREAT!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fathers day dinner

We ended up having a fun supper out on fathers day night with my family and enjoyed some great mexican food at Garcia's along with these marvelously HUGE margaritas! Here's my dad enjoying his.And here's my sister and I with our Dad. It was a great end to a fun weekend of fathers day celebrations!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sew Sampler at Scrapbooks Etc.

There is a great class coming up this saturday at Scrapbooks, it's our Sew Sampler and what a fun class it always is. We 3 quilting teachers all come up with an idea and make a bunch of kits and you all get to come and enjoy 2 1/2 hour hours of instruction and leave with 3 finished items. This time all are kitchen related and all will have matching fabrics in the set you choose. Here are our prototypes, of course mine don't match as we were figuring them out but yours will be oh so cute! You'll make this fun pot holder....It fits out on your hand and closes like a sandwich...This is a bag that will hold all those grocery store sacks we collect....Louise has all the fabrics prequilted so you just have to build the holder!
And here is a potato bag, makes the best microwave potatoes! So even if you have some of these since all 3 will match what a cool little gift for someone! come join us, I think there might be a few spots left. The first class is 10-12:30, then the afternoon one starts at 1:30-3:00. Only $15.00 and that includes all 3 kits ready to go, what a deal!

Sew and Go.... NEW RECORD Attendance!

We had such a great turnout at Sew and Go today at Scrapbooks! New records set for Barb and I! We had somewhere around 65 show up for class! We had kits ordered for 80 so the few that didn't get to pick up your kit we'll have them ready for you to pick up at your convenience. Our summer series is proving to be loads of fun for everyone. Even those that can't be here don't want to miss out, we even have one gal from Las Vegas ordering hers each month so she doesn't miss the fun and then can do her kit at her house. After a few "pow wow's" with all the great people at Scrapbooks we had things flowing pretty smoothly and were prepared for the fun day!We set up the second small classroom for all the irons and cutting mats, everyone seemed to enjoy going in there to work on things and it kept some of the crowds down a bit in the big classroom... We had about 8 irons ready to go and cutting stations....
And way in the back is Lisa.... I will take a better photo of Lisa next class....we've been "given" Lisa to help us with things one day each week. We get her for class days to help set up, do whatever we need and then do the breakdown....ahhh was that such a help today. Then we get her for one prep/design day the next week. She was such a help today, yea for Lisa and yea for Marti and Julie for helping us out!
Here's Linda and Joann and there goes Susan in the back. She's our wonderful Go to gal that keeps everyone so happy at our register. Susan can FIX anything!
So these lucky 14 got to sit out in the area of the store between the one big classroom and the smaller one where the ironing was, they were all having a great time out there!
Here's Vicki and Denise! All left with their fun project of a portable ironing mat and a quilted bag to hold a portable iron in. Of course it's all matching their last project which was the tote! We have this great spread sheet that Barb keeps updated so we can keep who has what kit, so we know what to make for whom....it's quite the endeavor being we have so many fun people joining us! 80 kits out the door today, whew, Barb and I left with a smile on our face knowing people were happy with our plans!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Everyone is on Vacation!

So it seems both are kids here have taken off from the summer heat and left town, Amy's crew has escaped to Colorado, and we got to take Bode to the airport for his first plane ride....Mommy and Daddy were going too! So we are jealous as they've gone off to see Noah in Mississippi! Of course they'll be seeing Jeremy and Jamie too and I bet they are having a wonderful time! I hear Bode did great on the airplane and I got such a cute photo on my phone of him sitting in the seat!
Next I got this cute one after requesting a photo of my 2 boys with their 2 baby sons.... how cool is that!
Then the other day I got this one and it just said Hi Grammy! Ahhhh !!!! Grammy misses Bode and Noah and Aiden and Garrett and Ethan!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pincushion class

I got to attend a class last week to make this cute little pincushion! It was so fun to go to someone else's class and have a kit all ready for me! We had fun making this cute little red bird all out of wool, there were other colors but of course I chose red! Lorene and Theresa at Scrapbooks taught it and we all had a great time in their class. The next one is a watermelon and it's so cute, but of course I"m teaching a class at the same time. Darn! It sure was fun to get to take that class!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Early Fathers Day fun!

We had an early fathers day celebration last night at our house. Both our kids here were heading out for family vacations this weekend so we invited everyone over and celebrated our"dads" a bit early. Here is one Dad...Chris... I think he got the award for making the best looking ice cream sundae! there is a brownie under that!.....Here are 2 more Dads, Ken's Dad Gene and My Dad opening a gift.
Here's another Dad there hiding behind the chair....so much fun happening, yep a little of this shooting going on! Dollar store guns are great because you can buy a BUNCH of them so everyone can run around with one! Ken was having fun with Aiden and Ethan there.
There was stuff going on everywhere! It was so fun to look around and see all these little bodies! Amy's 3 boys and Cailyn was there and Bode was in the highchair. Someone was always on the move, Bode crawls faster than anything now and so there was always a little body headed somewhere!
Here is Cailyn enjoying her Capri Sun!
Here's Ethan with his sundae what he fixed all by himself!My Mom holding her #5 Great Grandson... It was lots of fun as during all the craziness we got to Skype with Jeremy and Jamie to see them so everyone could see Baby Noah.
There was a bit of this going on too....
And here is Bode having fun...
And here is another Dad, Chris, Both my boys are having their first Fathers Day this year!