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Sunday, November 3, 2013

House news

Fun at Az Tile this week looking at the 3 granite slabs for our new house.  It was kind of hard to remember what we'd picked at their design center months ago, course it was about a 6 inch piece that you choose from.  But I was glad to see it in person now and know that I still liked it!  Very neutral tones. Light cabinets and some dark cabinets and dark floor so I think the lightness on the counters will be good.   There was more movement in the slabs then you see when you pick off such a small sample so I was glad to see that. I love seeing the beauty of the rock in that polished stone. Those are light reflections in those funky white spots in the upper right corner.   So one more step done.   Painting is happening now so that'll be fun to see when we go have a look see again.  

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